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A lot of work can go into making sure that all surfaces and floors at home are free from dust and germs. Vacuuming the carpet, sweeping and mopping the tiles in the kitchen and bathroom, and scrubbing the toilet are some of the actions that can help achieve this goal.

However, there can be areas where the dirt or grime is not visible to the naked eye and can cause a serious problem. One such instance is having a blocked pipe at home or in the garden.

How are drains clogged?

There are several ways this can happen. Some of the most common reasons you might get blocked drains Newcastle are:

  • Dirt, grease, small objects, or other materials such as hair being washed down and building up over time;
  • A breakdown in the network due to a storm-water overflow or an ageing pipeline;
  • Incorrect installation of the pipeline;
  • The roots of large plants and trees, which go in search of moisture, reaching the pipe.

What are the effects?

Since most pipes and drains are hidden several meters underground, it can be difficult to spot these lingering problems. Most often, a problem is noticed in the waste pipe is when there is an unpleasant odour that lingers around the drains leading to a blocked pipe.

A slow draining sink in the kitchen or bathroom can also be an indication of a lurking issue. Other symptoms that might indicate a blockage are gurgling sounds emitted when draining the sink or shower, or flushing the toilet.

In the worst-case scenario, some people may experience issues such as:

  • Dampness in the wall or floor boarding. In the worst cases, there can be structural damage to the house foundation or walls as a result of water seeping through broken pipelines;
  • Members of the family falling ill, caused by the toxins emitted from the bacteria build-up of the stagnated pipe;
  • Overflow of water from the toilet bowl, causing flooding inside the house.

All-in-all a blocked drain in Sydney can wreak havoc and bring disruptions to day-to-day life. If this is the case, it is recommended to seek the help of a professionally licensed plumber to provide a solution to the problem.

How do professionals clear out clogged drains?

There are a number of specialist tools a plumber would use to identify the root cause of the problem. One such tool is the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) drain camera.

The device is inserted into the pipeline to help the plumber inspect the insides and determine the exact cause of the blockage. This detailed inspection can help the plumbing company provide the customer with a detailed and accurate quote, in addition to finding the cause of the problem.

If the problem is caused by debris, dirt, grime or the roots of plants and trees, a tool such as a Sewer Jetter or electric-drain cleaner can be used to clear the blockage.

With the Sewer Jetter tool, highly pressurised water is sent through a small nozzle. The pressure will then pierce through the blockage, causing it to be cleared out.

On the other hand, electric-drain cleaners use the mechanical force of an electric motor to ‘drill’ through the blockage. Since there is no water used, there is no flooding caused. During the operation, the plumber in Sydney will also incorporate the use of the CCTV camera to help guide the tool to the problem area.

In the case of the pipeline being damaged, misaligned or corroded, a more cost-effective repair would be to reline the walls of the pipeline, with a robust substance.  This would eliminate the need for having to replace or digging the pipelines.

In cases where tree roots have been identified as the problem, as a preventive measure, herbicide may be sprayed onto the outside of the pipe after the blockage has been cleared. This will prevent any roots from re-appearing close to the pipe months later. Usually, this will last for up to 12 months and a reapplication of the herbicide may be needed thereafter.


There are several reasons as to why gutters can get clogged. Improper usage, a failure in the pipe network, incorrect installation, and the roots of large trees and plants are some of the most common reasons.

Whatever the reason, home owners should check the health of the drainage pipelines as a part of their regular maintenance. This can not only save time and money but also prevent the family from possible health scares and the inconvenience of structural damage.

You can get your blocked drains cleared in Sydney by a good plumber. They will be fully licensed, which means they comply with state and local regulations. Some companies also offer round the clock service, 7 days a week. This can come in handy whenever there is an emergency in the household, such as flooding due to a blocked toilet.

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