Poly mailers, often known as shipping bags or mailing bags, are the cheapest, lightest, and most durable way to convey soft products such as clothing and fabrics. Plastic packaging solutions, on the other hand, are viewed with skepticism by environmentally conscious businesses.

These poly mailer bags are quite protective and lightweight as well. Your stuff will be atleast protected from spill damage. Moreover, these are moisture-resistant as well. These plastic envelopes are quite thin and are also weatherproof. See you can use or carry them throughout the year!

What’s so fascinating about poly mailer bags?

Mailing bags or poly mailers are popular among eCommerce businesses for a variety of reasons:

a). Generally less expensive to buy than kraft or corrugated shipping alternatives.

b). withstands the elements

c). Because they are so thin, they take up less space in storage than boxes.

d). Durable and resistant to tearing

e). Depending on how they are designed, they are sometimes reusable.

Most other options are heavier than this one.

Here are some of the advantages:

1. The Perfect Size Package:

When shipping postal bags, there is little (or no) requirement for void fill. Furthermore, because they are made with less material, there is less packing waste.

2. Water-resistant:

Because these bags are made of water-resistant fabrics, you won’t have to worry about product damage due to bad weather or spills on the way to your recipient.

3. Save money:

They are a cost-effective way to distribute items due to the lack of additional packaging weight.

4. Versatility:

Traditionally used for cloth, they can now be found in books, health and beauty products, medication and vitamins, pet supplies, small devices, and children’s toys. There’s a lot more room in a mailer than you would imagine!

5. Custom poly mailer bags :

Thinking to attach your brand name to these amazing bags? Well, this is possible and can be done in the most creative and designed way undoubtedly. White custom poly mailer bags allows you to personalize them with stickers, labels, marker embellishments, or whatever else you wish to connect with your consumers.


Wondering how can I select the right type of poly mailer bags?

Consider the below-mentioned points:

a). The most famous one “tear strip”:  The best thing about this one is that it helps the customer to quickly unzip the bag without tearing it apart! This makes them reusable as well.

b). The release liner is the part of the bag that you pull off to remove the glue. When packing a large number of orders at once, you want the process to be as frictionless as possible, and you don’t want static-filled liners clinging to you, your parcels, or the floor!

c). Some poly mailers have “gusseted” bottoms, whereas others don’t. We’ve discovered that gusseted bottoms aren’t necessary for most products; nevertheless, especially bulky things may benefit from this shape.

d). Dual peel and seal: More and more customers are looking for an easy-to-return online buying experience! Dual peel and seal bags include two adhesives: one for packing your order and another for your customer if they need to return something in the same bag.


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