When coming to an island with so much natural beauty like Bali, there are many spots that must be seen to be believed. Sometimes the lists of top places to see can be overwhelming. Here we have narrowed down the most scenic places in Bali to see and experience while visiting one of the friendliest countries on earth.


A beautiful jungle oasis set in the hills and rice fields of Bali Indonesia. This wonder of the world is a haven for remote workers, yoga teachers, spiritual seekers, foodies and backpackers. A spot that is not to be missed next time you’re in Bali. The jungle views and ancient banyan trees are like stepping into another world. Avoid the tourist locations like the monkey forest and find a local to suggest some places to go or rent a scooter and drive the narrow hilly roads. Whatever you do, be sure to try all the food, even if you don’t know what it is. We can guarantee it’s good! 


Canggu is a chic village on the coast in the south of Bali. It’s surrounded by terraced rice paddies and best known for breathtaking beaches like Canggu and Echo. Canggu Beach is North of Seminyak. It’s mostly famous as a place for surfing. Echo Beach has world class waves and Batu Bolong (aka: Old Man) is a super trendy spot perfect for surfing beginners. If you’re on a longboard, shortboard or funboard you will be sure to have a great surf experience. These two black volcanic sand beaches are a great place to relax and watch surfers and the waves break on the reef.

While admiring the beauty of Bali’s natural world, don’t miss the beautiful villas in Canggu. By far one of the most scenic spots on Bali island are the views from the private villas. You can feel like you’re in a movie at a luxury poolside retreat or enjoy the weekend in a house with all of your friends. The villas in Canggu are an experience a traveler to Bali must not miss.


Uluwatu Temple and Tanah Lot Temple are two of the most beautiful temples in Bali. The island has hundreds of temples, many of them have great historic value and many are simply gorgeous. But these two really stand out on the list of scenic places to see. We chose them because of their cinematic location. Both temples are dramatically perched on steep cliffs that overlook the thrashing sea below. A photo here will be a memorable experience of a lifetime.

Seminyak and Kuta

A popular area that features high-end shops, bars and restaurants. It’s a popular tourist destination for the long stretch of beach and beautiful views of the Indian Ocean. Just south of Seminyak is the beachside town of Kuta well known for its wild nightlife. Here you can book a beautiful villa and relax the day away with a drink. The relaxed vibe of both towns and picturesque ocean views make these two areas a top spot to visit.

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