There is a rising popularity in staycations. Rather than going abroad, many are opting to holiday in locations across the UK. The cost is just one of the reasons for this growing change. Other pros to staycations also lend themselves to the ideal family holiday, and this is why we think it’s the perfect gift to give your mum.

Spend Time with Your Family

Until you’re a parent, you probably will never understand the woes of a once full nest, now empty. More than ever, the younger generations are more driven. If you’re not bouncing a baby on your hip, you’re probably working tirelessly to also sustain a successful career, with nearly 75% of women with children at least in part-time employment. Unlike her relationship with her own Mum who she may have seen more regularly for help after the birth of her children, your mum barely sees you between the busyness of life. The idea of a staycation then, surrounded by her children is probably one of the best gifts you can give.

Nest full, you can plan a short to week-long break with the focus completely on not only your mum but the whole family. Plan out activities to do together depending on your location and the time of year and re-live snapshots of your childhood. From board games in the evening in front of the fire on a wintry break, to sandcastles, paddling and coastal walks in the summer holidays. No matter what you decide to do, staycations offer you the ease to maximise quality time together.

How Staycations Offer Flexibility

For any parent, there is nothing worse than the thought of a long flight with screaming kids. Even if you take out the children factor, going abroad is pretty stressful. To the extent that it has been reported in 2017 that 4/5 people in the UK would rather have their annual holiday within the country than suffer the stresses of travelling abroad. Whether you’re planning a holiday with just the parents, or siblings and potential grandkids too, there doesn’t seem much worse than the idea of getting on a plane. Even when it’s just you and your partner, the packing process, endless airport queues and never ending extra expense are less than ideal.

With a staycation you can immediately cross off having to set foot in the airport. Select your UK destination, get in the car and go. You can take everything with no allowance hanging over you, including the kitchen sink if you really want. When it comes to accommodation, you can find plenty of places that will even allow you to bring your dog, the perfect companion for if you’re planning a countryside getaway. It is this ease that will appeal to Mum, right after the initial surprise of having everyone nailed down in one place.

Food on a Staycation: Easier and Cheaper?

If there’s one thing that brings a family together, it’s good, warming food. We appreciate it’s of the upmost importance, especially to dad’s who like to know exactly where their next meal is coming from. Just like when going abroad, food whilst away in the UK can depend on the kind of accommodation you choose. As you’re planning to take away the whole family to celebrate your mum, renting a cottage or other cosy property seems like the best call.

Sure, Mum could be put off by the idea of having to slave over the oven every evening. Surrounded by doting children and maybe even grandchildren, though, we know this not to be the case. Do a sweep of the supermarket, or even look to see if you can have it delivered from the likes of Sainsbury’s, Asda or Waitrose. My Favourite Voucher Codes offers money off your first, and even second and third, online shop, so it’s worth leisurely adding to your virtual shopping basket from the comfort of your holiday home. Although she may not always enjoy cooking, we think your mum will enjoy the atmosphere of all her nearest and dearest bustling around the kitchen and working together to achieve something.

Less Stress Factors

With you and your siblings running around after her, your mum can truly get some well-needed R and R. She won’t even have to think with you organising everything down to the last detail. Even when it comes to checking in and out, the rules are far more relaxed in rental homes, not having to stick to a strict time frame in which to get picked up and whisked to the airport.

Let’s face it, as you grow up you start to gradually spend less and less time with your parents and siblings. Life gets busy, you start to have your own families and priorities change. When it comes to gift giving, we’re sure your mum appreciates the cards, flowers and chocolates. Maybe even something sparkly if she’s lucky. But, more than anything, the best present you can give your mum is your time. And that’s why staycations are the perfect gift for your mum.

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Every good parent wants to ensure they lead their baby down the right path to grow into the best human being possible when their child is born. Plans begin to form and ideas are shared. Parents begin to ask themselves whether or not they should buy a home, what school they should put their child in and of course what they will name him.

Perhaps one of the most important questions though is whether or not the child is going to be christened. Christening a child will change his life, as they will then be devoted to their religion until the day they re-join god in heaven.

But before making the choice to christen a child, there are a few things that parents should know about the process that just might make things a whole lot easier.

  1. There is no difference between baptism and christening.

It may sound silly, but often, parents end up heavily confused when going through the process as to what the difference between the two is. This can lead to them believing they aren’t doing the right thing when people all use different terminologies while planning.

  1. What exactly is a christening?

A christening is when a child becomes a member of the Christian church, although it can technically happen at any age. Holy water is used to bathe the child and wash away any impurities/sins that may be clinging to their soul and allow them to be born again to God.

  1. How does it work?

When a child is christened, they are taken by the priest to be bathed in holy water. When the water is poured over their head, it symbolises the cleansing and purity of the soul. Then, the baby is signed with a cross and olive oil is rubbed onto the baby’s chest as a symbol of strength and guidance.

After this, the child is rubbed on the forehead with oil of chrism as a symbol of sealing with gifts of the spirit. Next, Hymns are sung to the child and prayers are offered to it as well as the child’s family. Both godparents are then brought forwards to make their promises to the child to always be there for guidance.

After this process is complete, the child is then considered a Christian always and will be considered a member of the Christian church.

  1. What the baby wears

Originally, prior to the mid 1700s, babies were wrapped tightly in swaddling clothing and then wrapped up tightly in a large square of silk that had gold braiding, called a bearing cloth. After the mid 1700s, parents began to dress their children in extremely long robes that flowed freely and other clothing items such as booties and mittens.

These days, however, parents generally elect to dress their children in Christening rompers. Boys christening rompers are exceedingly different to those for girls. Boys christening rompers are generally similar to a onesie and are completely white and relatively plain. A girl’s one is generally similar to a kind of dress. On top of this, baby boy christening outfits Sydney will generally include a sort of hat like a bonnet.

The reason this is important is because the symbolism of a christening is quite intricate and is best kept to. Whatever the child’s sex; the clothing will always be the same colour: white.

  1. The celebration is just as important as the Christening itself

After a christening, it is tradition to celebrate and surround the baby with loved ones such as close family and relatives as well as friends. There are many reasons for this, but the simplest is that it is a perfect opportunity to properly introduce the baby to his or her family and have everyone familiar with him/her.

Another reason for this is to begin the baby’s new life surrounded by the people that will always be there for him/her and love them no matter where their life leads them.

It is a smart idea to plan ahead for this and choose the colour theme, catering, etc. wisely. A good tip is to host it on a Saturday or Sunday in order to make sure that everyone may attend and maybe even bring a dish to contribute! Also, a place to keep the gifts is a good idea, because there will be lots of them!

After all is said and done, christening a baby is one of the best things that can be done to lead him or her down the right path for the rest of his/her life. Making sure that the traditions of the ceremony are upheld are extremely important, however the best thing to remember is to not feel too much pressure for the day.

The day that a baby is christened is a day to feel the love and support of all the people that will help guide him or her for the rest of their life and should be enjoyed as one of the best days of the parents’ lives.