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During school time, your child always stay indoors. So, when you get time and chance, show him the world outside your home. Roaming around the courtyard, soaking the summer sun are actually fun for children. When he is out in the sun, you also need to follow him. It may increase your time of sun exposure but you will thoroughly enjoy the time. Remember your summer vacations and enjoy your time out in the sun with your child. Your childhood vacations used to be fun filled with friends and cousins. Why don’t you help your child have the same feeling?

Tickle his creative side

Help your child enhance his creative side. Every child comes to this world with several expertises. Parents need to find out and nurture the hidden talent of their kids. Keep your child open to every type of crafts and projects and see where he shines. Summer crafts are fun when you are doing them with your friends. Why don’t you ask his friends to come your place and arrange a craft party? This will enhance the creative side of your child and at the same time he will learn the value of sharing and caring.

Let him prepare a journal

So what have you done during your vacations is the most common question asked by teachers after the school opena. Children do not remember every small details of the past month unless they keep a track of it. Why don’t you encourage your kid to keep a journal? He needs to write his daily activities at the end of the day. This will enhance his writing skills and at the same time he will get the habit of writing a diary which will help him in future. He will also be able to tell his teacher what he has done during his vacation like this.

Enhance his listening ability

If you and your husband are working couple ams go to office everyday, then you must have someone back at home taking care of your baby. But that someone will not listen to your kid the way you do. Besides your kid may love to listen to your voice when you are not physically present there! Why don’t you record some stories in your own voice during leisure time? So when you are not physically present around your child, your voice will be there to entertain him. Your child will love the idea for sure. Enhance the listening abilities of your child like this.

Find organic toys

Most of the toys these days are either made of cheap plastic or cheap rubber. Your child can put those toys inside his mouth while playing or can simply break them. You need to make sure that the toys you are providing are not toxic at all. These days organic toys are available everywhere. You can buy those toys from online shops for your child. Wooden toys are always the best option for kids. Search for auch toys and you will end up finding some eco friendly ones for your kid. During this summer vacation he can play with these toys and don’t fall sick.

Encourage the reading habit

Summer reading is another wonderful and engaging activity. Reading itself soothes one’s mind and let the person know the world and see the world with a different perspective. Why don’t you let your princess read about some warriors from different eras a d let her decide whether she wants to become courageous like them or not. This reading habit is going to help her a lot in future. In future whenever she needs to study hard, this reading habit is going to help her a lot. So ask her to read at least a few pages everyday and that’s how the habit will grow for good.

Ask her to solve puzzles

Puzzles are wonderful brain stimulator. When your kid spends hours watching television and playing with her friends, her brain doesn’t get to work. You have to make sure that your summer activities for kids chart includes puzzle solving. Invite some of his friends to your place. Offer them some milkshake and let them solve the puzzle sets. This will help them to understand how to work like a team to a common goal. The lesson of teaming up with friends is very crucial and you are going to help your child learn that.

Encourage him to finish his homework on time

Besides spending his time playing games and roaming outside, he needs to start finishing his homework as well. If he starts doing it little by little every day, the summer homework will be finished till the vacation ends. You as a parent will also not face the hurdle of finishing the task within last few days deadline. Enhance the habit of doing work on time and within the given deadline. This should be one of the most important summer activities for kids and parents should get involved at least in this procedure. So, make sure this summer vacation becomes one of the most entertaining ones for your kid just by planning it properly.

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