There are plenty of considerations to keep in mind when procuring a new car, from your budget and precise needs to the potential upgrade plans in the future.

It’s also worth giving careful consideration to the size of the car that you intend to buy, as while most motorists favour larger and more spacious vehicles (particularly those with small and burgeoning families), there are numerous upsides to owning and operating a small car.

We’ll cover this further below, while asking whether or not investing in a small car is right for you.

  1. Small Cars are More Efficient and Offer Better Mileage

Due to their compact nature and design, small cars tend to offer superior gas mileage and fuel efficiency than larger vehicles on average.

This is just one of the numerous reasons why the UK police force has added a total of 20,000 Corsas to their fleets since 2008, as this body is required to reducing the cost of fuelling and operating vehicles nationwide.

This translates into reduced operating costs and long-term savings, particularly if you use the car frequently and cover considerable distances on a daily basis.

With this in mind, smaller cars can also contribute to reduced emissions, providing a boost to the natural environment over time.

  1. Small Cars Tend to Cost Less Than Larger Vehicles

Not only can smaller vehicles offer long-term savings to motorists, but they can also often be purchased for less than large cars.

This is a key consideration when buying a new or used car, not least because automobiles tend to depreciate dramatically in value over time and can cost you even more instances where you pay an inflated retail price.

In addition to spending less from the outset, smaller cars such the Vauxhall Corsa often come with competitive third-party warranties from brands such as ALA.

This can extend financial coverage and protection beyond the traditional manufacturer’s guarantee, saving you huge sums of cash on scheduled and unscheduled maintenance in the future.

  1. Smaller Cars Tend to be Amongst the Most Popular for Resale

We’ve already touched on the popularity of smaller cars from the perspective of the Metropolitan Police Force, but the same principle applies across the entire UK consumer base.

This applies across both new and used cars, with an estimated 75,000 used Corsas changing handing in Q2 of 2019 alone.

This highlights the level of demand that exists for compact and functional cars of this type, which in turn makes it easier to resell your used vehicles and minimise any financial loss during the course of your ownership.

The reason for this is simple; as you can create a sense of competition among interested parties and leverage initial offers to negotiate higher bids and an optimal resale price.

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