Having a dog is a responsibility. You will have to take care of that creature as much as you can and buying its food and keeping it clean is the most difficult task.

For many people dogs have become the most important part of a family, we recently bought a puppy and within a month my kids got attached to that wonderful creature.

Last week we planned to go on camping but taking your dog for camping was a new thing for us. So this was camping with dogs, for the first time.

Even though we had to plan our own camping checklist and we had only two days to make sure that we have got everything with us, but still my kids emphasized me to check if we are ready to take the puppy with us.

For me this was a new experience so, I did not want to take risk. As I have mentioned I consider my dog as a family member thus, we decided to contact a vet and a pet shop owner, because that is all I knew to do.

They suggested me some tips, which are the must-follow things when you are taking your dog for camping.

Another thing which boosted up my confidence was the vet’s remark, he exclaimed that taking your dog for camping is quite good and healthy for your dog, it will not only strengthen your dog’s faith in you, but it ill also help him grow.

  1. A visit to the vet

The very first the thing you ought to do when you are planning to take your dog for camping is visiting a vet.

Ask the vet to check the ticks and fleas in your dog’s coat, tell them that you are taking your dog for camping. They may take note of that and according to your dog’s health condition, they will prescribe some foods and medicine.

Lastly, you must take your dog to the vet, three days before going on the trip.

  1. Pet first aid kit

Pet first aid kit is different from ours, so you must ask the shopkeeper to provide you that kid when you are signing the ownership document.

It is highly recommended to keep a pet first aid kit with you all the time, in your car, especially. So, when you are genuinely planning to go out then you must not skip on this.

It will have some medicines and bandages, which can be helpful in cases of emergency.

  1. Do not forget the leash ‘

Even if you trust your dog and know that he will be a nice guy throughout the tour, still you need to take the leash with you.

Keeping your dog unleashed throughout the day is good, because then it will be free to discover and move, but while traveling to a certain point you would not like to waste time, but your dog will not understand that and it will try to snug into various things that may not be good for its health.

For keeping your dog safe from harmful herbs and for saving your time, you must keep the leash with you, so that you must take control of your dog.

  1. Portable food and water bowls

I won’t recommend the regular bowls because they are quite heavy, you can have the disposable ones, which can be thrown away once used, this will not make you anxious about cleaning the bowls every time your dog will use that.

  1. Sleeping arrangements

Your dog will require the routine things. For instance, you will need a comfortable sleeping bed for your dog, you can have a sleeping bag which is made up of hard material for keeping your dog in.

Similarly, do not forget to have the potty bag, before leaving your house, try to train your dog for using those bags, otherwise they will irritate you.

  1. Check the weather and site

Now, the last thing to check is the weather conditions if it is going to be raining then you must postpone your plan because that will not be suitable for your dog. Similarly, extreme hot weathers are also not recommended, mild weathers are good for your dog’s health.

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