So, you have just scored a position in a coveted university? Congratulations! We are sure that must have been tough with all the admission requirements! However, the game has just begun!

what if we tell you the way ahead is more challenging? There are gonna be bills you will have to handle on time, adulting responsibilities, and a lot more. But hey, the journey ahead is exciting too! You get a taste of independent life and finally get a sense of being all by yourself. Wait, before we get to the good part we have to find you a house first. So, to help you with that, here is a list of things you should be looking for to better your search

  1. Online portals: The world has gone online, and so have your local rentals! Online portals such as Iglu provide trusted and verified property rentals around major universities in Australia and New Zealand. You could find some great deals around your college too! Just click here, and start browsing! Nevertheless, it is always good to trust an online aggregator who would report without much bias. 

  2. Ask the locals once: Since you are new to the city, it is understandable if you do not know much about the place. However, you could always go to your college and ask your companions. Most people would be happy to suggest places if you strike a hearty conversation. You could also reach out to your professors. Since it may be difficult for introverts to have a conversation with a peer in the first week, it is best to reach out to professors. 

  3. Hire a broker: Now, this might be a more expensive option, however, brokers are professionals. They could get you the best deal, which you may have missed without their help. Moreover, most homeowners these days trust a broker to bring them clients. They would need you to pay at least 40% brokerage for their services, so if you don’t have the time to find a place on your own, only then should you go for a broker! It is also required that you enquire about their legal and professional qualifications before paying them. Some may even pretend to be the middlemen with no real terms binding them to finalize the deal.  

  4. Walk around: What better way to explore a new city than to walk? Walk around your college and you would notice some houses. Most of them are likely to be off-campus accommodation. You could always respectfully approach people you see on the streets and talk more about student housing options. This way you may end up making a few new friends in the city, and if you are lucky, you may end up moving with them! 

  5. Social media: As we said, the whole world is online, and what better place to start! Just start on your phone. Tag all the people you know in the new city and ask them for suggestions. You could also try and join “flatmate” groups on Facebook and Instagram to find the right opportunity. 


The various methods through which you could find just the right spot were included in the article. However, do not agree on longer contracts or broad leases. You may need a few months to understand whether you even like the place or not. If you wish to continue, you can or if you don’t, you should have the option to move out without incurring huge losses. Thus, always go for a month’s rental when entering a new PG. 


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