When travelling within the United Kingdom, your first port of call may be driving or catching a train – but have you considered air travel? It’s a great choice for those longer journeys, such as travelling from England to Scotland, for instance. Not only can it be significantly quicker, it can actually be much cheaper than catching multiple trains. So, why fly? Read on to find out why a domestic flight may be the better choice for your next trip. 

Many people are under the impression that getting a train to your destination would be easier than flying, but this isn’t always the case. If you’re going to Scotland, for example, you can fly from Stansted to Glasgow in just an hour and fifteen minutes. In comparison, a journey from Stansted Airport train station to Glasgow takes an average of six hours, showing just how much time flying could save you. All you need is to book your plane and pick up a rental car at Glasgow airport – you’ll be well on your way in under two hours. 

Not only can it be significantly quicker, it can actually be much cheaper than catching multiple trains. With fares on the rise, trains are no longer the most affordable option, and driving long distances can take a huge toll on you. Not only is driving across the country expensive when it comes to petrol, but you may have to stop off and stay overnight to avoid exhaustion. According to a comparison made by the Telegraph, the greatest saving for a particular date was £116 when choosing flights over trains. While this data was pulled together in 2016, comparing prices via online websites shows that this remains accurate to this day. 

As mentioned above, driving across the country can take a toll, especially if you were planning on getting the trip done in one go. It’s uncomfortable, as is getting the train – unless you get first class or have a friend with you so you can get some sleep, of course. You can sit back and relax on a plane, especially as they’re considered very short haul flights. Grab a book or catch up on some sleep – you don’t need to worry about keeping your eyes on the road or your belongings. 

The negatives of domestic flying is that you’ll have to go through airport security. Regardless of where you go, this is an aspect of air travel that cannot be avoided. While you’ll be saving time when it comes to travelling, you’ll have to arrive early to check in and leave time to go through security, including screening your hand luggage. Be aware of the procedures, which can vary from airport to airport, and get there with enough time to spare. You may still be saving a considerable amount of time and money by choosing air travel, so don’t let this put you off.

While you should be aware of the restrictions of air travel, as mentioned above, there are a multitude of benefits to opting for air travel. Improved comfort, reduced costs and saving time – what could be better? Next time you are flying within the United Kingdom, make sure you keep this option at the top of your list when starting the planning process. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, flying could make your trip significantly easier. 

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Hot air balloons have always captured the interests of the common people since its invention in the 1700’s. Riding in a hot air balloon is often considered and adventure in itself. You float hundreds of feet above the ground, travelling at a leisurely pace and enjoying the bird’s eye view of the Earth below.

Organized float balloon packages offer an affordable means to enjoy this tranquil sport under expert supervision. Here are a few reasons why everyone should try flying in the hot air balloon at least once.

For the adrenalin junkie

Despite its slow pace, flying in a float balloon is absolutely thrilling enough to satisfy any adrenalin junkie. Soaring over the skies gently, the speed and direction controlled by subtly altering the overhead fire is an experience unto none. The serene flight gives you a new perspective of looking at things from high above. Riding in the cramped little basket and the humongous balloon powered by hot air is sure to be a humbling experience.

It’s romantic!

Private float balloon tours are quite popular among lovers who wish to take a romantic holiday. The constantly changing scenery and the gentle swaying of the basket is sure to make anyone’s heart beat fonder for their loved one. With no mechanical noises to interrupt the mood, a hot air balloon acts as the perfect place to pop the all-important question to your loved one. Pack some strawberries, a bottle of champagne and sweep her off her feet, literally!

Discovering new places

Have you ever seen how beautiful vineyards look like from hundreds of feet above the air? How about a mountain from a bird’s eye view? There are few things you can see that can rival those images! Being able to look at such wonders in person is possible only on a hot air balloon as it suspends over the ground allowing you to take in some of the most beautiful sights the world has to offer.

Socializing across cultures

Hot air balloon tours are a great way to meet new people from all over the world. Float balloon are considered a unique experience by many who travel from across the globe to experience it first-hand. This is usually organized as a fun activity for fund raisers, corporate events etc., where you can meet people from all walks of life.

Making memories

Hot air ballooning is a beautiful retreat in itself. It’s a great way to take a break from the daily bustle and spend time up in the air basking the wonders of nature. It not only gives you a new perspective on how things look from above, but is also a great way to clear your mind and give it a well-deserved break from stress. Most float balloon tours offer a whole charade of accompaniment such as toast, champagne etc. which accounts for a picnic in the skies!

Hop on a fancy hot air balloon and give yourself a unique travel experience.