Who am I? What’s my purpose for being here?

At some point in our lives, we’ve come to question who we are. And try as we might, we do what we can to understand who we really are or discover and rediscover our purpose for being here.

So who are you really? Why are you here?

There are some of us who will spend an entire lifetime trying to figure out the answer to these commonly asked questions, while others push these questions at the back of their minds, too afraid to know perhaps and would rather prefer others tell them who they should be, living a default life set by social standards.

And there are those who make use of rich experiences, such as traveling and volunteering, to understand the most important, yet complicated, person in the world—ourselves.

What the real world can teach you

Contrary to popular belief, travel is a form of therapy. It can teach you to move beyond the four walls of your typical classroom, beyond relationships, and even beyond your current job.

People have defined the concept of “the real world” in various ways. But in this context, in a way, it means packing a bag, stepping out of your comfort zone and experiencing unknown things, from meeting new people, savoring scrumptious delicacies you can barely pronounce, seeing new places, smelling new scents and many more.

It’s safe to say traveling is immersing yourself in the real world. So if you’re longing to know who you really are or trying to get a glimpse of your life’s purpose, traveling can immensely help you.

Here are a few things the real world could actually teach you—if you know how to pay attention.

Forcing you out of your comfort zone

Wonder why people do not enjoy traveling? Well, simply because traveling uproots them from their comfort zones, be it their circle of friends, their favorite bed, their air-conditioner, their pets, etc.

The first step you need to take is getting on a plane and heading for your travel destination. You’ll feel a sense of exhilaration once you’re on your way, leaving behind familiar smells, things, and people.

This helps you expand your horizons. Then, once you actually do, you’d have a better feeling taking on unfamiliarity and making it more familiar.   

All you need is a little push. Before you know it, you’re back home sharing your experiences with others. Then next thing, you’re already booking your next trip, either on your own or with a luxury travel agent.

Forcing you to deal with uncertainty

When we can’t deal with change, with uncertainty, we tend to either fall apart or adapt. Most of us deal with the former.

One way to exercises dealing with uncertainty is by traveling. Why? Simple. Travel teaches you how to deal with sudden and abrupt changes.

Plans don’t precisely unfold on your travels. Your plan could be delayed, the bus you’re going to catch broke down, the hotel suddenly was fully booked and many more.

These difficulties provide you the necessary tools to find creative solutions for on-the-spot problems. Plus it teaches you patience. Imagine waiting for your plane that’s delayed for 3 hours!

Meeting new people and making friends out of strangers

That may sound a little terrifying—strangers—but traveling does give you tons of opportunities to meet amazing people with varying backgrounds.

When traveling, you might be seated next to someone whose career you have never heard of. You might meet someone doing work that’s completely different from what you do, but still, spark an interest in you.

Plus, meeting new people from different walks of life could increase your awareness of the world around you. The moment you step out of your little safety zone, you get the chance of seeing life from a different perspective and discover that massive gap between your world and theirs.


For those are brave enough traveling solo, traveling paved the way for their self-discovery. This is a significant part of discovering what you really want in life.

You can make a journal, either written or in a video format, and then spend enough time reflecting life—your life. Solo backpacking gives you enough space and time to think about who you want to be, who you are, what you want or what you want to achieve.

Traveling alone helps you go beyond outside influences and helps you shed the act you normally put out to others. This is one of the times you can be truly yourself. It will give you a refreshing insight of who you really are.

Adding excitement

This is the fun part of traveling. Year after year, day after day, you’re most likely doing pretty much your routine—work, home, work, home. Ignite your sense of adventure by putting one foot out the door.

Traveling helps you make positive changes in your life, enabling you to become the best version of yourself. Start the momentum by booking a flight to IAB Travel or going to a luxury travel agent and inquiring the best travel destination for you!

Final Thoughts

Whether traveling solo or with a few friends, there are tons of benefits to getting out of your hamster wheel. You’ll soon discover your adventures will be life-altering to the point where you let traveling help you shape your life in more positive ways.

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