Time is not something you have any control over, and that means you can’t change the effects of what it does either.

Your looks, for example, is something affected by time. While you cannot stop the aging process, you can take the right steps to look younger.

Women usually take this issue more seriously than men, but plenty of men also care about the way they look. If you’re a man and want to know the best tips to look younger, keep reading.

Here are six tips that will help you look younger.

  1. Start Using a Daily Skincare Routine

If you do not have a daily skincare routine yet, you need one. Providing the right care for your skin will help you look younger and nicer.

A good skincare routine doesn’t require a lot of steps, but it should include washing your face and moisturizing it. You may even want to exfoliate it weekly to help remove dead skin cells.

If you plan to go outdoors, always carry a bottle of sunscreen with you and apply some to your face before you go outside. Sunscreen will protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

  1. Work Out and Eat Right

It’s quite common for men to gain weight as they age and lose muscle mass. The problem with this is that weight gain makes men look older. If you want to look younger, keep up with your health.

To do this, you should start eating right. Cut out fats and sugars and replace them with whole grains and fresh vegetables.

Next, start working out. Working out a few times a week can help you build and protect your muscle mass, and it also helps control your weight.

  1. Keep Your Hair Trimmed and Manicured

A third tip to consider is keeping your hair trimmed and manicured. Go to a salon or barbershop every few weeks to keep up with this. A nice, short cut helps you look neater and younger.

  1. Maintain Your “Other Hair”

Men can also look younger by keeping up with the maintenance of the other hair they have. For example, a lot of men like shaving their legs, private areas, and armpits. Mens chest waxing is also becoming more popular.

Keeping more control over the hair on your body can help you control the effects of aging, too.

  1. Whiten and Care for Your Teeth

When people see you, what do they notice first? They may notice a lot of things, including your teeth and smile. Taking care of your teeth is another way you can control the way you look.

To do this, create an effective daily routine for brushing and flossing. You could consider professional teeth-whitening services once or twice a year, too.

  1. Dress Up

The way you dress also impacts the way you look. If you want to look and feel younger, dress up! Keep up with styles and dress nicely each day.

Follow These Tips to Look Younger

Now you’ve got all the tips to look younger that you need!

You can also start searching for more information on these ideas. For example, you could research the best moisturizers for men. You could also research the best hair-removal treatment options for men.

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For the first time, the Nigerian Kano State Government launch “Doing Business in Kano” a monthly TV series that showcase the Nigerian state government transformation to ease doing business and support entrepreneurship climate in the state.

Doing business in Kano” TV series would be interviewing entrepreneurs and business people on the various initiatives of the state government to support entrepreneurship. The TV series would be streaming live exclusively on Neur TV Channel 109 on Entertale.

“Doing Business in Kano” Is an initiative of Mr. Salihu Tank Yakasai, The Special Adviser to Kano State Government on New Media “We are thrilled to partner with Entertale, to showcase business and investment opportunities and our rich cultural heritage of Kano state to international
investors and African audience around the world.”

The “Doing business in Kano” would show potential international investors the peaceful business environment, different reforms and the
the readiness of the state government to grant land and tax incentives to would-be investors in the state to revolutionize agriculture and promote investments in various sectors.

The Kano State Governor Abdullahi Ganduje said “We have decided to make land acquisition very easy and speedy. A lot of red-tapisms and a lot of bureaucracies and we decided to replace that ministry with the Bureau for Land Management. Kano is working to boost both the Nigerian
economy and the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP)”.

Gaia Giordani, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Entertale “Our Partnership with Kano state government to showcase the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises sector and an estimated 1.6 million businesses and enterprises across all economic activities in the state is at the core of Entertale mission of promoting African business and investment opportunities around the world”.

As at 2017, Kano state has the second largest population in Nigeria with an estimation of 16 million inhabitants that are mostly young, agile and sustainable workforce with 50 percent of the population between 15 years and 64 years, and 47 percent under 15 years. The total state GDP is put at $12.393 billion, per capital is $1.288.

Very British Problems started out as a series of Tweets and since has become a trilogy of books, a TV show starring famous faces such as James Corden, Nigel Havers, Ruth Jones, Stephen Mangan and Jonathan Ross and is a Social Media phenomenon. So much so, that others are catching onto the trend of making fun of the stereotypical British awkwardness and over-the-top politeness. One of the examples is this hilarious rundown of daily occurrences that drivers and passengers all know too well.

This happens every year, yet we STILL panic when there is a tincy wincy bit of snow on the roads. And the funny thing is – each year it comes as a surprise! Wow, it’s been 12 months and it’s winter again, who would have known!

We all know Star Wars, right? There are certain things that just stick with us from childhood, one of them being pretending to be in the Millenium Falcon when it snows outside.

There is a very high percentage of convertible cars in the UK considering we have about five sunny days a year

Of course, the last word is pronounced under one’s breath. Politeness is key!

Sometimes hitting a pothole leaves you watching the top of your suspension strut come through the bonnet. But we do actually have a bit of tarmac around our potholes!

You wouldn’t want the CAR CLEANER to think your car was dirty now, would you?

In the word of the authors of this silliness themselves:

“Surely, we’ve all encountered at least one of these problems, however, if you’ve gone through the list and ticked every single one, maybe you should think about alternative choices for transport – like a bus. Or just never leaving the house.

The rules of the road are changing, but it seems that not everyone got the memo – driving like your hair’s on fire works some of the time, but for the rest of us mere mortals that still believe in courtesy and politeness (except when it comes to supercar owners), these very British Car Problems are a daily occurence.”

Check out the rest of the rundown here!

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Every sports fan has the pocket version of his favorite sport stored on his smartphone so he can play it wherever he wants. This list is geared towards older phones too, so you will not need the best Samsung Galaxy phone currently available, but it couldn’t hurt. So what some of the best sports games for Android and iOS on the market? Check out the list of 10 sports game you have to have with you if you want to be a real sports fan:

  1. Real basketball – MobileCraft

Real basketball is a great application for al basketball fans because it offers them the chance to play single player or multiplayer. For this app, you have to connect to the internet if you want to play with people all around the world, which can be a lot of fun. Choose your own team from 40 different uniforms and 4 different courts and choose the game mode which suits you best from 6 different modes. If you still aren’t convinced then let the numbers do the talking; the overall score is 4,6 which is graded by almost 1,600,000 users.

  1. MLB 9 Innings – Com2uS

Baseball is one of those games you have to see to understand. The same thing is with the application, you have to try it to love it. Choose your own ball, pitch, position, anything you need to become a great baseballer. The game is pretty impressive, it has more than 800 players which are rendered in 3D with some serious graphic. The overall score for the game is 4,2 which is pretty good when considering the 55,500 users behind it.

  1. Foosball Cup World – Ludus Studio

Foosball is one highly addictive game and this application makes sure that you can fully enjoy the pocket version of table football. You can choose the size of the table, the player formation, style, the stadium and even the type of the ball. But, keep in mind that you have to win most of the options through the game. Almost 30,000 users have graded this game with 4,0 score which is not bad at all.

  1. FIFA 16 – Electronic Arts

The best way to enjoy a proper soccer application is through FIFA. Electronic Arts are the giant in the gaming world and you can expect only the best from them. This application is more than just playing soccer because you can trade and transfer every player in your team. There is one feature which can improve your skill and that is the Daily Challenge. Achieve every challenge and get your reward. The overall score is 4,0 and the number of reviews is 825,600 which is pretty good.

  1. Archery Master 3D – TerranDroid

Archery is not a basic sport, but it is one of the most addictive ones. In this application, you can choose your bow, archer, types of bows and bull’s eyes and change them all from time to time to spice things up. Just remember, first few levels may be easy, but the higher you get, the harder it is to shoot the target. Almost 800,000 reviews show us that the game is pretty interesting and the 4,2 score shows us that the performance is impressive.

  1. Pro Feel Golf – Behaviour Interactive

Golf is actually pretty unusual sport for an application, but the experts in the Behaviour Interactive did a pretty good job with it. Just like the basketball game I have already mentioned, you can play single and multiplayer mode with people all over the world. The graphics are pretty impressive and the one-hand controls make this game easier to play. Different upgrades and powerups can improve your skills so you can continue to grow in the game. Almost 15,000 people have left a review which leads to the 4,0 overall score.

  1. Ice Hockey 3D – Mouse Games

Hockey is a fast-paced game and with this application, you will feel like you are on the court with them. The animation of the game is impressive and the control of the player is flawless. Just like other games on this list, here you can also choose your hockey team to win the entire game. You can also choose different game modes and find the ones that suit your style best. Almost 92,000 users had reviewed this app and they gave it the overall score of 3,8, which is lower than the rest, but still pretty OK.

  1. Madden NFL Football – Electronic Arts

Another Electronic Arts application is on this list. Madden NFL Football will tie you to your smartphone while you let your team win match after match. The principle is similar to the FIFA application where you can buy and sell your players and by achieving challenges, you can earn rewards. The game was rated more than 1,350,000 which is awesome and the entire game’s score is 4.5.

  1. Pool – 8 Ball Game – Pool Games Studio

Foosball and poll are two table games that are on this list because they are also highly addictive and entertaining. The entire game feels like it is the real deal, there are no unrealistic movements. Improve your skills with daily challenges and become a pro fast. Almost 45,000 users gave this game the overall rating of 4,4, which is very impressive.

  1. Fishing Hook – Mobirix

You can’t compare the real fishing and the game about fishing, but this game is pretty close. This game has 16 different languages and you can also play it on tablets, which is a new thing. The graphics in the game are great and the intense feeling will be always around you. You can’t just tap the fish; you have to put some effort in catching it, just like the real thing. Almost a 1,000,000 people gave this game 4,4 rate which is pretty impressive.