So you’ve decided to pack some things away in a long term storage facility. Whether you’re doing it for a move or making more space in your home, you must pack things properly. Improperly packed items will result in damage and destruction of things you decide to pack away.

Here are some tips on how to pack a storage unit properly the first time.

Tip #1: Make An Action Plan

Decide what items you will be packing away and how you will do so. Preparing these items is key to ensuring a successful long term storage solution. If items are large and bulky, take them apart (if you can) to maximize the storage units.

Figure out the dimensions of the storage unit so that you’re aware of how many items you can fit inside. This will also help with arranging your items to maximize the space that you have.

Tip #2: Decide How To Store Your Items

Invest in good plastic containers that you can stack. These are great for keeping your things waterproofed in case of a leak, and also don’t collapse or break down as a cardboard box will.

If you don’t want to invest in plastic containers, you can always pack them in cardboard boxes. Just make sure these are new packing boxes so that any preexisting wear and tear doesn’t affect how safe your items will be.

Avoid using plastic bags as they will keep moisture trapped inside and cause mold and mildew on your items. This will make for a nasty surprise once you unpack it!

Tip #3: Label & Inventory Your Items

Make sure that you have a detailed list of what is in each box that you pack. This will help in locating any items you may need down the road and help in unpacking. Label each box corresponding to your inventory list name so that you can match it up.

This is also helpful in keeping track of any items you may think you lost, but just simply have been packed away.

Tip #4: Pack Carefully

Newspaper, tissue paper, and bubble wrap are your friends. Use them generously. Delicate items should be wrapped with any one of these things to avoid damage.

Avoid stacking fragile items on the bottom with heavier items on the top. This also applies to packing individual boxes, as well as stacking inside the storage unit itself. This helps to ensure that items don’t get crushed, broken, or lose their shape while sitting in storage.

Tip #5: Prep & Set The Storage Unit

You may want to look into setting a tarp down on the storage unit floor to keep your things off the ground and add a layer of protection. This is especially helpful if you’re storing any material furniture.

Speaking of, you should also cover your furniture with tarp or sheets to avoid dust settling on your items and having to fork over money for cleaning the upholstery.

Now You Know How To Pack A Storage Unit

Armed with these tips, you should be able to pack your long term storage unit successfully and help others answer how to pack a storage unit.

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