Dubai World Central- a strategic initiative

A great initiative has been taken by the government in the form of Dubai World Central or you can call it Dubai South. This initiative has been taken in order to support a great number of activities that include the logistics, aviation, commercial, humanitarian, residential and different other businesses that are located near Al Maktoum International Airport.

Projects- unique and inspiring

This is a very inspiring as well as a unique project which is one of its own kind. It is basically an extension of the bequest of Dubai which will surely be here with so much more value. This will connect both East and the West with each other.

Different districts like that of logistics, humanitarian and aviation will get additional benefits of the air side. Additionally, benefits of cost-effectiveness and efficiency will also be offered because of the prime location of the airport near Dubai central world. People working at Dubai World Central will be able to avail a lot of benefits including accommodation, office and entertainment. There is so much that people can get the advantage of so, do not delay setting up a business in Dubai.

Dubai World Central is offering the best and the easiest cost-effective business solutions which will surely bring a lot of investors towards it. the business set up in Dubai World Central would become more effective and reasonable from now on. Because of the initiative of World Expo 2020, the lot of investors will invest in Dubai World Central which will increase Dubai’s economy for sure.

Types of License you can have in Dubai World Central

Trade License:

Trade license will help the company owners in importing, exporting and distributing different products and services to the consumers.

Logistics License:

Logistics license will help the transportation, distribution and so many other services to different specified areas.

Some other services that are included in the logistics license include storage, forwarding, clearing, order and inventory management services.

Industrial License:

The industrial license helps the companies regarding the manufacturing activities. The manufacturing activities may include that of blending, mixing, assembling, purifying, repacking products and wrapping as well. Hand labor, as well as other machinery, can be used in order to carry out the manufacturing activities. Note that the machinery used for the manufacturing products should not produce smoke, heat, gas or harmful by-products.

For the sake of carrying out the activities which come under the industrial license, the company must first provide proof regarding Environmental Impact surveys and studies.

Trading License:

The trading license helps the importing, exporting, distributing as well as storage of different items and products that are specified in this particular license.

Service License:

Service license gives you permission for the services specified in the license but these services should be limited to the DWC Free Zone. If the company wants to carry out the respective operations anywhere else in UAE, an additional local business license would be required. The activities that can be carried out under such licenses include counselling, training or other related activities.

Dubai South Business setup cost:

To start your business in Dubai World Central you should have the mount of 30,500 AED.

Advantages of Business Setup in Dubai World Central

100% Foreign Ownership

If you have had a dream of having your own business with full ownership, form it now in Dubai South because it offers 100% ownership with the best services.

Tax-free operations

All the operations that would get carried out in DWC will be totally tax-free.

Repatriation of capital and profits

The companies will get 100% repatriation of capital and profits with no import or export tax duty

Flexible lease terms

The commercial lease terms would be very flexible for the businesses formed in DWC.

Wide range of business facilities

A great range of business facilities and opportunities will be provided to the business in DWC and they would not require any proof of the share capital.

Minimum documentation

There would be no complicated process of documentation in DWC to allow people from starting their businesses as easily as possible.

Access to Al Maktoum International Airport and Jebel Ali Sea Port

The business sector would be around the airport which will make the transportation of goods even easier.

Farahat& CO.

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We will make the business set up for you as easier as possible and will change all the complexities into ease. So, do not back away just because you are afraid of all the legal procedures of starting your own business set up in UAE.

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