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For those who are not accustomed to ordering wine, facing a wine list at a restaurant can often be a full-blown crisis situation. Apart from making a fool of yourself over the pronunciation of the names of the wines, the prospect of ordering stuff that everybody on the table will like without breaking the bank can be really daunting. The good thing is that most restaurants are accustomed to people being intimidated by wine lists so they are ready to help in every way they can to ensure that you have a good time. Some important tips for ordering wine when dining out:

Look at the By-The-Glass List Instead of Considering Full Bottles

Almost every restaurant has a selection of wines that are available by the glass simply because they are more profitable. Even though most diners make the popular choices, if you do find an oddball region or grape on the BTG list, it is possibly only there because the sommelier loves it. You will be surprised to find some really excellent wines even though they might not be familiar names on the BTG list.

Buy a Bottle If Everyone Is Drinking the Same Stuff

The BTG wine list may well be full of hidden treasures, however, if everyone at the table is having the same wine; it makes more sense to order the full bottle instead of a glassful each. Typically, the prices of BTG wines are marked by four times by the restaurants while a full bottle will see a markup of only 2.5-3 times. Of course, you need to keep in mind that there is a higher markup for cheaper wines but even then, you can save good money by ordering by the bottle. If you are planning a dinner at home, you could look at the range available at Sokolin Fine Wines for some really excellent choices. According to, Americans demonstrated a distinct preference for smooth and fruity wines with a touch of sweetness.

Ask for Advice and Be Honest About Your Budget

Flipping through the wine list that has a bewildering choice of regions, producers, as well as vintages can be pointless unless you know enough to focus your attention on. If you are clueless about wines, the best thing to do is to ask for advice from the sommelier who will only be too glad to help you to discover the world of wines. You can indicate the nature of the occasion, your mood, or even your palate preference so that he can suggest something appropriate. Do not be embarrassed to discuss budgets, as the selection can be more to the point. Given a price point that is neither extravagant nor too cheap, you should be able to get a number of choices from which, you can make your final selection.


The enjoyment you get out of your meal will also depend on your pairing choices. Though you can choose to follow the convention, there is nothing to prevent you from experimenting and trying a red wine with fish if you so like. At the end of the day, it is how much you enjoyed the experience that really counts.

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