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In the following paragraphs, I will be describing ways you can find out the location and personal details of old friends, relatives, etc. these methods are more efficient than using Google search engine.

While it is possible that many people try to wipe off all marks that can be used to locate them for a variety of reasons, you should consider that everyone is entitled to their privacy. This means you should not try locating people who have apparently informed everyone that they don’t want to be in communication with the public.

With the extensive use of the social media and other online services, it is quite difficult for anyone to cover their trail online completely. You can find people who try to hide away from the public; this personal information can be tracked through the social media which should be your first option after a failed Google search.

Searching social networks

Let us consider using Facebook, to perform a search you can begin by typing in the following details “john smith site:” in your Google search engine tab or Facebook search, you could also include a location if you have an idea.

I also found out another trick on Google that you might find very useful. You can try using the image search on Google search engine; this might generate more valuable information if you can recognize the person you are trying to locate.

There is always a trail on the social media, though the information might be some old posts on social media that were made many years ago. But it is a start, and you can find useful tips to trace them through the old address or educational background.

Searching for friends and family of your lost friends

This is a method that you should consider if the other searches are not generating any valuable information. This method involves searching for the friends or family of the person you need to establish contact with again. The social media has also made searches easier with the use of tags and retweets. Names, phrases, etc. can be used to derive useful information to help promote your search.So let us consider a situation where the person you are trying to locate does not have a social media account or a valid email, there is still hope. Everyone is connected in one way or the other; we all have neighbors and friends. You should start focusing on locating people who might have recently had physical interaction with the individual you are looking for. All it takes is some patience and soon valuable information will be revealed through your search and investigative efforts.

For example, finding an aunt might be even harder because she remarried and you don’t know her new surname. You should try locating her children (your cousins) instead. The use of relevant tags, retweets and search phrases should reveal vital information on the social media.

Other search options

All hope is not lost if your search on the social media has not revealed any useful information. You could also consider apps that don’t reveal the personal information of the users, but you think the people you are searching for would likely have accounts on these platforms such as Netflix, Apple music, etc.

Some websites have been designed to aid these kinds of searches to find people online. They are easy and convenient to use. We have developed such a website. All you will be required to do is type in the name, address and any other information you have about the person. This information will be processed through our vast database to reveal useful details about the people you wish to connect with. The information you get from our website is valid because we carry out regular updates to ensure our database contains current information. Websites such as this also retrieve information from a variety of sources. These websites remain the most frequently used options by people who seek to find out personal information about other regarding serious cases such as license records, court cases, background checks, etc.