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How to Plan a Girls Slumber Party?

A sleepover or a slumber party helps you let loose, spend some quality time with friends, good food, music, spicy gossips and relaxation. So follow these simple tricks and plan a perfect slumber party where fun awaits you.

  1. Invite your playmates:

Identify three to four of your dearest pals.  More people could also be wonderful, but to maximize the deal and the mobility of the group, it is suggested to keep the number of persons under five. Make the list and send them quirky invitations for the night to remember!

  1. Locate Fun Packed Events (But Free!) –

You can locate some exciting events happening around the city but free of cost. If you’re residing in the city, you can get your hands on slew of options, from exhibitions to dancing to music and to outdoor shows. Small events have their own charm as well. Nowadays even the coffee house offers all sorts of talent on display for free over the weekends.

  1. A Makeover Session:

Another amusing part can be a makeover session. In a girl’s sleepover party, it is a must in to-do list. Every girl has a knack in beauty and make up. It is being creative, innovative and relaxing. This session is essential for a little pampering!

  1. Crafting Memories:

You can arrange for some quirky crafty sessions while creating beautiful memories together. It includes clicking up endless pictures, getting its prints outs and creating a handmade albums or charts together with a lot of colors and witty captions. Wall decorations or fabric painting can also be done together with your best buds.

  1. Online Adventure:

It is the most enchanting one as everyone is inclined towards internet and online gaming world. You can plan of playing different virtual games together such as online bingo, casinos, racing, shooting, mind games, challenges and much more. Add it to your list and have a blast of fun!

  1. Fashion Show & Dance

Every girl’s dream, donning the best outfit for a ramp ready look! You can arrange for a sassy fashion show and dance sessions that keeps the interest of your friends steady. Give them some articles of cloths and ask to create the best look out of those available ones. Don’t forget to reward the best look out of the lot!

  1. Exciting DIY Activities:

To add more creative flair, you can go for DIY activities. Present your friends with some scrap and newspapers and ask them to create something useful or handy and the best creation will be rewarded with a surprise gift. (No! they aren’t allowed to seek the help of GOOGLE) (pun intended!)

  1. Gifting Same Pinch:


The time your friends dropped at your place, gift them matching pair of pajamas or tees or caps, so as to bring in the feel of the coolest night over.

In short, a little advanced planning can bring up a fun, exciting and affordable girls night out. So go for it and enjoy the one!

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