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Divorce is difficult for the couple involved and the children. During such emotional hiatus, people rarely need the added hassle of dividing property, settling custody rights and deciding child support.

Many adults think about DIY-ing their divorce. However, what happens when a person finds that his or her significant other has served divorce papers? What happens when the decision of separation is not mutual? What does an adult do, when there is domestic abuse involved in the process?

Do you need a family law attorney?

You can obviously proceed and represent yourself in court, but you should remember that the judge will hold you in the same standards as a qualified family lawyer in that case.

Most importantly, if your spouse gets a divorce attorney for the case, you cannot expect the judge to cut you some slack since you are not a professional lawyer. Most importantly, during self-representation, the court lawyers, clerks and administrators may refrain from helping you out in tricky situations.

Why should you hire a family law attorney?

So, if you are wondering “should I hire a family attorney?” then you should probably go ahead and hire one. The insinuation of the very thought shows that you have found a reason to believe that your knowledge will not be enough in court. If you are still debating over the necessity of a professional lawyer, here are eight reasons you should do so –


  • Protection from bullying


Bullying does not end with high school or college. Dominant personalities in homes can continue to bully submissive or meek characters.

Bullying comes in various forms, whether it is constant reprimands or the expression of dissatisfaction over every small task, or outright violent reactions to small mistakes.

Typically, during divorce, separating parties make overt threats. Sometimes, the dominant person manages to silence the other into submission. While these are undesirable, they are only too familiar across the country. However, hiring a family law attorney can prevent such bullying.

Moreover, when you have an attorney to represent you, you should not have to talk directly with the other person involved and his/her attorney.  You can choose your family law attorney to communicate with the other party or the legal representative. It can keep the outlandish claims and threats in check.


  • Complete legal protection


Family law involves thousands of statues, regular changes, and updates in rules, and hundreds of landmark cases in the past. If you don’t have a lawyer, it is easy for the attorney of the other party to take advantage of your vulnerability and ignorance.

When the other party makes claims or threats, it is always smart to assume that he or she has legal counsel.

In situations like these, you need the help of a legal professional with an avid knowledge of family law and its statutes. Many pro se parties present their case in a list-like fashion. They are unaware that many of the facts they include also work against them.

Since the Adelaide courts do not have the time to find the hidden meaning or reconstruct the events they may present, there is a high chance of pro se cases going downhill. Hiring a family law attorney helps not only the judge, but also you.


  • Get hold of proper legal documents


Divorce is complicated both emotionally and legally. It requires extensive paperwork, drafting, filing and meetings between the parties.

Since Adelaide courts tend to hold pro se litigants to the same standards as family law experts, the judge expects them to file the papers in proper order. Without help from experts, it is quite impossible.

When you know that you have to file tons of paperwork, and you simply don’t have the time or patience to do so, you should opt for legal representation. The experienced family lawyers Adelaide has, take charge of the complete paperwork necessary for a divorce case. 


  • Qualified and accessible support


It makes a considerable difference during the trying times when you know that there is a skilled attorney beside you. If there are any legal decisions you need to take, you should be able to speak to your attorney immediately.

We understand that family and friends are the most significant source of strength for people during difficult times, but your attorney will provide you with the legal advantage you need in court and outside.

Whether it is a problem regarding communication with the other party, or thoughts about the custody of your children, you can share it with your family law attorney in Adelaide.

Choosing a local attorney to represent you has its perks and being able to reach them whenever in need is one of them.


  • Ensures financial security


Most people in South Australia refrain from hiring family law attorneys because of the fee they have to pay. Nonetheless, the fee is a small price for the mental peace one can receive. He or she can help you save in the future –

  • You may not receive enough child support or end up paying way more than you should.
  • You may have to go back to court to undo mistakes you make during your divorce or custody trials.
  • You may receive less than maximum spousal support, or end up paying alimony when you don’t need to.
  • You may have to take time off from your work to be present in court or to meet deadlines in the case.
  • You may even end up in debt as is common in South Australia from the uneven distribution of property or unfair loan burden from your ex.
  • You may end up in trial, which can be a costly but unnecessary affair for many.
  • You may be unaware, but in several cases, the court requires the other party to pay the family law attorney’s fees.

Working with an attorney will give you an understanding of the finances and the legalities of it. It can allow you to preserve your savings and ward off any loans that come from your ex-spouse.


  • Satisfaction and safety


Most people forget that hiring a family law expert can improve their chances of reaching a resolution that might be satisfactory for both parties. It is often possible to resolve the issues that arise during a divorce amicably.

Hiring family law attorneys from the very first step can lead to post-decree and order modification in the future. While it is quite a hassle, it is also a costly process. When you have legal guidance from the beginning, you are more likely to take the right steps and make the right decisions. The experience and knowledge of the attorney enable him or her to present scenarios that their clients may not have considered on their own.

You can easily avoid order-modification and post-decree cases when you have an attorney to review the documents and file the right paperwork.

No matter how straightforward or complicated your divorce case looks right now, it is ultimately your decision to hire or not hire a family law attorney.

It is your decision that can prevent the loss of property, losing custody of your beloved children and ensure your financial safety in the long run. If your case involves children, child support and spousal support, it is in your best interest to seek legal representation in Adelaide as soon as possible.

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