Recently, the Internet became more of a necessity than a luxury. It’s amazing how something invented just a few decades ago is shaping our lives more than anything else in present times. The Internet is, of course, extremely important, but the truth is that it’s quite possible to live without it. If you voluntarily or unwillingly lose Internet connection, you can still function properly. But how?

First of all, it’s obvious that most people use the Internet primarily to connect with friends and family. Many forget that phone lines, text messages and good old letters still exist. There are countless ways to connect with others, and who knows, perhaps it’s a great thing, because old fashioned types of communication add charm to your everyday interactions with people. Also, without the Internet, it’s obvious you’d hang out with others more often in person, which is also an upside. It is possible to still use som apps offline, and satisfy your need for technology, but you are encouraged to try to go without.

If you think it’s hard to stay informed without the Internet, I’m afraid to say that’s not true. The Internet is not the only source of information. There are other media like the TV, newspapers and radio, which are full of valuable information and are just waiting for you to finally use them. They can actually simplify your life, since they present you those things you really need to know and avoid clutter that the Internet is full of.

What about fun? The Internet is fun, right? Yes, but to an extent. You can spend hours and hours exploring websites online and not being productive, which can be bad for your mental discipline (of course, this doesn’t count if you build websites online professionally). It’s actually something that distracts you from those things that truly entertain you and give you joy. Being without the Internet can do wonders for your well-being, as it forces you to do other things.

Go outside, jog, swim, meet new people, write, paint, get busy with your hobbies… The possibilities are endless. It’s amazing how life without the Internet can broaden your perspective and actually make you happier.

All in all, even though the Internet is a significant element of our everyday lives, it’s more than possible to live without it. Actually, it can improve your life in ways you can’t even imagine while your head is looking at the screen. Being without the Internet is not the end of the world, though it could be the beginning of a new one.

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