So you’ve decided to pack some things away in a long term storage facility. Whether you’re doing it for a move or making more space in your home, you must pack things properly. Improperly packed items will result in damage and destruction of things you decide to pack away.

Here are some tips on how to pack a storage unit properly the first time.

Tip #1: Make An Action Plan

Decide what items you will be packing away and how you will do so. Preparing these items is key to ensuring a successful long term storage solution. If items are large and bulky, take them apart (if you can) to maximize the storage units.

Figure out the dimensions of the storage unit so that you’re aware of how many items you can fit inside. This will also help with arranging your items to maximize the space that you have.

Tip #2: Decide How To Store Your Items

Invest in good plastic containers that you can stack. These are great for keeping your things waterproofed in case of a leak, and also don’t collapse or break down as a cardboard box will.

If you don’t want to invest in plastic containers, you can always pack them in cardboard boxes. Just make sure these are new packing boxes so that any preexisting wear and tear doesn’t affect how safe your items will be.

Avoid using plastic bags as they will keep moisture trapped inside and cause mold and mildew on your items. This will make for a nasty surprise once you unpack it!

Tip #3: Label & Inventory Your Items

Make sure that you have a detailed list of what is in each box that you pack. This will help in locating any items you may need down the road and help in unpacking. Label each box corresponding to your inventory list name so that you can match it up.

This is also helpful in keeping track of any items you may think you lost, but just simply have been packed away.

Tip #4: Pack Carefully

Newspaper, tissue paper, and bubble wrap are your friends. Use them generously. Delicate items should be wrapped with any one of these things to avoid damage.

Avoid stacking fragile items on the bottom with heavier items on the top. This also applies to packing individual boxes, as well as stacking inside the storage unit itself. This helps to ensure that items don’t get crushed, broken, or lose their shape while sitting in storage.

Tip #5: Prep & Set The Storage Unit

You may want to look into setting a tarp down on the storage unit floor to keep your things off the ground and add a layer of protection. This is especially helpful if you’re storing any material furniture.

Speaking of, you should also cover your furniture with tarp or sheets to avoid dust settling on your items and having to fork over money for cleaning the upholstery.

Now You Know How To Pack A Storage Unit

Armed with these tips, you should be able to pack your long term storage unit successfully and help others answer how to pack a storage unit.

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Self storage units are different kinds of warehouses because the custody, care, and control of the goods remain with the tenants hiring the storage facility. The tenants of the facility hire the space as well as the storage units on a monthly rental basis and lock it securely by using their own locks. The warehouse buildings have drive up facility for ease of access to the stored goods kept in small storage units of various sizes to suit customer requirements.

The need for storage units arises most in situations when people are in transit while moving home or office when they need to store their belongings at some safe and secured place for short term or long term.  Sometimes, people use it to free up some space in their homes. Since it is the responsibility of the person renting the storage unit to store the goods properly, it is very important to figure out the right way of doing it. Proper packing of the goods for safe storage is only the beginning of the process because there are bigger issues to handle like optimizing the storage space for the most economical use. It means that you must take a few extra steps to ensure that you make the process of choosing and packing the self-storage unit easy that suits your needs perfectly.

To tackle your storage issues like a professional, the below tips should come in handy.

Choosing a storage unit

When you are using a third-party warehouse to store items, it means that you are relying on them heavily for safe custody of your goods regardless of its value. Perhaps you would not store anything of major value in the storage facility but still, whatever goods you put in the storage units must be safe and secure without chances of any damage. In this regard, the choice of the storage company becomes very critical, and you must work with a company that is reliable and has credentials to prove its worth. Going through reviews and customer experiences should help to locate a trustworthy storage company like the Centennial storage units, and you must avoid the lure of low cost that can often be deceptive.

Take time to search

Choose a storage unit by considering the factors of convenience, size, and price that makes the most sense for the situation you are facing. To tick the right boxes, you must have time on your side when searching so that you can evaluate your options thoroughly that helps to meet your requirements without any compromise.  Shortage of time can be detrimental for doing proper research, and you might not get the best options. On the other hand, taking too much time is also not good because you might miss some opportunities. Start the search reasonably early and have a plan in place that gives objectivity to the search process and helps to avoid last minute rush that can harm your interest.   

Create an inventory list

Staying organized by knowing all the items you intend to put in the storage unit eases a lot of pressure because you know exactly what sizes of the units you need and what would be the expenses.  To achieve the goal, create a list of inventories that you want to send for storage. It might not be a very detailed list of each and every item but at least a general idea about what goes into the storage unit. At least having the size of the boxes, small, medium or large should help to make the best selection of the size of the storage unit.


Packing and stacking play critical roles in making optimal use of the storage unit and for quick retrieval of items that you might have to access often. Although you might not need most of the items for quite a few months, there could be some items that you would like to access in between. Easy identification and access to the boxes that display what is inside together with proper packing for safe storage is a must.

Proper labeling of boxes

Trying to remember what you put in the boxes would be like trying to achieve the impossible. But at the same time, you must know precisely what goes into each box.  Labeling the boxes correctly solves the problem, and the process of unpacking becomes so easy. Even if you want to look for something while the goods are in storage, the labels will make the task easy.

Do not store high value items

Although the storage facility has adequate security measures, do not put anything of high value in the storage unit. Generally, there is nothing to worry once you put the goods in the storage facility but then no security system is 100% foolproof, and there is some chance of damages or loss of items, although the percentage might be just too small.  Better be safe than sorry and do not put any family heirloom, valuable artwork or similar items in the storage unit so that you do not regret later.

Safe packing

Pack the goods with complete care so that it can withstand the strains of handling. The goods must sit tight in place with no room for movement within the boxes.  Stack the boxes in an organized way so that should you need to access it interim, there should not be any problem to identify and access the boxes. Boxes that contain items that you might need more often must find a place at the front end while leaving less used items at the back.

Wrap the items properly when you put it in the boxes and use adequate protective materials like bubble wrap and paper shredding while taking special care to pack fragile items. Use blankets and moving pads for covering furniture. Place the boxes on pallets or boards and do not store any combustible and perishable items.

Arrange for insurance coverage for the goods you place in the storage unit. The storage company can help you to take separate insurance in case there is no provision to add it to the existing homeowners’ insurance policy.

It is very common that people find themselves accumulated with a lot of extra things at their home, but lack the extra space to store it. This is where private storage units come into play. These units help you stockpiling things that you don’t require on a regular basis. The companies that offer self storage facilities give you a choice to rent a unit depending upon your storage needs. If, for example, you require a unit to store some little things then you may require a comparatively smaller unit. Be that as it may, if you plan to store larger things like appliances, antiques and other home accessories, then you may require a bigger unit.

There are many companies in the UK that offer personal and business storage units like Adams Selfstore. There are many reasons people consider getting such storage units for themselves. The most obvious reason that people use personal storage units is that they don’t have enough space in their property to store it in.

Secondly, there are instances where people may relocate from a bigger property to a smaller house, and they may not have enough area in their new house to fit the decorative accessories they might have had in the bigger bungalow, but at the same time, they also don’t want to sell them. In such scenario, people could use storage units to keep their things reserved.

Sometimes individuals utilize their storage units to store single possessions or they may want to purchase something that may be too huge to keep in their home. This may be something like antique furniture, or some gym equipment.

Personal storage unit enables you to utilize the things with the goal that you may want to store them somewhere other than your home. This could give you a private space in which you can work, or where you can sit with your antique collection or books for that matter. A few people may even use storage units to keep something they don’t want others to see.

We have listed the various advantages that one gets for using these self storage units.

  1. Most storerooms have 24 hour security  guarantee for the safety of the stuff that you put away in the storage unit. Companies that provide storage unit services also allow you to use your own lock so that one can enter the unit without your permission. Indeed, even the owner of the company will require your consent to get to the storeroom.
  2. These units allow you to have your privacy and do not interfere in what all stuff you are storing in the storage unit unless it is illegal or dangerous.
  3. Numerous companies install storerooms near a private or commercial zone. This spares time as you don’t need to travel to a far off area to use the unit. Additionally, you don’t need to the company’s permission to access the unit. You can get to your private storage unit as and when you please.
  4. Contracting a company that offers storing facilities is one of the least expensive methods for putting away your possessions. The greatest advantage of using such spaces is that you pay for the space used by you. You need to pay the owner consistently relying upon the unit utilized by you. This will help in decreasing your costs and guarantee the safety of the things put away.

In case you want to avail these services and benefits offered by personal storage units, you simply have to choose a specialist and reliable company in your area and you are ready.

If you have an overflow of possessions, supplies, tools or equipment, but have limited space, then storage rental is definitely a valuable service to look into. Whether you are a homeowner, an entrepreneur or a contractor, this added space can keep your furniture, valuables and other items safe and secure for as long as you want or need.

However, not all storage units and facilities are created equal.

In Australia, for instance, there are storage rental companies that offer premium security while others simply use CCTV cameras. Although the former may ask for an added fee, you have the peace of mind that your stored belongings are well-protected. Remember that burglars also update their knowledge and skill as security tech advances. Thus, they will likely find it quite easy to get their hands on your precious things if the storage facility is protected only by CCTV cameras.

With that said, it is crucial for you to meticulously choose which among the storage rental companies in Campbelltown to work with. To help you, here are the top four features to look for.

1. State-of-the-art security

As mentioned earlier, security is a top concern when it comes to storage. Most people pass on using storage units because they fear that their belongings might be stolen at the facility. But with security tech innovations, many reputable service providers now also boast high-tech security systems.

Work with a storage rental company that has 24-hour video surveillance, individual locks and door alarms, proper lighting, fenced perimeters, and passcode-protected gates. Make sure that your things will always be under a watchful eye of security personnel. This way, they can easily notify authorities once suspicious activities are identified.

All these security measures will prevent unwanted visitors from having access to your things, thus preventing theft.

2. Superb customer service

You have to choose a storage facility with staff members that are willing to assist you anytime. If, for instance, you need to retrieve something from the storage unit after hours, they should be able to cater to your request.

Moreover, they should be proactive about your storage and moving needs. Experienced removalists are aware of the needs of their clients. Thus, if they notice that you have forgotten to invest in professional packing services or to hire a moving truck, they will inform you about this and even provide you with excellent solutions. After all, they are considered your best partners in easing the storage and removal process.

3. AFRA accreditation

AFRA stands for Australian Furniture Removers Association, a governing body that regulates the removals industry. An AFRA-accredited removal company means that their staff is properly trained to handle your furniture properly and that the trucks, forklifts, and other equipment they are using are compliant with safety standards.

This also guarantees that all standard operating criteria are met by the removalists, helping to ensure that all your items are well-protected and your move will be smooth and stress-free.

And because the removal company’s facilities and equipment are regularly inspected as per AFRA’s guidelines, you will have the peace of mind that all your belongings are kept safe and won’t disappear without explanation.

4. High-quality moving vehicles

Unless you want to opt for on-site storage units, you must also check the moving trucks of the company you wish to work with. Make sure they are well-maintained to prevent breakdowns while your items are in transit. And don’t forget to check the eligibility and track record of the driver as well.

Finding the best storage rental company isn’t always a quick and easy process, especially since there are plenty of service providers in Australia today. But being aware of what to look for in a storage facility will help narrow down your options and help make the move easier.

So before deciding which storage rental company to choose, make sure to check if they offer premium security, excellent customer service, AFRA accreditation, and well-maintained moving trucks. Once you’ve narrowed down your list to two or more service providers that meet such criteria, zoom in on the one that you feel most comfortable working with and that offers their services at a reasonable price.


Kim Hill works on Marketing at Adams & Rofe Removals and Storage and has been a dynamic figure in the removal industry for over 30 years. For relocating families, individuals or offices around Sydney or all over Australia, Kim will develop the perfect removal plan to take the stress out of your next move.

Now that you have your low-risk, low-cost business idea, it is time for you to determine how best to manage it.  Although it might seem very daunting trying to create a small business inventory storage system, helpful advice from other business owners, intuitive apps and strategic organization can help you come up with a system that works for you.

Managing Your Inventory

Inventory management is a method for saving money by making sure that your products that are most in demand are exactly where you need them to be and that they are easy to locate and package.  It might seem kind of silly to be thinking about inventory when you are just getting started.  However, what beings as a small idea can definitely grow very unexpectedly and quickly. Since fulfilling orders quickly is critical for keeping your customers happy, one of the keys to your success could be to start out with a simple inventory system to use in your small business.  You can even use temporary storage buildings early on so that you don’t have to commit to more permanent solutions as you grow.

Applying The 80/20 Rule

You can apply the Pareto Principle, or 80/20 rule, to managing your inventory.  Basically, what the means is 80% of  your revenue will come from about 20% of your entire product line. So whether you are considering self storage, or other types of storage such as in a warehouse or locker, it is important to keep this ratio in mind.

Certain products will sell more often than others.  When you have those items nearby that can help you fill your orders efficiently and keep a close watch on your supply of product.  The key to determining which items to keep in stock is a trial-and-error process.  New business owners need to be flexible and utilize strategies that complement their personalities.

Identifying Bestsellers

When you first start a new business that it the perfect time to closely watch your sales and identify seasonality and buying trends.  There are numerous strategies that can be used for monitoring your top-selling items and managing your inventory.  It could be just something simple like placing a sticker on the shelf next to your fastest moving products.  Watching your bestsellers carefully can also help you focus on your top priorities and prevent you from having all of your capital tied up in inventory that isn’t moving.

Accurate Inventory Tracking

One thing that is critical to building up your brand is gaining your customer’s  trust.  One of the fastest ways to lose your customers trust is to provide them with inaccurate information on what is out of stock and what is available. In today’s e-commerce world it is very easy to make mistakes, especially when your products are stored in several different locations.  Fortunately, there is inventory management software available – especially those that have barcode scanning abilities – that will help you keep track of what products you have in stock.

The software definitely can make your processes much more efficient, but you still need to do quality checks and cycle counts on your inventory regularly, and a physical inventory at least once a year.

Practice Quality Control

 Having the world’s best inventory tracking will be worthless if you don’t get the right quality products in a timely manner to your customers.  Quality control and pre-package all of your products before you even list them.  Although a majority of customers these days are accustomed to instant shipping, if you jump the gun and rush your inventory out without good preparation it will tend to lead to really stressful moments.

People these days expect to get things faster and faster all the time, and so we try to do everything we can with our packaging and inventory.  That way, when you do get a sale, you will be prepared to box it up and ship it out.