No homeowner will ever want to share their house with pests. Unfortunately, these creepy crawlies will want to invade your home without an invitation. To protect yourself and your family, you need to understand the kinds of pests you are dealing with and their pot of gold. Thus, you must know what pests want in your home, so you can get rid of them, minimize your chances of being a target of these unwelcome guests. The best Boise pest control measure you can take is to learn the steps to take and stick to your plan. Keep reading to know what’s attracting pests into your house:


When you see a few ants walking across your floor, you will soon find a bunch of them. Once they find a food source, ants will make a trail that leads back to their colony. Often, ants will look for something sweet, like sugar and candy. Any food items that taste sweet will attract ants and they can make their move faster than you might expect. Ants will fall in a line to bring as much food as they can back to their house.


Rodents like mice and rats can inflict significant damage to your house. Also, they are disease carriers, so you will not want to have them inside your home. As with other animals, rodents will search for food and eat nearly anything. They will consume cooked, raw, dirty, and cold food.  Apart from food, rats are attracted to waste and compost and consider your garbage pile their buffet.


Often, cockroaches spend time in dark places in your house and if they are visible in the day, the issue may be much worse than you have thought. These pests tend to dwell in areas with lots of moisture, making leaky pipes their ideal place. Since roaches tend to eat nearly anything, foods with a strong smell can attract them into your house. And when these pests are inside, they will invade your cabinets, food bags, and walls.

To protect yourself and your home from pests, you need to clean spills, storage foods in sealable containers, and fix leaky pipes. By eliminating their pot of gold, you stop them from targeting you. Try to take some time every day to explore your house and address anything that might attract unwanted attention. And if you believe you have an infestation, contact a pest control service right away.

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