Choosing a reliable used car is not an almost impossible task as we imagined. As long as you have mastered some necessary selection skills, you can still find some clues. With these details, you have reason to judge the previous state of this car, I will share with you from the four dimensions of appearance, interior, static, and dynamic. When choosing a used car, which one should you pay attention to?

In the past, if you have the willingness to buy a used car, it was best to go to the regular merchants in the regular used car market to buy it. But now the time has changed you can also purchase a used car just browsing on car dealerships winnipeg. This will not only have a certain guarantee for the car you buy. If there is a problem with the vehicle, you can also appeal through the complaint process in the second-hand car market. Compared with private transactions, it should be more secure and can avoid many disputes involving vehicle problems.

◆ Identify accident cars

Appearance / static part

When we choose a used car, the first thing we must look at is the appearance of the vehicle, whether it has been repainted, whether it has been bumped, whether the parts have been replaced, etc.

When selecting a used vehicle, we need to pay attention to whether the vehicle’s headlights are the same as the old ones. If the appearance and interior of the lights on one side are new, and the other side is yellow, the inside is also relatively early. The headlights of this car have been replaced for some reason, such as collision, and we need to be careful. Similarly, vehicle tail lights can also be judged in this way.

I believe that many friends are very familiar with this method. Observing the structural parts on both sides of  engine compartment of  vehicle to determine whether the body structure has been repaired. This method has been popular for many years, but the editors have also learned that some used car refurbishment stores will The structural parts are replaced as a whole, making it difficult for you to judge whether the vehicle has hit through this part. The editor suggests that you can also decide whether the structure of the car is affected by observing the body rails in the lower part of the engine compartment.

In general, vehicles that have suffered severe collisions will have their water tanks replaced, and the newly restored parts are different from the original accessories. The accessories at the factory are usually marked with a lot of information and precautions. Recently replaced spare parts will not have so many logos. The most common are the manufacturers’ information and fragile stickers. If you find that the water tank part of the vehicle is very new, or there are some fragile stickers, then it is likely that this part has been replaced.

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