Instagram is playing a vital role in a global world by providing specific tools to help out the business owners by sharing the photos, communicating to the audiences, knowing their choices and thus by using the creative ideas and right strategies a person can highly promote his business in a short time by selling the products and boosting your service. Almost 1 Billion people around the world use social media network, among them approximately 500 million people use social media platform on a daily basis which results in increasing number of audience towards the social media accounts to raise up the businesses in order to target the potential buyers.  Here in This article, i will share with you Instagram Marketings Strategies for beginners that you can use to grow fast on Instagram.

Let’s Take a Start:

Instagram has launched the opportunity for its users to start online marketing on Instagram, which is a great chance for the beginners to take a start for your business and to get interact with the customers directly. Instagram allows its users to share their ideas and experiences, interests through pictures and videos. For successful marketing you have to keep certain points before going through all the procedure:

Download the Instagram app first:

Like the other social media apps;  Instagram can only work by downloading it from your app store so that, you will be able to post your contents on Instagram.

Create an attractive and distinctive profile:

The next step is to create an Instagram account by using your email address so that you can easily find out your friends easily rather than using the “find friends” features. Remember, if you are setting up Instagram for a company or business, then the user name must be a company name or related to your business as close as possible. In order to distinguish you from a personal user account to facilitate the people to search you easily. Use the right profile photo such as a logo or a picture representing your company or business always use professional headshot to give a good impression to the audience.

Innovative imagery:

Use high-quality images, try to avoid posting blur images or bad quality images. Post the type of contents which your audience is interested to see. In order to attract the audience to tell the engaging stories with visual contents as a young audience are more interested in visual contents as compared to verbal communication. size the images of your product correctly so your audience would be able to see it properly. Try to capture your company culture and standard by posting lifestyle shots and behind the scenes looks as well. Your imagery must be innovative so the audience will be attracted towards it automatically.


Instagram also allows you to post the videos of your company, your products and your other business varieties. You can edit your videos and make it attractive and interesting by adding multiples clips, transitions, themes and music.

Follow The Audience:

Using Instagram for marketing purposes means to be active on the Instagram, follow your audience, make a relationship with them, like, comment and share their posts in order to grow an engaged community and to raise your product loyally. If you don’t have time to engage your audince then you can also automate the liking process with Likegrowers Instagram Tool to get more engagements and increase your followers.

Present your product on Instagram:

Instagram is all about the visuals like presenting a good quality image, good choice of colours, themes, filters so, it’s vital to have a different and ideal visual identity. Try to use natural lights and avoid bright colours that usually irritate the audience and leaves a bad impact. Post the pictures of your product presenting it from different angles. The more beautifully you will present your product the more effective it would be.

Identify the purpose:

By setting the goals always keep you on track and thus you focus all of your efforts on achieving real business objectives. Put correct information of the product and focus rightly on the performance metrics including brand awareness, engagement rates(based on likes), growth rates and post reach etc.

Quote, based images:

You can also attract the attention of your audiences by using quotation texts on images. This will be more helpful for your enthusiastic audience. This will surely help a person landing on your Instagram by feeding trust to your brand and product. Remember, post a quoted text on the image related to your product because by using irrelevant images will lose the interest of the audience.

Unique and wise hashtags:

You must know the popular hashtags your business industry. Without the understanding of Instagram hashtags and their usage. So, instead of tossing a lot of hashtags on a post and wasting time, you must know the right strategy of handling your hashtags. Use unique and distinctive hashtags for your posts.

Building trust of the Audience:

For running a successful marketing business in an Instagram you must be attentive by posting on Instagram regularly and keeping in view the interest of your audience that what they are doing, at what time they are usually online, you must keep in your mind about the interest and activities of your audience in order to understand them and build their trust about your company and products.


Feedback is very important in any business. listening to your customers regularly is a proven way to understand their needs and to listen to their problems related to the product if any. It will help to increase the quality of your product, strengthen their trust and will increase customer´s satisfaction. As “ satisfied customers return”.

Know your performance through Instagram analytics:

You can track your performance by using Instagram analytic tools such as “owlmetrics”. You can track follower growth, hashtags activity, engagement of customers, ratings etc.

As a beginner of marketing business on Instagram, by following the steps mentioned above you can surely prove the quality of your product, increase the profit of your company by selling your products trustworthy regardless of if you own online shops you have to make a request to people to visit your location. So, concludingly Instagram marketing business is a kind of new dimension of reality that has now become a part of worldwide business as well.

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