Spring is very much upon us and I know you might want to own fabulous lingerie that will turn heads and make you the centre of attention whether you are sporting a kimono as a beach cover up or another silk style for lounging in your house. There are so many colours and features to take into account when searching for the right lingerie for yourself. That is why I am going to guide you through the best silk lingerie colors for you to be rocking this spring.

Just the right lingerie will boost your self-confidence and you’ll have a new appreciation for your body in silk lingerie. Silk is a very valued material in the textile world as it is used to design some of the most beautiful, durable, yet easy to clean garments. It is especially good for lingerie as it feels soothing on our skin and does not easily wear out. Silk products might be expensive but they are worth your money.

First, before making any decision about the color of lingerie you want to shop for, you have to consider your skin tone. This way you will be able to easily determine the right lingerie color available and suitable for your skin tone.

I want to go right ahead and dig into the best silk lingerie colors that one could shop for in preparation for the spring. Since you might spend most of your spring outdoors, I have chosen an array of bright colors that will shimmer in the sun.


Yellow lingerie is a must-have during this spring period. The best shades of yellow for a perfect spring include bright yellow and golden yellow. Yellow will definitely brighten up your mood ensuring that you are confident with your body. No matter your type of skin, this color of silk chemise or slip would be perfect for all skin tones depending on the shade of yellow. You’ll shine in no time.


Green is a standout bold color that is easily noticeable. It is unexpected for one to wear green lingerie, but this is one bold decision that will make people turn heads. Green can come in all different shades but light shades of green match perfectly with other brighter colors.


When it comes to women’s fashion, pink is the color that never disappoints. This color is not only bright to your delight but it also screams femininity. Pink can easily blend with many other brighter colors. It also suits all skin colors so no one is left out. What better way to pull off your flirty vibes this summer.


The colour that stands out over all other shades is red. This color is popular wherever you go. It draws attention better than any other color. Wearing true red lingerie does not only draw attention to you but also enables you to glow. True red blends easily with all skin tones; hence, it is suitable for women of all ethnicities. To understand how people easily notice anyone with red lingerie, you need to own a red silk lingerie. I bet you’ll be the star of the show, a lady in red 😉.


Orange is the color of joy. It is a universal color in lingerie and can be worn by people with any skin tone. Although the colour is not very popular, be sure that owning an orange lingerie garment will set you apart from other women and make you unique in your own way.

Colors that I did not mention but can also be worn include ivory, blue and indigo. You can go ahead and experiment with the above colors and you will be certain that you will enjoy your spring like never before. Happy times are ahead!

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