It’s a little alarming how being stylish today has become a provocative means of showing skin as much as the person can. Looking sexy has a little thing to do when it comes to being stylish and fashionable. Being fashionable and stylish is how you treat yourself.

It’s how you choose your outfits that suit your figure and how you are dressing up improves your confidence. Here are some tips on how to look modest but stylish at the same time.

Loose Clothing Is Best

If you want to look good while not showing a lot of skin, it’s suggested that you should trade your tube-tops and miniskirts for loose, flowing pieces like tunic tops or maxi dresses to give you better comfort and especially during the summer.

To feel cool and sexy without revealing too much skin, you should opt for loose clothing. Tight clothes often constrict your skin and block off your pores. When this happens, your body overheats causing you to sweat even more. Loose clothing allows air to freely pass in between your body, making it feel cool and refreshed, even during the hot summer days.

Work With Necklines

If necklines are your thing, you can also try mixing a mandarin collar with crew necks, and turtlenecks or a V-neck that sits high on your body. Don’t be afraid of low necklines because many of these can be appropriately worn and modestly by layering a tank top or camisole beneath them.

Don’t Put Too Much Layers

Don’t put too much layers on your body as well. Too much clothing can make you look exaggerated. It’s also hot when you have lots of layers on you during summer. If you must have layers, choose pieces that aren’t too heavy or thick. It also helps you cool down if you lessen the number of pieces you’re layering on your body.

Select clothing pieces that don’t require you to layer up too much such as a maxi dress that you can wear with a thin t-shirt underneath or a light cardigan on top. Instead of purchasing two shirts, always look for some pieces that can offer you a cool and fresh feeling without covering or exposing too much of your body.

Play With Sleeve Styles

Since you’re layering your clothes it’s best to keep cool during the summer. Another way to keep cool while you’re out layering clothes is by rolling your sleeve. Depending on what you’re wearing, you can roll your sleeves so you expose a bit of skin on your arms to make it feel cooler.

Here’s a perfect look you can go for: Wear a white camisole or shirt underneath a loose flannel. Unbutton the polo shirt so the white shirt underneath is exposed. You can roll up your sleeves so you’ll look and feel cooler. Finish off your look with shorts and sandals. Alternatively, you can go for light denim jeans and sneakers.

Choose the Right Fabrics

Your skin will obviously love you if you stick to a lightweight clothing. Choose breathable fabrics during the summertime such as silk, chambray, cotton, and jersey to allow your skin to breathe during humid weather.

Make Use Of Maxis

Because of the length, choosing different kinds of maxi dresses and skirts is a good idea. These fashion items are usually made with breathable and lightweight fabrics. They’re also ideal to keep your body covered and cool at the same time.

Camisole Underneath Your Shirt

If you love to wear a dress or a top with low square neckline or low v-neck, do not lose hope. A feminine lace or a plain camisole with pretty neck details can transform your garment into something fabulous. Some camisoles have adjustable straps that you can adjust according to your preference.

Have Accessories Ready

Finding a modest and straightforward outfit that suits you will help you to enhance your patterns in dressing modestly. Wide-brimmed hats, straw totes, strappy sandals, dainty ring stacks,  and accessories will add some character and beauty to your summer flair outfit.

Another perfect accessory to have during the summer is a watch. You can opt for an Omega constellation piece that will make you look extra gorgeous and sophisticated at the same time.


Summer is the time where you should relax and enjoy the heat. However, the right choice of clothes can severely affect the way you enjoy summer. If you’re more of a conservative, the tips mentioned above are perfect ways to look fashionable during the summer, without exposing too much skin. Try to take advantage of layering, accessories, using the right pieces of fabric and clothing, etc., and you’ll be enjoying the summer without having to worry about overexposure.

How To Get The Right Office Dress?

The rules of what to wear to work have changed. It’s still a necessity to wear a suit to work if you’re in more conservative industries. But with the landscape continually changing in other, less-conservative industries, it’s important to know that the rules have also changed.

So can you wear a hoodie to work? How do you stay casual but still look professional?

Here are some of the rules that you should keep in mind:

Don’t Play The Part

Your work wardrobe should reflect who you are, but never give away what you do. Dress smart and keep the curiosity alive. Unless of course, you wear a uniform or are a lawyer, doctor or serve in the military — where your clothes speak for themselves and also part of team building activity. If you have the freedom to wear what you can, express yourself the way you want others to perceive you. In the hierarchy, seniors are taken seriously if they dress a notch above next level. If you head of the company then your clothes need to reflect it too.

Avoid Cloning

You are what you wear. Observe the colours, styles, prints and patterns that your colleagues and juniors wear. Make a conscious effort to look and dress distinctly different from them.

Never typecast your look — if you are a man, change your tie, shirt and suit combinations as frequently as you can. Women need to do the same with their jackets and tops.

Never Wear Logo or Office Décor Colours

Being loyal to the company is one thing, going overboard with it, is another. Some people make the mistake of wearing colours that are a part of their corporate events.  Worse still, they are those who like to match their clothes to the colours of the walls, interiors and office furniture. The message is clear: in the office, you need to dress to stand out and not blend in. Besides black and white, (a hint of) red, subtle shades also fit the mood.

Go For Quality Clothes

Wear clothes that are well-made, fit right and look as good as new. Oversized clothes will make you look and feel shabby. Clothes that are too tight can be restrictive and highlight areas they shouldn’t. These need to be altered or replaced — especially if they are shirts, jackets, trousers or skirts. Make new purchases look the way they do, even after a season of wearing them. Crease free materials or well-ironed clothes, will always send out right signals.

No Style Statements

Work wear needs to look the way it should: smart, sharp and crisp. Stick to conventions and avoid experimenting with new or passing trends. If you wear them at all, T-shirts (full or half sleeve) should be devoid of tongue in cheek messages.

Similarly, refrain from wearing garments with prominent branding or loud and busy prints. Subtle, simple, fuss free and monotone clothing is ideal. Pin stripes and small checks are the only prints that you can wear.

Hair & Grooming

Never colour or streak your hair in shades of red, gold and pink. Brown and black are universally accepted. Never use oil in your hair or at least one that is heavy, sticky or has a strong after smell.

Makeup for women should be simple and never look tarty. A good mascara, subtle eye shadow and a gentle colour for the cheeks and lips is all that you really need. Gloss and sheen will never go down well.

Groom your skin — a fresh and healthy surface is always better than one that is dull and bumpy. Remove hair from where there shouldn’t be any – especially the nostrils, cheeks and ears. Moustaches and facial hair is acceptable, provided it is neat and well maintained.

Women who use no lipstick are less convincing than those who do. Men who don’t have hair falling over the ears and on the back collar of the jacket and shirt are always trusted with ease.

With all the rules above set in place you are good to go in making the right choice for your office!

Spring is very much upon us and I know you might want to own fabulous lingerie that will turn heads and make you the centre of attention whether you are sporting a kimono as a beach cover up or another silk style for lounging in your house. There are so many colours and features to take into account when searching for the right lingerie for yourself. That is why I am going to guide you through the best silk lingerie colors for you to be rocking this spring.

Just the right lingerie will boost your self-confidence and you’ll have a new appreciation for your body in silk lingerie. Silk is a very valued material in the textile world as it is used to design some of the most beautiful, durable, yet easy to clean garments. It is especially good for lingerie as it feels soothing on our skin and does not easily wear out. Silk products might be expensive but they are worth your money.

First, before making any decision about the color of lingerie you want to shop for, you have to consider your skin tone. This way you will be able to easily determine the right lingerie color available and suitable for your skin tone.

I want to go right ahead and dig into the best silk lingerie colors that one could shop for in preparation for the spring. Since you might spend most of your spring outdoors, I have chosen an array of bright colors that will shimmer in the sun.


Yellow lingerie is a must-have during this spring period. The best shades of yellow for a perfect spring include bright yellow and golden yellow. Yellow will definitely brighten up your mood ensuring that you are confident with your body. No matter your type of skin, this color of silk chemise or slip would be perfect for all skin tones depending on the shade of yellow. You’ll shine in no time.


Green is a standout bold color that is easily noticeable. It is unexpected for one to wear green lingerie, but this is one bold decision that will make people turn heads. Green can come in all different shades but light shades of green match perfectly with other brighter colors.


When it comes to women’s fashion, pink is the color that never disappoints. This color is not only bright to your delight but it also screams femininity. Pink can easily blend with many other brighter colors. It also suits all skin colors so no one is left out. What better way to pull off your flirty vibes this summer.


The colour that stands out over all other shades is red. This color is popular wherever you go. It draws attention better than any other color. Wearing true red lingerie does not only draw attention to you but also enables you to glow. True red blends easily with all skin tones; hence, it is suitable for women of all ethnicities. To understand how people easily notice anyone with red lingerie, you need to own a red silk lingerie. I bet you’ll be the star of the show, a lady in red 😉.


Orange is the color of joy. It is a universal color in lingerie and can be worn by people with any skin tone. Although the colour is not very popular, be sure that owning an orange lingerie garment will set you apart from other women and make you unique in your own way.

Colors that I did not mention but can also be worn include ivory, blue and indigo. You can go ahead and experiment with the above colors and you will be certain that you will enjoy your spring like never before. Happy times are ahead!