Dubai World Central- a strategic initiative

A great initiative has been taken by the government in the form of Dubai World Central or you can call it Dubai South. This initiative has been taken in order to support a great number of activities that include the logistics, aviation, commercial, humanitarian, residential and different other businesses that are located near Al Maktoum International Airport.

Projects- unique and inspiring

This is a very inspiring as well as a unique project which is one of its own kind. It is basically an extension of the bequest of Dubai which will surely be here with so much more value. This will connect both East and the West with each other.

Different districts like that of logistics, humanitarian and aviation will get additional benefits of the air side. Additionally, benefits of cost-effectiveness and efficiency will also be offered because of the prime location of the airport near Dubai central world. People working at Dubai World Central will be able to avail a lot of benefits including accommodation, office and entertainment. There is so much that people can get the advantage of so, do not delay setting up a business in Dubai.

Dubai World Central is offering the best and the easiest cost-effective business solutions which will surely bring a lot of investors towards it. the business set up in Dubai World Central would become more effective and reasonable from now on. Because of the initiative of World Expo 2020, the lot of investors will invest in Dubai World Central which will increase Dubai’s economy for sure.

Types of License you can have in Dubai World Central

Trade License:

Trade license will help the company owners in importing, exporting and distributing different products and services to the consumers.

Logistics License:

Logistics license will help the transportation, distribution and so many other services to different specified areas.

Some other services that are included in the logistics license include storage, forwarding, clearing, order and inventory management services.

Industrial License:

The industrial license helps the companies regarding the manufacturing activities. The manufacturing activities may include that of blending, mixing, assembling, purifying, repacking products and wrapping as well. Hand labor, as well as other machinery, can be used in order to carry out the manufacturing activities. Note that the machinery used for the manufacturing products should not produce smoke, heat, gas or harmful by-products.

For the sake of carrying out the activities which come under the industrial license, the company must first provide proof regarding Environmental Impact surveys and studies.

Trading License:

The trading license helps the importing, exporting, distributing as well as storage of different items and products that are specified in this particular license.

Service License:

Service license gives you permission for the services specified in the license but these services should be limited to the DWC Free Zone. If the company wants to carry out the respective operations anywhere else in UAE, an additional local business license would be required. The activities that can be carried out under such licenses include counselling, training or other related activities.

Dubai South Business setup cost:

To start your business in Dubai World Central you should have the mount of 30,500 AED.

Advantages of Business Setup in Dubai World Central

100% Foreign Ownership

If you have had a dream of having your own business with full ownership, form it now in Dubai South because it offers 100% ownership with the best services.

Tax-free operations

All the operations that would get carried out in DWC will be totally tax-free.

Repatriation of capital and profits

The companies will get 100% repatriation of capital and profits with no import or export tax duty

Flexible lease terms

The commercial lease terms would be very flexible for the businesses formed in DWC.

Wide range of business facilities

A great range of business facilities and opportunities will be provided to the business in DWC and they would not require any proof of the share capital.

Minimum documentation

There would be no complicated process of documentation in DWC to allow people from starting their businesses as easily as possible.

Access to Al Maktoum International Airport and Jebel Ali Sea Port

The business sector would be around the airport which will make the transportation of goods even easier.

Farahat& CO.

At Farahat and CO., you would get all the assistance regarding your business set up in UAE and the rest of the free zones as well. You can get more information regarding business set up procedures by checking out our website.

We will make the business set up for you as easier as possible and will change all the complexities into ease. So, do not back away just because you are afraid of all the legal procedures of starting your own business set up in UAE.

From the cultural mix to the sky-piercing tower, Dubai is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit anytime in the year. Possibly, one of the top-ranked tourist magnets, it offers complex choices of attractions to all its visitors. From the dazing heights of Burj Khalifa to the aura of the Arabian Desert, this city is truly a blend of human engineering marvels and nature.

Dubai city is an oasis in a middle of the desert, which offers a treasure trove for all its tourists. Naturally, it is rich with white sand beaches, sand dunes that dissolve sun at sunset; and artificially, it is one of the biggest man-made wonders of the world. Fly to Dubai and visit the following places for a great Emirate trip.

Burj Khalifa:

This amazing engineering marvel is the tallest man-made structure in the world. For this reason, it is on top of our list too.

Burj Khalifa is one of the reasons why Dubai is known to provide only matchless structures in the world. You can take the fastest lift in the world to the highest deck and literally see the light on the horizon. You can also dine there as Burk Khalifa offers one of the best restaurants in Dubai.

Desert Safari:

This exotic safari has its fair share of adrenaline rush moments when you are speeding over the dunes in a jeep or 4wd. You can also try your hand at quad-biking, sand-skiing, and some extreme photography in the desert. Your trip can also include a traditional belly dancing and a shisha.

Burj Al Arab:

Another unique engineering masterpiece. This seven-star hotel is recognizable from a great distance due to its unique sail shape. Located in Southern Dubai coast, you can enjoy the beach and a visit to this magnificent hotel, or you may just stay there for at least a night for once in a lifetime experience.

Dubai Sky-dive:

If you are a thrill seeker, this is the best thing that awaits you in Dubai. You can jump from an amazing height and watch the city from above. Imagine seeing the tallest building from an extraordinary height. The experience is truly amazing and you should try it once in a lifetime.

Aquaventure Waterpark:

Aquaventure Waterpark is located at Atlantis the Palm. It will give you a chance to drive the pleasures in a hotel which is built on an artificial island. You can enjoy a unique experience to go inside a water tunnel and observe sharks and stingrays swimming above. You can also enjoy a private beach for sunbathing and relaxing.

Ski Dubai:

Want to ski without snowfall in a desert city? No problem, Dubai has one such Ski Resort. Ski Dubai is the largest indoor ski resort. It offers multiple slopes with the different difficulty level. You can also enjoy ski lift ride along with ice skating. Enjoy ice sports and activities in the UAE and make the most of it.

Lost Chambers Aquarium:

Lost Chambers Aquarium is also located at Atlantic the Palm. After your enthralling time at Aquaventure Waterpark, you can shift your focus to Lost Chambers Aquarium. You can see sharks, piranhas, seahorses, lobsters, and other marine life.

Dubai Sightseeing bus tour:

Dubai is one of the world’s best-planned city. Most of its sites and landmarks are well connected with the main highway, Sheikh Zayed Road. It road connects you with all the places worth visiting. If you are interested in taking a sightseeing tour, hop on the sightseeing bus and enjoy this magnificent city.

Jumeirah Beach:

Dubai is loaded with beaches. Jumeirah is one of its most elegant and exquisite beaches. We highly recommend you to visit this amazing white sand beach.

Dubai Mall:

Remember we said Dubai is the matchless city in the world? We meant it, as the next thing on the list also happens to be the biggest shopping mall in the world. Dubai mall offers out of the world experience of shopping, as well as other features. Visit it and explore what it beholds. Grab discounted flights to Dubai and explore all the attraction of Dubai Mall.

Make your trip a little sweeter by booking the cheap flights to Dubai. Make sure to Compare cheapest flights and find the one most suitable one for yourself.

New and exciting developments await you in the UAE — specifically, Dubai — so if the City of Gold is one of the places to visit on your bucket list, then this year is an ideal time to check it off. And out of the countless tourist spots to check out in Dubai that you should cover in your tour, Marsa Al Seef is an absolute must.

More popularly known as simply Al Seef these days, it is one of the highly recommended destinations for tourists. Originally Dubai’s traditional hub, this area was given a major facelift in the recent years. In 2017, the first phase of the development was completed and opened to the public. The transformation is stunning, and Al Seef now offers a perfect blend of “Old and New Dubai.”

So if you want a packed experience for your UAE trip, you shouldn’t miss Marsa Al Seef (it’s actually not difficult to do because Dubai is within close proximity to other places of interest, like Ras Al-Khaimah where you can try all kinds of tours).

Once you’ve settled into a great hotel, you can proceed to spend an entire day exploring Al Seef.

So, what is there to see and experience in the area?

1. The maritime heritage of Dubai

The development stretches 1.8km along the creek, which is among the key locations to accommodate the early fishing, pearl diving and trading industries of the city. As such, the developers of Al Seef made sure to highlight Dubai’s humble beginnings as well as the traditional local culture.

You can get a fascinating history lesson of Dubai through the open-air museum and the tours conducted here.

2. New retail stores and restaurants.

Marsa Al Seef also boasts of new and modern structures that fit the city’s current image. These structures hold retail stores and hip dining establishments that are familiar to everyone.

What’s more, popular dining chains are established here but some of been given a more traditional look, making Al Seef an even more interesting place to visit. Keep an eye out for the little Baskin Robbins store that has been given an old and authentic feel.

When you’re done exploring the outdoor market and you need to retreat from the hot Dubai weather, head to well-designed indoor restaurants within Al Seef. They have air conditioning and other modern features so you can cool down and relax.


3. Abra stations where you can board a dhow or private yacht.

You can explore the area more by “getting in the water.” Check out abra stations where you can easily join a tour of the creek. If you’re part of the tour, expect to get treated to even more information about the old Dubai as well as how it transformed into the “city where everything is possible” that it is now.

You can also board a floating restaurant at any of the abra stations. Enjoy a meal or a cup of coffee while being rocked gently by the soft and gentle waves of the creek.

The development of Marsa Al Seef is not yet complete. In fact, when you come to visit, you will see ongoing construction in certain sites. But the completion of the second phase of Al Seef is slated for March 2018. So schedule your trip to Dubai after the said date and you will see even more delightful attractions.

Making your Dubai trip a thoroughly fulfilling adventure will not be complete without exploring Al Seef. Coming here will allow you to experience the old and new versions of the City of Gold in the most convenient way. Al Seef is just a 45-minute ride via Metro or bus and a 17-minute ride via taxi from the Dubai International Airport.

4. Souks and floating markets for shopping.

Shop for souvenirs and other unique wares the olden way at the authentic souks and floating markets along the Dubai Creek. You can get everything here from Emirati clothing to spices, handmade goods, and all sorts of Middle Eastern wares.

And just like the practice of old, you can work out your haggling muscle to score the best deals.


According to a study by MMGY Global, a leading travel and hospitality marketing company, the 9.5 million households that are American millennial families are destined to spend 19 percent more on holidays this 2018, and aim to travel 36 percent more than last year. This is clearly a demographic that hoteliers want to take notice of!

Moreover, about 36 percent of Americans hold a valid passport, according to the US State Department, which means there are approximately 113 million potential customers for luxury hotels all over the world! As an overseas luxury hotel owner, you may be wondering about what you can do to attract more American tourists.

Here are six essential ways that luxury hoteliers can attract American travellers to their home country’s shores:

1.  Make it easy to travel to and from destinations

Many destinations around the world have public transportation that’s far more extensive than the norm in America. However, that doesn’t mean every traveller will want to brave the train or bus – especially not luxury travellers.

By offering private car services and having sound agreements with honest, high-quality taxi services, you can help put your guests at ease. This is especially important when they have just landed at the airport.

Similarly, if they know they can rely on your transport services, they can worry less about schedules and safety. They can focus more on having an enjoyable stay at your hotel and in your city.

2.  Offer free meals and incidentals in travel packages

Even the most affluent of American travellers would hesitate at the cost of a trip to Asia or Africa or the Middle East, which can often run up to several thousand dollars by commercial airline.

However, by shifting the cost of meals off a guest’s bill, you can potentially capitalize on the relatively lower price of basic foodstuffs in your locale, while guaranteeing visitors are getting world-class, all-inclusive travel at the same time. The top all-inclusive hotels in Dubai definitely know how to attract guests this way!

3. Bank on a culture of great customer service

One of the persistent beliefs many Americans hold about other destinations around the world is that they have excellent customer service. Funnily enough, this is often held up in contrast to American service, which can sometimes be cold, impolite and inattentive.

If your workplace culture supports it, be sure excellent customer service is “front and center” in your marketing materials. This helps to attract the most knowledgeable guests.

4. Explore packaging and partnership opportunities

Not all airlines and cruise lines offer services from the continental USA to your country. For this reason, your hotel or resort should look for possible fruitful partnerships.

While exploring packaging and partnership opportunities, you should naturally seek to bundle services with these businesses, and with websites that organize travel in your area. However, don’t stop there. Partnering with English-language tour guides and other speciality services will distinguish your establishment from the rest.

5. Incentivize return and repeat business

Once a traveller has had an excellent experience in your city, and at your hotel, he or she is much more likely to travel there again, and to recommend their itinerary to friends and family.

Be sure you offer meaningful incentives to make the return trip enticing. Offer discounts where possible, and keep former guests informed of new services. Warm, personalized follow-ups can create an authentic connection with travellers that they are sure to remember.

6. Make the comforts of home available

American travellers are often excited to try new things, but they are hard-pressed to abandon many of the home comforts they are used to in the USA.

A fast, secure Internet connection is particularly important to both business travellers and families. Even something as straightforward as a soft drink or a small snack from a recognizable brand can bring a smile to the face of a traveller who is exhausted from a long journey.

A small group of North American tourists can make a big difference to your hotel’s reputation among travellers. Thoughtful, detail-oriented personal attention and authentic, quality service will help first-time visitors to your country feel comfortable and welcome. This can all result in long-lasting relationships — and hopefully a lot more business!

Having a good grasp on Emirati cuisine is a must if you want to visit Dubai. Prepare yourself for a memorable experience because the food you’ll find in the region will be nothing like you have ever had. But since Dubai has no shortage of superb eateries, you have to make sure that you find a dining establishment that suits you.

Must-Try Dubai Food

Dubai offers different styles of food. The main restaurants in the region are inspired by Middle Eastern and Asian cuisines so you can try everything from North Korean to Indian food. But Dubai’s national cuisine is described as a combination of Lebanese and Syrian cuisines.

The so-called mezze category is among the main features of the local dishes. Traditional mezze consists of a wide variety of both cold and hot snacks that are often served on a big platter. These include small slices of meat and vegetables roasted on an open fire, different kinds of cheese, original salads, and savory sauces.

Meat lovers must try Makbus and Haris. Makbus is roast lamb with rice flavoured with different herbs and spices as it cooks while Haris is gentle lamb stewed with sprouted wheat.

Vegetarians can enjoy a wide selection of vegetable dishes prepared in different ways. Vegetables can be roasted on grill and added to rice.

Most Dubai restaurants offer a choice of exotic fruits since these are the common desserts in the region. Consider visiting an exotic restaurant in Dubai to get a taste of all the exotic dishes that you can’t find in other dining establishments around the world.

5 Factors To Consider When Navigating Dubai’s Restaurant Scene

1. An Alluring Décor

The best restaurants won’t underestimate the appeal of a well-designed, elegant, and carefully maintained space. They surely have a unique style with features expressing what the food and philosophy of the restaurant is about.

2. Quality Food

The best restaurants in Dubai set a high standard for their food quality. Also, they make sure that guests receive consistent quality with every meal. Restaurants can earn a good reputation by serving high quality food. Moreover, this can compel guests to return for repeat visits. In fact, foods have inspired lengthy lines recently.

A good cook will understand the needs of diners and works well with the kitchen staff to satiate the customers. Aside from an experienced cook, serving good food consistency will also entail high-quality ingredients.

Look into their menu. A great menu has likeable and concise dish descriptions. It should not just consist of those currently on-trend but is carefully egalitarian and well-balanced. Most importantly, the best restaurants use produce in season, giving a sense of place, and changes frequently to make return visits inviting.

3. Trained And Accommodating Staff

Excellent service can lift average food; however, great food can’t make up for incompetent service. The overall experience of restaurant guests can be enhanced by providing excellent customer service in a tidy environment. The staff interacting with customers must be courteous and optimistic. Servers, on the other hand, must know the menu well, deliver orders on time, and promptly address any concern that unsatisfied guests might have.

4. Comfortable Seating

The best restaurants offer ergonomic chairs, meaning that you don’t need to lean forward just to reach the table. Tables, on the other hand, are correctly sized so servers won’t have to rearrange water glasses with every course. You won’t even notice how comfortable the seats are until you have finished your meal and get up feeling as peaceful as when you are sitting down.

5. Tidy Bathrooms

A neat bathroom is unquestionably non-negotiable. The best restaurants will go beyond just clean by offering good lighting, luxe hand wash, and fresh towels. Some superb dining establishments even offer real hand towels.

When deciding which Dubai restaurant to visit, the most trusted source is a recommendation. You can also look into a list of fast food restaurants in Dubai. Still, the word-of-mouth system is the most reliable form of advertising. It is always advisable that you cross reference it against a newspaper or blog review. With plenty of resources available today, selecting your culinary destination can definitely be a revitalizing experience.

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Dubai is the glorious and majestic city found in the United Arab Emirates. I was in awe when I won a vacation to this city. Each day, the city is filled with tourists from all over the continent. Dubai is a strategically situated in the world for an explicit gate away or a holiday.

This city harbors all the historical sites and also its architectural designs is enticing to the eye. You can guess why I was in awe when I won the vacation. Below is my detailed experience in embarking this vacation.

My experience booking the flight
Etihad airline is the most used airline when traveling to Dubai. My flight choice to this city was this airline. The headquarters of this airline is located at United Arab Emirates. The services offered by this airline got my attention. I was able to access their website and booked my flight ticket online.

The process was quick and not stressful. Similarly, it offered me ease and convenience since I was able to book a ticket at the comfort of my home. I did not incur any traveling costs. One other enticing factor was the Etihad coupons offered by this airline. I was able to get my ticket with a discount using my Etihad coupons from

My flight with Etihad
My flight experience was one not to forget. The warm Arabic culture was brought to a reality in their flight services. The main goal and vision of Etihad airlines is to provide considerate, cultured and generous service to its passengers.

This is so as to portray the warm Arabic culture and I will attest to this. The airline have for categories of services namely, first class, residence, business class and also economy class. I traveled first class. The quality of services offered in each category is unbiased. All the passengers on board are treated to the same warm Arabic services. The categories have been laid to only reflect the services offered.

How I spent my there days in Dubai
The city with a year round sunshine, exquisite beaches, luxurious hotels, and intriguing deserts kept lingering in my mind throughout the flight. When the flight attendant announced our arrival I could not hold my excitement. I was so eager to start my adventure on this glorious city.

Colorful lights welcomed us as we stepped down the plane. Below are some of the events I engaged in my vacation.

I am a fan of sandy beaches and the white beaches of Dubai was the greatest adventure of all. The sun hastily bit through my thick skin leaving a thrilling excitement. The expansive seas also offered a great site to watch.

Dubai is defined by luxurious hotels together with its vast cuisines. The city being a cosmopolitan, I was able to get a taste of all types of cuisines.

This city is largely a desert. However, the deserts were intriguing and I had a chance of riding on a camel. It was a breathtaking experience.

Culture and Heritage
Dubai is a cosmopolitan but has with a population of Islam. I was able to interact with different people and engage in some of their cultural activities. I visited a historic mosque.

Visiting Dubai should be in your bucket list. Go to the online platforms of Etihad airline and you will be on air in a few hours. Get acquainted with the amazing architectural designs of the glorious city under the sun.