Remember moving into your current home? Perhaps you’ve felt like it’s somewhere you’ll be content staying in forever. However, as you start accumulating everything from appliances to furnishings, pets, and yep, children, your home may start to feel rather “small.”

While moving into a new home is a huge financial and personal decision, sometimes moving is inevitable if you’re and/or your family isn’t comfortable living there anymore. Here are some signs that you’re outgrowing your home – and that a new address is becoming an option.

You’re in better financial shape

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One of the top deciding factors in buying a home is your financial capacity. An inheritance, job promotion, or combined finances from a marriage can allow you to move to a bigger home or perhaps a better neighbourhood. And who doesn’t want to live comfortably and enjoy the fruit of their labour, right?

You need more space – or less of it

Perhaps the most common reason individuals and families outgrow their home is simply because the family grew. A home purchased as newlywed ready for a single child can get crowded once more furniture is added – or more children come along. If this happens, then you might need a space upgrade.

On the other hand, outgrowing tour home can also happen because of needing less space. Such is the scenarios for empty nesters, or parents whose children leave for their own families or work in another city. This makes the current house a burden to maintain. In such cases, a more modest home in a location that you want is worth considering.

You feel cramped

When the stairs start to double as shelving, when the kitchen closet contained a combination of food, tools, and work stuff – you’ll know that your home got filled to the brim. Possessions add up over time and instead of being cramped or hiding them somewhere else, you may need to consider a home that can easily accommodate your belongings.

Finding a new place to belong

Australia is filled with new residential developments in prime locations that are perfect for starting families, investors, retirees, and individuals who are looking for comfort and value for their hard-earned money.

The question is finding the right one in this vast and diverse continent.

If you live near Melbourne or its vicinity, then you’re in luck as house and land for sale in Epping is available for purchase from Lendlease. For one, the location is only 25km from the city, making it a perfect spot to settle in.

There is an abundance of choice when it comes to work, study, shopping, recreation and transport. Melbourne’s north is an energetic and pivotal location for the world’s most liveable city.

Sometimes you need to move because of a career change, or just because you can. Whatever the reason, make sure it’s the move is beneficial for the entire family. Don’t forget to research exhaustively about the location you’re eyeing before you commit. We hope this article helped you in deciding if you’ve outgrown your home and a new one is on the horizon.

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