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When you use your car for either private and business purposes, be sure to keep a digital record of all your business trips, especially if you’re an entrepreneur. This is true for many reasons, a few being that you as a business owner have a number of responsibilities on top of the personal ones, with regards to compliance and taxation. By keeping an electronic log over your travels, you not only make life easier for yourself when filing tax reports, but you also have solid proof in terms of what counts as private driving, and what is for business.

Chances are that if you’re reading this, you’ve been told you need to use an electronic logging device because you’re in the trucking business, an entrepreneur with many hours on the road, or something similar. Especially insurance companies require vehicles to use ELD Devices, and some companies won’t offer you any type of insurance on your leased vehicles without such a device. Not only do the modern ELD’s track milage, but the more advanced also have traffic crash information, sort of like a black box on the airplanes.

An electronic logging device can therefore also help with insurance claims, as there will exist a record of how fast you were going when the accident took place for instance. And while the initial cost of acquiring and installing an ELD can be prohibitive for those not required by law to use them, there’s actually another good incentive for entrepreneurs to install one. Seeing as how a large portion of the accounting aspect will be automatically taken care of, over time ELD’s save money on bookkeeping and by storing all data electronically, saves on storage or archiving costs as well.

And for vehicle fleet owners and operators, using ELD’s can be a crucial aspect in managing a successful business. In addition to documenting the use of each car, it also provides fleet administrators with a unique tool to continually monitor the mileage of the cars in the fleet automatically, outputting costs for fuel and maintenance along the way. This gives the fleet administrator, a unique and real-time overview of the internal fleet, that in turn allows the fleet to be optimised on the basis of live data. This can ultimately help to free up capital and reduce the balance of the individual car dealership, rental company or any other company operating a fleet of automobiles or trucks.

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Online bookkeeping software is more and more a great alternative for small businesses nowadays, as it permits them to save money in place of regularly considering a specialized accountant for each monetary checking task.

Next to the cost-saving benefits of online bookkeeping software, greater expediency is an additional striking benefit. Consider all the trips to your bookkeeper that you will save as you can easily consider a number of your accounting computations via your personal system.

Accounting or bookkeeping software is reachable and offered via cloud. It authorizes small businesses to keep record of the whole thing from their bookkeeping and documents to their normal accounting requirements.

Not all small business bookkeeping software are developed uniformly. Neither is every solution the best match for your particular business requirements. That is why it is informative to know what every one’s potencies are over others.

Before we enter into that, it is also very useful to understand what the best and most widespread features of this kind of software are.

  • Basic Accounting Functions – This is a classification that includes the fundamentals such as income and expenditure checking, invoicing, monetary report dispensation, and client or vendor administration.
  • Task Automation – Any honest online bookkeeping software should allow you computerize billing, previous-unpaid notifications, and frequent payments, hoard the time and make you more prolific.
  • Contact Administration – You need software that maintains your client contacts or flawlessly incorporates into your present contact management software.
  • Creating Taxes – This feature involves smaller divisions like involuntary tax computations, tax and numerous tax rates’ details, and the ability to email any appropriate information and files to your bookkeeper in seconds.
  • Mercantile Account Support – You want to be capable of seamlessly accepting credit card payments, and this is the feature to make sure that.
  • Estimation and Quote Development – Your online bookkeeping software will characteristically have different pre-made and customized templates present to allow you create both estimates as well as quotes for your customers. Changing these into invoices involuntarily is a guarantee.
  • Payroll Processing – Your software should allow you do fundamental tasks like feeding timesheets, calculating pay, printing checks, and, definitely, paying your staff.

Here are some extra features that can assist in differentiating your selection:

  • Mobile Utilities – Probabilities are that you employ mobile more than computer nowadays, as many people do. It is useful and suitable to be able to deal with your accounting functions anywhere you are, whether on holiday, transportation, or just outside. This is very helpful if you are a business holder who takes trips a lot for work.
  • Incorporation into Third-Party Applications – Various businesses nowadays is about incorporation because your small business relies on details from different applications and tools. Any high-quality accounting software for small businesses should offer incorporation with POS arrangements, card-processing devices, different Google applications, inventory tools, ERP, and e-commerce solutions.
  • Multi-User Support – It is general for this software to give access to both you and your bookkeeper, so you are always on the similar page and do not have to do all on your own (you are still reimbursing your bookkeeper, finally).

Inquire yourself the below things when evaluating which software is best for your small business:

  • Does it offer a free trial?
  • Can it simply range with your increasing business?
  • Does it work effectively with your bank’s arrangement?
  • Can you limit access for definite users?
  • Does it direct you on even if or not you are complicit with usually established accounting standards (GAAD)?

Online accounting software makes your life simpler, but it is not going to assist if you do not know some fundamentals, initially. With that, here are a few tips to increase your profits from accounting applications:

  1. Give Software a Complete Trial Run – Various applications have free trials, which is your possibility to know even if it’s the best match for you, at no price to you.
  2. Know Accounting Fundamentals – Make known to yourself with fundamental accounting ideas before employing these applications like job costing, accounts receivable and fixed advantages.
  3. Double-Verify to Know if Your Bookkeeper Understands the Software – These applications don’t signify that you not require your bookkeeper anymore! They will just help in streamlining things and add to your output, but it is always prudent to inquire your bookkeeper if he or she is previously recognizable with the software you aim to employ, for efficiency’s point of view.

Online bookkeeping software will make your life as a small business holder simpler. It is not a complete alternative for your bookkeeper, however.

By keeping this in mind, do your study to know which featured app is the best to fulfill your business requirements, and initiate saving time, enhancing output, and concentrating on increasing your business in place of handling accounting issues.

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When people understand the motive behind your nonprofit organization, number of donors increases and you start to receive more and more funds for your noble purpose. You do know, the free accounting software that you’re using is not going to help you for a long time.

After achieving a certain level of success, you may want to switch to a user friendly Nonprofit Accounting Software. But, before choosing such software, you may want to consider a few things:

  1. Be specific:

Yes! Many nonprofit organizations use a general accounting software. You can’t use a hockey when you’re playing cricket. Sure, at some levels general accounting software will help, but after a certain level, you have to choose the specific.

There are many good options available for your nonprofit organization which will perform specific tasks with precision.

  1. Will it be useful at the time of Audit?

Audit is one of the hardest times any nonprofit organization can face. Numerous questions are asked, numerous files are checked, and numbers of statements are verified. You may want to make sure, the software you’re choosing will be a good helping hand in such times.

No matter which country you reside in, you have to face an audit committee, and you better choose your accounting software which can fit with the laws and policies of the government.

  1. Packed with needed features:

When you adopt nonprofit accounting software, you expect features like accounts payables & receivables, asset management, activity tracking, etc. Actually, the list of features depends upon your requirements. So, you must identify your needs and check out for the most needed features.

So, here are 5 outstanding nonprofit accounting software that can smoothen your work for your organization:

  1. QuickBooks:

QuickBooks is one of the widely chosen software for accounting purposes by many businesses, and it is also available for nonprofit organizations. It is a great choice for tracking down donors and programs, maintaining your money, and handling your reports.

QuickBooks basic plan starts from $15/month and the highest plan is of $50/month.

QuickBooks for nonprofit has following features:

  1. Class tracking to categorize your work and be constant aware of your funds.
  2. Schedule and send invoices to your regular donors and generate sales receipts.
  3. Generate donation summary with QuickBooks statements.
  4. Connect your accounts to track each activity, and categorize your income and expenses.
  5. Connect QuickBooks with various apps and payment gateways.
  6. Great team collaboration.

The software is available for a free 30 days trial, so you can try the entire software before your purchase. With robust interface and strong features, QuickBook can be a great choice for your nonprofit organization.

  1. Sage Intacct:

Sage Intacct is a great choice for:

  1. Faith-based organizations
  2. Philanthropic Organizations
  3. Health and human services
  4. International and NGOs

Sage Intacct is a power packed accounting software for nonprofit organization with lots of great features like project accounting, multi-entry management, purchasing, payable accounts details, cash management, general ledger, etc.

  1. Aplos:

Third on the list is Aplos that aims to manage donors, members, and books at one place. With Aplos, you are taking following features:

  1. Track and manage your funds with True Fund Accounting.
  2. Comparing your budget with your yearly accounts, and specifically monitor each fund.
  3. Create reports of donation activity, finances, and funds with ease.
  4. Customize your chart of accounts according to your need.
  5. Cloud based access to any device!
  6. Generate reports by projects, activity, location or department wise.

The starter plan of Aplos nonprofit starts from $25/month, and the advanced plan is $120/month.

  1. Xero:

Xero is an online accounting solution for nonprofit organization, and it is widely accepted because of its easy to use interface. Have a look at some of the features of Xero:

  1. Get a real time view of your cash flow with an attractive dashboard.
  2. Create customized invoices. Create flow for recurring invoices.
  3. Track and manage inventories.
  4. Connect your bank accounts with the software to get a real time cash flow.
  5. Record, claim and manage expenses online.
  6. Protect your organization information with extra security.
  7. Pay your bills on time, and never miss a payment date.
  8. Capture all the expanse details on the go with the mobile app.

The starter plan of Xero starts from $20/month, and the premium plan costs $40/month.

  1. ZipBooks:

ZipBooks is easy accounting software that aims to be intuitive for anyone to use. Let’s have a look at some of the features of ZipBooks:

  1. Create and send beautiful invoices, and set automation for the recurring invoices.
  2. Manage your organizational details on the go with mobile app.
  3. Simplify your process by managing donors, people, and workers and form good team collaboration.
  4. Organize your time spent, and record your employee’s time.
  5. Create tags for each activity for a better understanding.

ZipBooks starter plan is free and the highest plan costs $125/month.

Bottom Line:

So, these were some outstanding accounting software for your nonprofit organization and one of them can be your next good companion. When your organization starts getting more and more donors, it becomes quite necessary to manage the funds with care. Because, you don’t want to lose the precious donations because of some mismanagement. So, it is better to adopt a smart accounting software for nonprofit which is specially designed according your work area!