Kodi is a very user-friendly tool, and its custom-built UI makes it easier for the users to browse through the content. There is also a wide range of built-in codes which helps users to browse the videos, images, and podcasts easily and quickly. The best part is that Kodi offers the same better experience in smaller devices to larger big-screen viewing alike.

Now, Kodi is available for almost all existing devices. Media center software of Kodi is much easier to download and works well with any operating systems like Windows, Linux, Android, etc. It can even run on Raspberry Pi microcomputers. iOS users can also get it, but it needs first to get your phone jailbroken to download Kodi.

Tips and tricks for the users

There are many Kodi tips and tutorials for the users to consider while using Kodi, and the primary thing is to know the keyboard shortcuts to get maximum out of Kodi.

Keyboard shortcuts

One of the most difficult parts of Kodi is to enter the URL on adding a source to download. It is easy to commit errors while entering it if the URL is too long. Copy paste can be used to make this task easier. You can copy the URL first and then open Kodi and go to the ‘Add File Source’ filed and press Ctrl+V to paste the URL into the box.

Some other major keyboard shortcuts for Kodi are:


Space bar – to play and pause videos


X – Stop video playback.


R – Rewind


A – Control the audio delay


T – Turns subtitles on an off.


Esc – To go back to the previous menu.


\ key – To toggle between the Full-Screen mode and the Windows mode.


– & + keys – volume up and down

P – To start playback


S – Shut down the options


Z – To adjust video resolution.


Using a good VPN

Using an ideal VPN will add an additional security layer while using Kodi by keeping you anonymous when choosing the location from which a connection to be established. A good VPN can establish a secure tunnel which the ISPs cannot see and change location. There are many good VPN providers. Here we will explore a couple of top free VPN for torrents.

  1. Windscribe VPN

Came in 2016, it has now become one of the most VPN. Even though it is based in the FVEY country of Canada, they still don’t log your activities. The free plan Windscribe is very fast with a speed of around Mbps. There is a transfer limit up to 2 GB, which can be increased to 10 GB with a confirmed email ID. Server options are US, UK, Canada, Hong Kong, France, Netherlands, Germany, Romania, Switzerland, and Norway.

  1. Hide.me VPN

There are both free and paid options for this Malaysia-based VPN. As from Malaysia, Hide.me keeps Zero logs for the free users too. You can torrent anonymously using the free version also. However, the location of servers is limited to Canada, the Netherlands, and Singapore.

Apart from the free options, there are premium VPNs also for torrenting like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, etc. which the users can explore based on their needs.

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