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While we are bombarded with a plethora of irrelevant information from all sides, a lot of people don’t know the first thing about skin protection or the hazards that the lack of it brings. The most common symptoms are your skin becoming uneven, flaky and even gray, making it both unpleasant visually and uncomfortable to touch. Needless to say, these problems may cause one to develop self-esteem problems but are, luckily, not irreversible. Still, with just a bit of skin care, most of these problems can be completely avoided. Here are a couple of tips you might find handy.

1.      Hydrate

The first, and probably the least obvious, skin care tip is the fact that your daily hydration plays one of the key roles in the overall health of your skin. This means drinking a lot of water and tea but also looking for alternative sources of hydrates like fruit and vegetables. Before you even ask, soft drinks, alcohol and coffee are not on this list, due to the fact that they either additionally dehydrate you or have a list of downsides that is considerably longer than the list of perks they bring. Fruit and vegetables are particularly efficient, seeing as how they come with the abundance of Vitamin C, which is yet another nutrient important for keeping your skin safe.

2.      Dress up for the occasion

Another great way to protect your skin is to dress up for the occasion. This, however, is not nearly as simple as it may appear at first. For starters, while wool is both soft and warm, it is considered to be an irritating material and should, therefore, probably be avoided.

As for the gear, you need at very least a hat, some gloves and a scarf. In this way, you are covering some of the most sensitive and definitely most exposed areas of your skin. Finally, seeing as how sun rays can be as dangerous during winter, especially since they are now getting the boost of being reflected from a snowy surface, you might want to consider using a sunscreen during the winter. As for the area around your eyes, wearing sunglasses or even Lashblossom eyelash extensions could make a great difference.

3.      Moisturize

For people who never used moisturizer before, this winter might be an ideal time to start. Apart from keeping your skin looking young it also conceals any other skin blemishes you might have. In other words, it is practical for more reason than mere skin protection.

You first need to find a moisturizer that suits you the best and this might depend on your skin type. Next, you need to moisturize at least twice a day (during the colder part of the year) but it is also advisable to do it after every bath, shave or exfoliation. You see, these actions are leaving your skin dryer than usual, which needs to be compensated for right away.

4.      Change your shower routine

Finally, in order to get the most out of your skin protection efforts, you need to alter your shower routine a bit. For instance, even if you enjoy taking steamy showers all year long, hot water is not ideal for your skin in general. In other words, you should shower with warm rather than hot water and take shorter showers while you’re at it. Another thing that might help is using mild soaps and shampoos since some chemicals in them might damage your skin and leave it exposed to some additional hazards. Finally, when drying your shin, you should pat, rather than rub. This alone can make a huge difference when it comes to the overall state of your skin.

In conclusion

Of course, all of the above-mentioned is just the tip of the iceberg of all the things you can do in order to protect your skin. Using a humidifier in your home and applying lip balm are just a couple of honorable mentions on this topic. Naturally, the choice of which of these methods you decide to apply and to what extent is completely arbitrary, however, keep in mind that the effort invested in the protection of your skin is usually more than worth the end result you receive.

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