As the heart of the home, the kitchen is a space that should feel warm and welcoming for the whole family. From morning through to evening, the kitchen is the most used room in the home and can often become worn and tired looking sooner than you’d think. 

The following stylish kitchen updates are all easy to introduce and achieve with your very own hands, to help enhance your kitchens décor and bring character and life back to the space. From fresh paint to stylish additions, you can find plenty of inspiration for your kitchen right here. 

Replace Hardware

Over the years the hardware in your kitchen will get a lot of use and slowly begin to look dull and lifeless. By simply replacing your kitchens hardware, including light switches, cabinet handles, pulls and knobs you’ll notice a huge difference in your kitchens overall look. 

These features are often made of chic materials such as chrome, silver or brass and when updated, these features will shine and stand out bringing character back to the space in an instant. You’ll also find that these replacements will help to bring value back to the kitchen, as the simplest of touches can help to create a much stronger overall aesthetic. 

Image Source: Buster and Punch

Repaint Cabinets

A fresh lick of paint can go a very long way, especially when it comes to the kitchen. As the largest feature in the kitchen, cabinets take up the majority of the space and therefore when they begin to look dull and lifeless, so does the whole room. 

It’s so easy to repaint your kitchen cabinets and the results will be incredible. Whether you decide to go for a totally new colour to switch things up a little, or you simply repaint them in the same colour to bring the life back to the doors, you can really change the whole dynamic of the room by simply updating your existing kitchen cabinets. 

Image Source: A Little Kooky

Statement Splashback 

With the addition of some new tiles, you can create a whole new look with your sink area. So many homeowners are opting for a quirky statement splashback design and it’s so easy to achieve by yourself, making it a bonus. 

With the right tiles, you can create a stylish splashback and transform this whole area, drawing the eye and adding more character to the kitchen. There are lots of different styles available and not only will this new addition add style to your kitchen, it will also make it much easier to keep this area clean and tidy. 

Update the Flooring

By updating the flooring in your kitchen, you can create a whole new look in an instant. The flooring is a feature that is undoubtedly going to become worn and dull and with some fresh laminate flooring you can change the whole look. 

Whether you decide to have someone help you install, or you opt to do it yourself, you can really transform your kitchen with an update floor and also add value to the property. There are lots of different types of laminate flooring you can choose from, with different wood tones and shades, dependant on the style of your existing kitchen décor. 

Image Source: Wickes

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