For entrepreneurs, it is sometimes difficult to detect a charlatan trying to extract money, especially when it tells you about a topic you do not know much about.

Take the SEO of your site also called SEO (search engine optimization). While it is accepted that a well-managed SEO campaign is a critical component to your online marketing strategy, many entrepreneurs do not know how to go about it and how to improve their rankings in search engine results. They may therefore have to turn to so-called experts…

The problem is that these people can use outdated techniques to try to improve your positioning or simply promise the moon, without being able to show results. We recommend checking Market Fuel Media – Jacksonville SEO expert.

  1. I can position you in 1st place of search results on Google

Why does this lie endure? Nobody can guarantee a ranking on the search engines. Except maybe Google, but you are not Google, and the person who will work on your SEO either.

Be very skeptical about those who promise you a very fast up positioning in search engine results. Also if the business has listings in credible places like Yelp , Manta , Foursquare etc….Example of Market Fuel Media Yelp.

  1. SEO techniques are always the same; I do not need to know your area of ​​activity

Ideally, the SEO professional you work with must have experience in your field. Not all sectors are equal in the world of SEO. Some, such as business services, are much more competitive to position themselves on the best keywords – others, such as manufacturing, are less competitive and therefore easier to work with.

  1. Duplicate content is no problem

Posting the same content multiple times on different sites does not please Google at all. If your expert tells you the opposite and encourages you to copy and paste, run away!

  1. The more links you have, the better

A few years ago, this was true and worked very well! SEO was based on the reputation of a site, which is determined by the number of inbound links.

These days are over. Although the acquisition of incoming links is still an important part of any SEO strategy, Google has changed the rules and added a decisive parameter: the quality of links. Large amounts of inbound links can now hurt your rankings if these are deemed weak and unnatural – and even lead you to blacklisting Google indexes..

Google has even put in place a tool so that the webmaster can dereference bad links that return to a site.

  1. The more keywords you have, the better

Although the density of keywords on a page was an important criterion for positioning a page in the past, this is no longer true. Google manages to detect “unnatural” repetitions of keywords (same word in all sentences). It is thus necessary to write naturally by using several times the key word and its lexical field on your page.

Do not forget also that beyond your positioning, it is the interest of your content for the user that matters to your customers … And Google knows it very well.

  1. I will submit your site to hundreds of search directories

Directory submission no longer has any impact on your ranking and can even be harmful on a large scale

  1. My techniques are too complicated to explain

You may not be a technical person, but you are perfectly capable of understanding how someone you pay can improve the ranking of your site. In all honesty, it’s not that complicated. Good SEO campaigns are the result of the successful merger of what are called the three pillars of SEO: Content, Links, and Social Media. Each pillar is not in itself complicated; the necessary mechanisms must be put in place and have some expertise to implement them according to best practices.

  1. You do not need to worry about updates to Google’s algorithm

Even if your strategy is based on a production of content in the rules of the art, it is important to keep an eye on the changes made by Google. These changes can impact some Google services that matter in SEO (Maps / Local, etc).

  1. All you need is SEO optimization

Your site’s rankings can improve with your active presence on social media, blogs, and even your offline marketing efforts. Do not put all your eggs in one basket, but make sure that each brick of your marketing strategy is at the service of your SEO.

  1. I will optimize your SEO for a fixed price

SEO is not a one shot strategy; it requires sustained attention. Your competitors are constantly improving their own SEO. If you stop doing it, you will end up behind. Some one-off projects can be good at the beginning, such as initial SEO audits. But these should be treated as the foundation and the starting point for SEO campaigns.

In the end, you need someone who is willing to work with your company for the future and make recommendations to improve and move forward.

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