Alzheimer’s is a horrific and debilitating disease. But lifestyle changes can help to reduce the risk. We look at simple dementia prevention choices.

65 seconds.

This is how often someone in America gets Alzheimer’s.

Things are only predicting to get worse. The number of Alzheimer’s patients will increase over the years, with someone getting diagnosed every 33 seconds.

The disease is something that can happen as our minds and bodies age. Yet there is much that can get done to naturally prevent or prolong the disease. Simple changes in your lifestyle or that of a loved one is an important tool in dementia prevention.

Here are the most effective lifestyle changes you can make to reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Change Your Diet

Diet is one of the number one tips for how to prevent Alzheimer’s. The key is to fill up on the right foods that nourish your brain and body.

Stock your fridge with natural foods that contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Eat leafy greens, whole grains, fruits, and other vegetables. These get packed with nutrients that fuel the mind.

Healthy fats, fiber, and protein are also important. Include legumes and fish with Omega-3 fatty acids in your meal plan. You’ll want to avoid processed foods, saturated fats, sugar, and refined carbs.

People have found the keto diet and Mediterranean diet to be helpful in preventing dementia. Drinking green tea daily is also good as it can lower the production of beta-amyloid plaques. These proteins get found in people with Alzheimer’s.

Turmeric is another trick to help prevent dementia. Use it to make a recipe for golden milk. It which can also help fight inflammation and increase cognitive development.

Make Exercise Part of Your Daily Routine

Science shows exercise helps reduce the risk of dementia. Daily workout routines are a tip for how to prevent Alzheimer’s. Alternate between cardio and strength training for best results.

Go jogging, swimming, or biking. Older adults can choose low impact workouts to reduce any risk of injury. Yoga is another less intense exercise that you can do in only 30 minutes a day.

Exercise helps to stop the brain from losing volume with age. It also improves blood circulation through the brain.

Daily workouts help stabilize moods. This can lower depression, which often occurs with dementia.

This makes it important to stay active throughout your entire life. It will also be easier to maintain a healthy weight and cardiovascular health.

Expand Your Knowledge

Keeping the mind sharp and engaged can help ward off dementia. Help your brain stay active by taking the time to teach yourself something new.

Here are a few activities that will stimulate your brain:

  • Learn a new language
  • Take up an interesting hobby
  • Read educational books
  • Take a class in higher education
  • Learn how to garden
  • Write a book
  • Do crossword puzzles
  • Play card games or strategy board games

Remember that it’s never too late to learn a new field of study. Take up graphic design, website coding, or creative writing.

Aim to challenge your brain every day. This will help your mind stay strong and boost cognitive development.

Keep Your Mind Calm

Alzheimer’s is the 6th leading cause of death in America. A healthy and calm mind is an easy preventative measure.

To keep your mental health strong, it’s important to reduce stress levels. Anxiety can wreak havoc on the brain and speed up memory loss.

Battle everyday stressors by finding ways to relax and recharge the mind. Start a calming bedtime routine with reading, stretching, or a hot bath.  Set an early bedtime and avoid too much screen time right before bed.

A good night’s rest is another Alzheimer’s disease prevention tool. Poor sleep patterns have shown an increased risk of developing dementia and other memory problems. Do your best to clock in 8 hours of shut-eye per night.

You may also want to try meditation to strengthen the mind. It’s a great way to relax and find mental clarity. Here’s more on how managing your stress levels can improve mental and physical health.S

Stay Social

Regular socialization is an important dementia prevention tool.

Develop a network of people with like-minded interests. Be sure to spend enough time engaging with them. Foster relationships with loved ones, friends, and family.

Join a club or organization that offers social programs. Or you can volunteer at local community events, schools, or hospitals. Getting a pet is another idea to increase activity and engagement.

If someone you know is suffering from the disease, talk it out. Communication is also important for preparing loved ones for future care.

Here are some tips for planning to move a family member to a residential care facility. It’s also important to learn more about treatment options and the latest in dementia prevention research.

Say No to Harmful Habits

A healthy body and mind is the most important step in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

Do this by kicking harmful habits to the curb. This includes smoking, drinking, and any abuse of illegal drugs. You should also avoid dangerous activities that can lead to brain injury, like extreme sports.

Other habits to avoid are gambling and excessive tanning. Gambling can lead to addiction and depression, which again gets linked to dementia. Tanning can produce free radicals in the body which can lead to health issues and cancer.

Try to buy all-natural products as much as possible. Everyday health and beauty products get loaded with toxic chemicals. These can change hormone production causing further damage to our bodies.

Make regular visits to your doctor. They may be the first person to notice that something is not right with your health. They will have other ideas and advice for preventing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Simple Lifestyle Changes to Help with Dementia Prevention

These small changes can make a big impact on dementia prevention. Healthy habits along with a proper diet and exercise routine can change your life.

It’s best to start these lifestyle changes as soon as possible. The longer you lead a healthy lifestyle, the longer you can keep dementia from occurring. These lifestyle changes will also lower the risk of other health conditions and diseases.

Here are more ways to prolong your life and stay healthy and strong.

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