The WMV is also known as Windows Media Video Format. If in any case, you are not able to play your MP4 videos on your device then you look for converting them into WMV format for the WMV based devices and video editing. For the same, the users should have the best video converter tools to help them out with the best of the quality and with super fast conversion speed.

I work as a video transcriptor in one of the renowned firms. But when I joined the company, I wasn’t an expert in the field. Although I have worked in the sector for a while, I don’t have a vast knowledge of converting the video formats into one another. So, while searching on the internet about the same, I came across the UniConverter and thought of giving it a try. I also looked for the reviews that can help my way out, and I found the experiences of people with the UniConverter as super awesome. Being a newcomer, I was looking for a single solution for my video related issues. The time when I bought it, till now I am satisfied with the services and is looking forward to the UniConverter to continue serving us with the best of their services.

Do look for the online or desktop UniConverter for the same as per your requirement as both of them are best in their fields as I have used them in my work and proves to be equally good. The desktop UniConverter is a professional software used in companies dealing in dozens of video conversion every day. While the online UniConverter is the best for people, who are looking for a free tool and have files of small sizes to be converted. There are many key differences in both versions and the same we will discuss going further in the article. Let’s start with the conversion process for converting MP4 videos into WMV:

How to convert MP4 format videos into WMV Format by using the desktop version of UniConverter:

Download and launch the UniConverter on the device you are using. Now open the software interface and click on the Add files tab and start adding the MP4 files directly or you can drag and drop them into the software.

Now click the drop down icon from the convert all files tab and click the video option to select WMV as the format for output. The software allows you to consider the settings like resolution, encoder, etc. The user can click on “create custom” tab to proceed further.Now click on convert tab to convert the video directly or look for convert all button if you have uploaded the videos in batches. Once converted you can find your video under converted tab.

How to convert the videos of MP4 format to WMV by using the online UniConverter?

With the online UniConverter things are quite easy to go forward. The video converter is best for beginners to start through and can help you in without causing any quality loss. 

  1. Now start with opening the video converter on your browser and drag and drop the MP4 files or hit to add the files on the home screen.
  2. Migrate to convert all files to button and hit to choose WMV from the list of videos being the desired format of output. 
  3. Click convert to initiate the conversion of MP4 format videos into WMV and avail the benefit of using online free converter. Once the conversion finishes the WMV files can be downloaded from the program.

Both of the video converters have their benefit to be used for converting videos into one format to another. 

  1. The Desktop UniConverter requires the user to download the software according to the device they are using for while online UniConverter can be opened in any device or browser. The user does not need to download any software to use online UniConverter and go to their website through their browser and start using it though.
  2. The desktop UniConverter also requires you to run the software and keep it for future use, but with online Uniconverter you don’t need to update the software again and again as you will browsing online.
  3. With the desktop UniConvertor, the user has the independence to look for any file of any size for conversion. The online UniConverter can convert only upto 100MB size. This makes the usability of online UniConverter restricted to the small size videos but is based on quality conversions.
  4. The desktop UniConverter is quite fast as compared to the online UniConverter. This is the reason why the desktop UniConverter allows the batch conversion as well to help the user for converting the videos into other formats.

Being one of the fastest and safest Wondershare UniConverter will help in making your life easier if you are looking for a permanent solution for video conversion. Wondershare Technology is a public listed company, and under their umbrella, many products like Filmora, UniConverter, etc. are being launched. Since their inception, a decade before they have made many strides in the sector for videos and are continuing to do for the forthcoming years. The technology they have been making is for allowing corporations and households to make their life easy. This is the reason the products they launch are easy to use and have a tutorial on operating all types of function so that the user should not be confused while handling them. 

Wondershare Technology is undoubted makes big leaps in the video sector and will hope to see more products launched by them to make life easier for everyone.

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