If you own a dog, then you must have noticed that your dog is like a naughty little kid, who will never stop at a single spot. 

This abundance of activities can make your dog’s coat very dirty. Now, giving and arranging a bath for your dog after every 4 days is essential. Another reason for giving a bath to your dog is making him smell good. Bacteria can cause your dog’s fur smell very bad, which can affect your mood as well. 

Grooming your dog includes a lot of things, in this article I will mention only the basics. For more information you can check on Oohlalapets.com have described some tips and guide for the best dog grooming clippers 2020.

Each dog pedigree has got some specific skin conditions and the dog owners will have to follow some routines very religiously. 

When must you bath your dog? Some dogs are introverts and they will not move around very much and that will not affect their coat. 

Training your dog 

You need to prepare your dog. You have to make sure that your dog is affiliated with the place and the tools you are going to use. 

Your dog may not like the clippers, but you can convince them. you can initially, take your dogs with you and practice the whole process of grooming and taking bath. 

Dog food is important

You simply cannot expect your dog to be pleased with all the grooming stuff. That is why for making him happy and interested you have to play the greed card. 

You must realize your dog that you plan to supply him, very delicious dog food if he is going to obey you. Again, for this realization you need to do some practice. 

Brush your dog 

Before starting  the bath you need to entangle his coat. Otherwise after shampoo the tangles will be difficult to loose.

Use a cloth 

You do not always need a brush, you can have a cloth. Dogs love to be loved, and having some clothes and gloves while giving them a bath. 

Clean the ears 

You cannot let your dog move around with wet ears. You need to clear his ears and make them dry. Otherwise there can be a risk of getting fungus, which can lead to something very severe.

Use the accessories 

You are supposed to use all the accessories which are available. Such as conditioners, for making your dog’s fur soft and lovely. 


If your dog loves you very much and cannot live without licking your face or jumping at you. Then, you need to buy a safety guard for your dog for the clipping and cutting purpose. 

You will ask your dog to get itself fixed in that and in the meantime you must cut his nails. Moreover, sometimes if your dog is highly energetic you can do all this while he has taken  some dose of medicine to sleep.    

Family holidays are the best way to spend quality time with your family. They make a great way to find respite from the humdrum of daily life and simply make memories with your loved ones. But one challenge you may encounter while planning such a holiday is to find family-friendly resorts. It is much easier to find romantic getaways but when it comes to family resorts, things are a little different. There are several things that you have to look for to make the stay comfortable and enjoyable for the entire family. Here are some tips to help you find the best resorts for family holidays:

Choose a location that works for everyone: The choice of your location depends on the family size and demographics. Those traveling with young children need to look for kid friendly resorts. There should be plenty of fun activities and games for young children. The older ones would love to vacation in a resort with disco and poolside parties. On the other hand, if you have senior citizens on board, ensure that the property has all the right amenities for them.

Look for one that offers a wide choice in cuisine: Since your family members may have different culinary interests, it is always better to opt for a location that offers diversity. Find a resort with a multi-cuisine restaurant or one that has different restaurants offering different cuisines. This will ensure that the entire family indulges in their favorite food choices.

Be flexible: When you travel with family, being flexible is the key to having a worthwhile holiday. Each member will have different interests and tastes and you need to take care of them all. Going to an all-inclusive resort is a smart idea as you will have variant options all at one destination. Flexibility also means that you should give each member freedom to explore their interests rather than being stuck together throughout the trip.

Don’t confine yourself: The secret of having an enjoyable family holiday is to just let go and explore. Even if you have taken a posh accommodation, do not confine your family trip to your hotel room or resort property. Have your meals packed in a picnic basket and embark on local adventure every single day of the holiday. Explore local cuisine and culture, meet the locals and relish the local sightseeing. Not only will this give wings to your adventurous spirit, but also bring your family closer together. Even getting lost in a new city can be a big adventure if you are with your family.

Family holidays are a must to break the monotony of life and increase the family bonding. It is an opportunity to make up for the time that you lose because of being engrossed in everyday responsibilities. However, you must make your best efforts to ensure that the trip yields memories that you can cherish for a lifetime. Wherever you go with the family, just be together and whatever you do, just do it together.