Today everyone is actively present on social media irrespective of his/her ages. Everyone means everyone nowadays creates social media accounts of even toddlers who do not know about this virtual world so that he/she can post his/her pictures on their walls. The speed of users going active on social media has increased at a turbo speed.

So, to lure more and more people on these social media platform the platform makers or we can say the developers or designers or owners they simply try to add on more and more things that will attract a huge crowd towards their platform so that they could gain popularity as well as earn money selling their product.

Where to find these social media icons for free

Users can get free social media icons at the below- mentioned sites without paying a penny and it is not limited to only certain icons instead all these sites do contain a large number of social media icons associated with every social media platform. So, these are as follows:

  • Iconmonstr: It is the perfect place where one can a find a range of social media icons and when the person choose the type of icons he needs or he feels is perfect for him, the application Iconmonstr allows the user to select the desired size which will fit for his work.

Not only this a user can also change the color of the icon you have chosen, such as taking an example of Orkut icon if you have set the size of the icon and want to change its color to purple or green one can do it effectively using its color palette.

  • Social media long shadow icon set: In this, the icons have long shadows in their background. In addition, an Illustrator file of Adobe is there so that the user may change the size of the icon as per his wish.
  • Vintage social media stamps: These are the most appealing most of us like vintage cars and other vintage things and whosoever love vintage things will definitely find an instant attraction towards these vintage icons. All these icons are set into a stamp format and size. It looks just like those daily use stamps that we apply to our letters with a heart like a seal. It’s just amazing! In addition, their availability is in PSD and PNG format.
  • Social media icon stickers: These icons have curls at their bottom just to give an effect of a peeling sticker ready to paste at the desired location. This looks good and stylish.
  • Scribble social media icons: It contains social media icons that appear to be drawn by hand using the scribbling technique, they look so good when applied, and the icons are circular in form and are scribbled. There are 40 such icons present here.120 hand drawn icons: As the name suggests there are total 120 icons in total that are drawn simply with hand. It looks like a simple yet cute drawing and is so attractive.
  • Social media icons font pack: The icons in this are designed in such a way that they look like the font we set on our keypad on our phones. Below every icon, there is a number of alphanumeric or an alphabet associated to it that gives them a complete keypad look when seen together.
  • Grunge flat social icons: These icons are flat in shape but have some difference from the normal flat icons i.e. they provide the users with a faded texture just like faded and dusty or grainy paint on the walls of very old and abandoned homes. These icons are available to the users in PSD file format.
  • Outline social icons: These appear as outlining of the icons and are available in Illustrator and PSD formats to the users. They are very simple in their looks yet attractive.


In this way, we conclude that using social media icons can help you in your website design help to make it beautiful and colorful.

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