Nowadays, youngsters would be seen lurking in some dark places, unaware of almost everything. Whenever I come across some teens and ask them, what do they think, they do not know? They would always say, they are unaware of the society. Most of us do not know the Importance of Self Improvement

After getting such responses, I am appalled at how we have destroyed the sense of curiosity. Our generation does not even want to know about themselves. A very few of them are still interested, I am only saying this because recently a group of three girls asked me to provide me the link of that article “Self-Awareness Guide – 7 Ultimate Tips!”

The only thing they are concerned about is society, the most painful thing here is the perception of the word society. Most of us think that society is a separate thing and we are something else as if we are not a part of this society.

Our choices, thoughts and the perceptions which make us what we ultimately define as our society. There are no excuses for this if a person has got a negative thought and he starts to preach it through his actions. In this article, I have highlighted some of the benefits of self-realization and self-improvement.

  1. In leadership

If a leader has not got a vivid idea of what he is, then what is the point of leading people. I have seen many student leaders or interns who have got human resource management degrees but still, they are unable to answer this question.

Here I would like people to realize that our capitalistic institutions will never let us know that the curiosity of knowing yourself is our basic need, just like food and water.

Those who are designated to lead a group of people need to understand their gaps and weaknesses. That is only possible through self-awareness, I would recommend the upcoming leaders to take part in various challenging activities and competitions. Where you must dare to push your self over the limits.

A leader must be fearless and limitless, the pressures in a firm or an organization are unlimited and most of the time leaders must stay calm, this calmness and tolerance will only come when a person will realize his weaknesses.

  1. In social work

When you are a social worker, you will have to meet several people every day, each with a new issue. They will ask you to suggest some good bits of advice or solutions.

The issue which can only be resolved through self-awareness is the imagining of the worsen situations.

A social worker might have his own biases, the worst social worker is the one who is unable to convince people that they are someone or those who have got some opinions and judgments about the concerned people.

  1. In education

A successful teacher will let his students realize their self. In education, once the teacher has established that sense of self-improvement and that instinct of curiosity.

Students will be working forward for finding their interests. When students are unable to find their area of interest it is mainly because of the lack of self-determination.

Every student is different and unique, most of the time our education systems are designed for general public without realizing the differences. Thus, each student adult or a kid must be taught about self-awareness at some point in their courses.

In this way, students and teachers will take things more objectively, rather than having them on subjective grounds which can be harmful for the growth.

  1. Nursing

When you are a nurse or a doctor, you can perform more when you will realize your need. It is a well-established fact that only those people are going to help others who are aware of their limits.

Once you have known your limits, you will ultimately understand the limits of others. There is a huge drawback of starting without knowing your boundaries, in medical there, can be certain situations where you will have to motivate the patients which is only possible when a person will understand the natural limits in various situations.

Similarly, for living a full and healthy life, you are bound to learn about yourself, which is not a need only but a necessity as well.

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