The bathroom is your very own private sanctuary. A fresh paint job can easily give character to this space. May it be a small or a massive area, repainting can offer any room an easy upgrade. Deciding on the colour scheme may be the hurdle for this activity; there are various colour combinations to choose from.

Selecting the perfect colour palette to match your personality and exude that vibe of timelessness with the combination can be difficult for someone who does not have technical design skills. 

Here is a guide a layperson can use in selecting the best colour palette for the bathroom.

The magic of the colour wheel chart

Draw inspiration from the colour wheel chart if you feel overwhelmed by the endless combination therein. When in doubt, turn to the colour wheel for the proper complementary combo or an analogous one. For example, orange and blue go well together as they are opposite each other on the colour wheel. They are complementary.

The power of three

Use the rule of three as a selecting guide for creating a colour scheme. Choose one neutral, one rich colour, and one accent, then apply a 70/20/10 distribution. Use the lightest colour at 70% of the room, the second lightest at 20%, and the boldest at 10%. For example, wall tiles can be white, the sink, toilet, and walk-in bath can be coloured cocoa brown, and the bathroom accessories can be Kelly green. This combination is so chic and vibrant, and it seems that an expert chose it.

The dark tones

It is a bold move to utilise deep, rich tones contrary to lighter and brighter hues for a bathroom. Contrary to popular belief that dark rooms make the space small, the dark tones create a dramatic effect, especially when perfectly blended with white bathroom fixtures. Dark hues and tones that have a solid character are charcoal, grey and cocoa.

The neutrals

In using two colours, apply a 70/30 distribution. Neutral colours create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation. An example of this colour scheme that radiates serenity are grey and white or ecru and warm tan.

Bold colour with a neutral

Vibrant colours like sunset orange or pomegranate can blend well with a crisp white. The crisp white can be a base, and it can balance the bold colours. The neutrals’ job is to break the bold colour in the room. Choose a bold colour for your accent pieces.

Nature-inspired palette

Colours inherent to nature, such as sage green, sunny yellow and earth tones, are great combinations. This palette gives off an organic vibe to a room.

Use three times

Another colour combo rule in creating a perfect fit scheme is deciding on a colour and using it three times in the room. For example, you may apply aloe green in towels, vanity sink side accents and shower curtains. In this way, same-coloured items seem cohesive, and it looks intentional.

Be a colour palette expert with these easy combination techniques. All it takes is research, selecting the colours that you like and a bit of boldness. 

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