The world around us is changing rapidly. Before you can even predict what you are going to get next, the current technology will fade away from the market… and you will find yourself looking at more advanced, clean, more efficient, and newer version of the old one.

Just take a look at yourself. You are carrying an electronic gadget which can take your voice thousands of miles away, can put all the information of the internet just a palm distance away. Do you know what is more fascinating? It can talk back to you!

Since last century we have literally nailed in the field of science and technology. We are harvesting energy from the sun now; personal computers have already found their way to the house of nearly each and every person on this planet; we have technology to stop the stream of the river and use it for our own way; we have new green technologies, like the one that convert nearly 100% of garbage into some useful and sellable materials (thanks to Product Reincarnation Technology); we have infiltrated in space and landed on moon… Heck, we have even captured the photo of actual black hole. (On you face, Mr. Black-Hole!)

None of these achievements has become possible if it wasn’t for the amazing people whose imaginations are higher than an average earthling and who brought big changes to our world.

I proudly call them ‘Global Change-makers’. They are humble, ordinary people, just like you and me. But their visions, passion for adding high value, and courage are surely extraordinary ones.

  1. Bill Gates: The Greatest Philanthropist of Our Time

 I wanted to write about him fist because I admire him most. Bill Gates is probably the most generous, respected and tech-savvy entrepreneur of our time. He was born on October 28, 1955. As we all know, he is an American investor, entrepreneur, humanitarian, philanthropists, author, and businessman.

Gates co-founded Microsoft in 1975 which later become world’s largest PC software company. In 1980, Bill Gates gave a clear mission to the Microsoft which was also his vision since the long time: “A computer in every desk and in every home.” Due to vision of this man and his effort to make it reality, personal computers found their way to everyone’s desk nowadays. Microsoft launched its first version of ‘Microsoft Windows’ in 1985.

But his philanthropic side is also amazing. Back in 1994, he donated some corporation stock to create a charitable foundation with his wife, ‘Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’. Later on, he donated $20,1 billion worth of the stock to get his charity organizations running.

As of today, Bill Gates has donated around 25 billion dollars, making him the greatest philanthropist of our time.

  1. Roberto Hroval: The Man Who Looks Into Future

Roberto Hroval is a researcher, innovator, entrepreneur and chair person of Patent Real Corporation. Roberto had all these skills and visions when he was just 15 years old. In his teenage, Roberto built state of art, hand-made, hi-fi amplifier which was the first product he ever invented and sold.

Even then, at that very little age, Roberto had a vision which later become his business philosophy: “Make the final product so perfect that there is no need to spend extra money, machinery, or man power to improve it.”

Currently, Patent Real Corp and its founder are working on a brand new technology called Product Reincarnation Technology. It is the latest waste to energy solution with enormous 98% efficiency. By using this process, wastes and worn out products can be transformed into something useful like electricity and clean diesel oil. There is no emission and exhaust gases, the process is almost silent (less than 60db sound), and the process produces enough energy to be self-efficient.

Product Reincarnation Technology is gift to the world by Roberto and Patent Real corp. It could become the energy solution that we are looking for since decades.

  1. Stephen Hawking: Man Who Knew ‘The Theory of Everything’

Stephen Hawking is a legend that is still alive through his works even after his death. And he will continue to live. Hawking born on 8 January, 1942. He was an English theoretical physicist and cosmologist. In 1963, Hawking was diagnosed with motor neuron disease which gradually paralyzed him over decades. But even after caught in this incurable disease and not been able to move a single muscle of his body, he didn’t let his curiosity die. He kept researching and researching. Hawking’s contribution in modern physics is unparallel.

He spent most of the time discovering principals of black holes and space-time. In his book ‘Brief history of time’, published in 1988, he talked about blank holes and big bang theory. Hawking had proved that both rotating and non-rotating black holes release radiation. This was later become known as ‘Hawking’s radiation’.

  1. Abdul Sattar Edhi: The World’s Greatest Humanitarian

 Abdul Sattar Edhi was a Pakistani philanthropist and humanitarian who founded the Edhi Foundation. Edhi Foundation run world’s largest volunteer ambulance network.

Edhi’s charitable works began in 1957 when Asian flu disease swept through Karachi. He asked for donation which allowed him to buy his first ambulance, and later he expanded his charity work. Abdul Sattar Edhi is known as ´angel of mercy´ in Pakistan and throughout the globe.

He is considered as ‘the most respected figure of Pakistan’ (leaving behind Jinnah who was founder of Pakistan!). By the time of his death, Edhi was registered as guardian and parent of nearly 20,000 children.

Edhi Foundation is entire backboned by private organization which allows it to operate a network of 1800 minivan ambulance.

  1. Françoise Barré-Sinoussi: Extraordinary Nobel Prize Winner

Françoise Barré-Sinoussi is a French virologist born on 30 July, 1947. She also won Nobel Prize in Physiology and medicine in 2008. Françoise Barré-Sinoussi was curious about science from early age. During the vacation, when other children choose to play hide and seek, Barré-Sinoussi spent her time studying insects and asking question why some run faster than others.

Her major contribution is in the field of medial and virology; she helped identify Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) which is cause of HIV.

She shared Nobel Prize with his colleague and mentor Luc Montagnier for their combine discovery of HIV. She is working as director of the Regulation of Retroviral Infection Division and professor at the Pasteur Institute in Paris.

Aren’t these people amazing? Let their stories inspire you to become the greatest version of yourself!

Our modern lifestyle presents a lot of challenges to the health-conscious individual, particularly when you work in a high-stress environment or spend a lot of time dealing with people. Because our work takes priority over a lot of things in our lives, we’re bound to overlook our own health in the pursuit of personal success. Exhaustion and stress are major causes of declining health in today’s adults and a major cause of low productivity. In order to function at your best and keep a clear mind all day, you may have to make a few adjustments to stay fit.

Here’s where to start:

  1. High water intake

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For a person who works in a physically-demanding environment a small amount of dehydration can cause a significant drop in performance. When you’re moving around all day, you’re using more water than somebody who’s working at a desk; and if you’re not hydrated then your mental performance will be reduced and your body will lose strength faster.

It is recommended that you start your day by drinking warm lemon water as a way to flush out toxins from your body and improve digestion. It might take a while before you’re able to drink the recommended eight glasses of water per day, however you can start out with a few glasses and then gradually increase your water intake to a standard level.

  1. Eat breakfast every day

A good breakfast starts you off at a high level, giving you the energy you need to face the day ahead. You need a healthy breakfast to balance your sugar levels and maintain proper weight, and also as a way to prevent food cravings during the day. Make sure your meals are packed with a minimum of three out of the five food groups. Cereals, whole grain breads, low-fat dairy products, and fruit are good choices. When you take a high-fiber cereal with low-fat milk or yoghurt it can reduce your body weight in the long run.

  1. Exercise

As an adult, you should strive to spare 30 minutes of your day to perform simple exercises. Exercise is good for increasing oxygen levels in the blood, burning calories, and rejuvenating cells; which leaves you feeling stronger and refreshed. There are plenty of options for a 30-minute workout; for example you can jog, run, walk, go swimming, or join a gym where you can get help from a trainer. It’s important to stay motivated as you start your daily exercise routine, and you can do this by joining workout groups in your area to meet people who can help you achieve your fitness goals.

  1. Follow a healthy diet

Many of us find it difficult to stick to a healthy diet because we’re constantly surrounded by sugary and oily food that makes us feel good. But the dangers posed by eating the wrong food are serious and far-reaching. You current health is determined to a large extent by the food you eat, so a simple way to prevent disease is to eat healthy meals every day. Vitamins and minerals are the key to a strong immunity and healthy development, and a lack of proper nutrients jeopardizes your body’s ability to ward off diseases. A healthy diet consists of the right combination of proteins, carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and healthy fats. Remember to:

  • Eat light meals
  • Avoid biscuits, store-bought cakes, breads, and flour
  • Eat more buckwheat, brown rice, spelt, and quinoa
  1. Reduce stress

Stress causes the body to release high levels of cortisol which is fine in smaller doses but when it stays in your blood in elevated levels it can cause changes in your body. Here’s how the stress hormone cortisol affects your body:

  • It limits your immune system’s ability to prevent diseases and opportunistic infections
  • Interferes with your metabolism
  • Causes food cravings – particularly sugary and fatty food
  • Causes heart disease
  • Makes you prone to ulcers, depression, and stroke

Yoga is effective at relieving stress and enhancing blood flow. Simple meditation exercises can help you become more grounded and empowered to face your daily challenges – and if you can spend some time in nature, that can also reduce stress.

  1. Get enough sleep

Sleep allows your body to heal and a regular sleeping schedule keeps you healthy in the long term. Healthy sleep plays an important role in maintain mental and physical health, quality of life, and improving performance. The way you feel when you’re awake is determined to some extent by how well you sleep.

Adults need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep to function at their best, and children need even more sleep. A good night’s sleep also improves our learning skills, cognitive function, skills like playing the piano, handling machinery, and making good decisions.

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