Before the introduction of digitally printed vinyl banners, advertisers and promoters were limited when it came to the design options with vinyl banners. Earlier options included hand painted banners, which allowed some design flexibility, but were time-consuming and required an individual with a special artistic skill set to produce. Later on, banners made use of adhesive vinyl letters and clip art style graphics, which were just so-so, and extremely laborious to design and create.

All of this has changed now thanks to advances in large format printing. Banners today can achieve greater impact by providing much more design flexibility. Today’s custom banner design choices are endless and allow for the use of full-color logos and graphics as well as photographs. From small businesses to large corporations the vinyl banner has become a popular option used to promote products or events.

With advanced digital printing devices today, the process to create banners has been streamlined and is an extremely efficient process compared to the hand painted or vinyl text and graphics of the past. The printing is conducted directly to the scrim banner material which cuts out several steps that were used when vinyl graphics were used to create custom banners. Text can be outlined, shadowed, or enhanced by other artistic effects. The graphics can be printed in full vibrant color allowing consumers to say goodbye to dull single color clip art.

Advancements in digital printing created cost benefits as well and cut the expense associated with vinyl banners. Depending on the size, a banner can be created in minutes rather than hours or days. The ease and availability of online retailers have made for a competitive marketplace that has in return brought the cost of a banner down even more. Digitally printed banners offer exact color matching and full-color graphics at a fraction of the cost of banners of the past that were mainly plain block text.

The process of designing and purchasing a vinyl banner has been streamlined as well. In most cases, individuals can go online to design, and purchase a banner for delivery without ever leaving their home or office.  Some retailers even offer a proofing process that allows the customer to inspect and tweak their design until it matches the design they had envisioned.

The scrim vinyl banner material that makes up the banner itself is as strong as ever if not more durable compared to banners of the past. The real advancements have come with the U.V inks that have made using a printed banner a popular long term option. These advances have made vinyl banners durable with enough design flexibility that they have become the option most billboard companies use to display advertisements for their clients. In the past printed graphics were pasted to billboards. Today most billboards are set up to have large outdoor banners attached with ratcheted tie downs and straps.

Overall when you take into account the presentation and design flexibility, as well as the durability and cost advantages, today’s vinyl banners are a great solution for your business or perhaps a special banner to help celebrate an anniversary or birthday. The overall ease and convenience of online design and purchasing are icing on the cake. In the end, it is easy to see that Vinyl Banners have come a long way and consumers are the big winner.

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