Very British Problems started out as a series of Tweets and since has become a trilogy of books, a TV show starring famous faces such as James Corden, Nigel Havers, Ruth Jones, Stephen Mangan and Jonathan Ross and is a Social Media phenomenon. So much so, that others are catching onto the trend of making fun of the stereotypical British awkwardness and over-the-top politeness. One of the examples is this hilarious rundown of daily occurrences that drivers and passengers all know too well.

This happens every year, yet we STILL panic when there is a tincy wincy bit of snow on the roads. And the funny thing is – each year it comes as a surprise! Wow, it’s been 12 months and it’s winter again, who would have known!

We all know Star Wars, right? There are certain things that just stick with us from childhood, one of them being pretending to be in the Millenium Falcon when it snows outside.

There is a very high percentage of convertible cars in the UK considering we have about five sunny days a year

Of course, the last word is pronounced under one’s breath. Politeness is key!

Sometimes hitting a pothole leaves you watching the top of your suspension strut come through the bonnet. But we do actually have a bit of tarmac around our potholes!

You wouldn’t want the CAR CLEANER to think your car was dirty now, would you?

In the word of the authors of this silliness themselves:

“Surely, we’ve all encountered at least one of these problems, however, if you’ve gone through the list and ticked every single one, maybe you should think about alternative choices for transport – like a bus. Or just never leaving the house.

The rules of the road are changing, but it seems that not everyone got the memo – driving like your hair’s on fire works some of the time, but for the rest of us mere mortals that still believe in courtesy and politeness (except when it comes to supercar owners), these very British Car Problems are a daily occurence.”

Check out the rest of the rundown here!

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