Summer is upon us and as the sun beams down we are drawn outside to enjoy the beautiful warmer months. The sun’s rays are not something to take on without protection however, as they can do a huge amount of damage in a very small amount of time. Not only is it important to use sunscreen and hats but the use of a sun umbrella is a fantastic way to block out some of the heat and provide relief from the rays. The debate between shade cloths and cantilever umbrellas is a difficult one with many aspects to consider but ultimately umbrellas come out on top for me. Enjoy summer without the harsh sunburn with a Sun Umbrella from Domayne Online.

Pure Aesthetics

While shade cloths offer a decent amount of widespread protection against the sun, it is fairly challenging to be able to style them well to complement the flair of your backyard settings. Reminiscent of primary school courtyards, I’ve always found shade cloths to look as though your backyard is a venue for entertainment and not a part of your own home. Cantilever umbrellas provide both functionality and style. The Nova Outdoor Octagonal Umbrella delivers on protection as well as maintaining its colour and avoiding wrinkles due to it being upholstered in polyester fabric. Available in a range of bright colours, find your garden’s match and bring a pop of colour to your summer.

Move It

Shade cloths cover a set part of your backyard and don’t offer any movement or versatility. One of the best things about cantilever umbrellas is how easy they are to move around the garden as the sun travels throughout the day. Take it from your back deck down to the pool as your family or guests move around the yard with the party. The Marina Outdoor Umbrella features a 360-degree crank which allows for a seamless open and close. Keep you and your guests safe with UV resistant olefin fabrics which will block out the harsh sun rays. Its powder-coated aluminium mast is durable and can hold the line against all of the elements, not only the heat.

Enjoy the Sun

On days that are cooler and you’re aching for the sun to warm you up, a sun umbrella can be taken down and moved away so that you may still enjoy the rays! Sun umbrellas are durable and able to withstand the sun as much as the rain and provide a spot for your guests to stay, in case of a quick sun shower without having to end the party. The Ravello Square Cantilever Umbrella demonstrates quality protection with a simple lever to pack it away in seconds. Its manoeuvrability and simple design means it is easily taken down so that you can enjoy the warm sun. Perfect for shading outdoor dining tables, its wide set frame means it is able to protect a decent area. Experience all of this without sacrificing style thanks to its range of cool ashy tones, so that even when it is packed away in the corner of your yard, its elegant build will ensure it blends in nicely.

Whichever your choose out of the shade cloth or cantilever umbrella, you can rest assured knowing that you’re reducing your risk of sun damage. Shade cloths are useful and effective in protecting you and your family against the harsh sun however, cantilever umbrellas provide functionality as well as protection and style. With a strong yet versatile sun umbrella, you can experience an ease of use and reliability that is only made better with its modern summer style.