Acquiring a good reach is necessary for every blogger on social media. With over 900 million active users every month, Instagram has conquered social media, and everyone utilizes the platform not only for sharing their pictures but also for future decisions.

As a blogger, if you don’t have an Instagram account, you are missing significant opportunities. Also, opening an account doesn’t bring you magic; you need to constantly upload stunning videos and photos to get noticed on the platform. 

As a content creator, I have shared the simple tips to grow your follower count and bring your IG profile a perfect one.

Give A Superb Username

You can stick to your blog name if you already started on any platform. Or bring out a catchy and professional one. Select your username with easy recognizing words, and it helps in getting many people to remember your blog page name. Place a clear & attractive profile photo, eye-catching bio, and a clickable link to your blog page.

Choose Your Niche

Pick a niche in which you know many things thoroughly and stick to your chosen niche. It means you don’t want to bring out all the images in the same way, but your feed showcases the ideas about what you are working for. Try different types of content in your niche, and upload consistently. 

Narrate A Story

Perfect pictures are necessary, but you want to tell a story if you need to spark up on the crowded platform. Utilize the caption section to tell a story about your picture; if any marvelous things, mention or say any facts. It is true that a photo could tell a thousand words but at that time, adding words and stories give them extra interest.

Utilize Relevant Hashtags

Instagram makes you include 30 hashtags in every post. You don’t need to fill every hashtag; in fact, a post with 12 to 15 hashtags receives massive engagement. Add hashtags relevant to your content and pictures. Don’t use generic hashtags and get missed in the vast posts crowd. Always use unique hashtags and stick to them on your every post so that your fans can recognize you easily. You can create your unique hashtag by combining your business name and a popular hashtag on the platform. Ensure it should be short and precise.

Geotag Your Places

By writing posts on your blog, you can advise people to do something or not. The same applies to Instagram. If you post some tour pictures, you need to tell them about it and where it is located with the help of geotagging. Therefore, your post would appear when any users searched through your mentioned hashtag in your posts.

Engage With Instagrammers

Following, tagging, and engaging with other Instamates helps you to get more discoverable. They may feature you on their IG stories or profile. You want to utilize giveaways and contests, which are excellent support for your content visible. It helps you get automatic Instagram likes for your IG posts and reach more potential audiences. Follow and tag relevant users to your business so that you can get many target audiences.

Use The Instagram Stories

A recent study says that most of the active users see their IG stories every day. So it would be best if you used Instagram stories to show what you are doing. If your business account has more than 10K followers, you can include a clickable link to your every story content. If you get this feature, grab your IG stories viewers to your external blog page.

Upload Consistently

Like everywhere, consistency also matters for Instagram. If you upload posts regularly, you can quickly gain a target audience. By uploading content every day simultaneously, you can earn more chances to interact with the exact Instamates. Respond to every comment on your posts. Please spend some time to know about your audience, and it helps more in building your follower count within a short time. 

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