The food delivery business is changing at remarkably lighting speed. Restaurant owners believe that going online and spreading their reach is the most viable option to ensure steady business growth. This will not only allow business owners to expand their brand, but it will also significantly boost their revenue stream.

Having a great online presence can make the business “pleasantly visible” to its clients who they haven’t reached through word-of-mouth or traditional marketing strategies. From being people who will never knock on the business owners’ restaurant doors, these new market segments will become the source of business foot traffic. Adam Guild

However, online presence can’t be created by merely tapping customers on their shoulders and telling them that you have a great restaurant they should visit. Aside from persuading them to choose you instead of the competition, you have to make everything smooth and accessible to them. And what better way to skyrocket your sales boosting chances than ensuring a customer-friendly Restaurant Online Ordering Systems?

You can still be visible online without having to set up a restaurant online ordering system, but the thing is, you’ll definitely be missing out on an income-generating opportunity.

So what are the benefits of having an online ordering system for your restaurant? Here are three of these key advantages.

More and More Customers Choose Restaurant Apps and Websites Compared to Food Portals

 Many studies and researches point to the fact that more often than not, customers opt to order straight from the website of a restaurant or through its mobile app instead of using a 3rd-party application.

This is an opportunity that your business shouldn’t miss so grab the chance!

Everything is a Single Click Away!

The major selling point here is that it’s making everything very convenient for your customers. Today, people can just order online with the use of their tablets and smartphones. Studies spearheaded by Viggle and the Advertising Bureau suggest that around 69% of the consumers order food with the use of their mobile device. Meaning, whether they are on the bus, stuck in heavy traffic, or on a break, anybody can just virtually place a painless and quick order.

This is very good for restaurant owners because it means more business. For the customers, this means that they don’t have to waste time since they can just order on their mobile device.

It’s Comfortable, Easy, and Fast!

Customers don’t have to physically visit the store, place an order, and bring it home. Whether they’re still at the office or at school, they can just reach out to the restaurant, make their order, and have it delivered or schedule for pick-up anytime they want. No need to queue to get your favorite food. No need to go out on a lazy night to prepare your family’s meal. Everything can be done with one click.


Simply put, as a business owner, you should never pass on any opportunity that can make you grow your business and your income stream. You don’t have to sweat it to do this physically. You just need to talk to a reliable system provider, tell them about your needs, and have them do the leg work for you. For advice and consultation, you can call 9Fold today and start making progress in your online restaurant business.

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For those who are not accustomed to ordering wine, facing a wine list at a restaurant can often be a full-blown crisis situation. Apart from making a fool of yourself over the pronunciation of the names of the wines, the prospect of ordering stuff that everybody on the table will like without breaking the bank can be really daunting. The good thing is that most restaurants are accustomed to people being intimidated by wine lists so they are ready to help in every way they can to ensure that you have a good time. Some important tips for ordering wine when dining out:

Look at the By-The-Glass List Instead of Considering Full Bottles

Almost every restaurant has a selection of wines that are available by the glass simply because they are more profitable. Even though most diners make the popular choices, if you do find an oddball region or grape on the BTG list, it is possibly only there because the sommelier loves it. You will be surprised to find some really excellent wines even though they might not be familiar names on the BTG list.

Buy a Bottle If Everyone Is Drinking the Same Stuff

The BTG wine list may well be full of hidden treasures, however, if everyone at the table is having the same wine; it makes more sense to order the full bottle instead of a glassful each. Typically, the prices of BTG wines are marked by four times by the restaurants while a full bottle will see a markup of only 2.5-3 times. Of course, you need to keep in mind that there is a higher markup for cheaper wines but even then, you can save good money by ordering by the bottle. If you are planning a dinner at home, you could look at the range available at Sokolin Fine Wines for some really excellent choices. According to, Americans demonstrated a distinct preference for smooth and fruity wines with a touch of sweetness.

Ask for Advice and Be Honest About Your Budget

Flipping through the wine list that has a bewildering choice of regions, producers, as well as vintages can be pointless unless you know enough to focus your attention on. If you are clueless about wines, the best thing to do is to ask for advice from the sommelier who will only be too glad to help you to discover the world of wines. You can indicate the nature of the occasion, your mood, or even your palate preference so that he can suggest something appropriate. Do not be embarrassed to discuss budgets, as the selection can be more to the point. Given a price point that is neither extravagant nor too cheap, you should be able to get a number of choices from which, you can make your final selection.


The enjoyment you get out of your meal will also depend on your pairing choices. Though you can choose to follow the convention, there is nothing to prevent you from experimenting and trying a red wine with fish if you so like. At the end of the day, it is how much you enjoyed the experience that really counts.

To get a taste of real Lebanese food many thousands of miles away from the sun-soaked Mediterranean country you must visit some of the restaurants in New Brunswick. The place is one of its kinds that have been operational for many years. For connoisseurs of New Brunswick food and drink lovers, it is an oasis among the hustle bustle of city life. For the most memorable experience in dining or drinking, you must step into restaurants that have all the capabilities to meet your expectations. The fresh food with its authentic taste is the hallmark and the restaurants are well-equipped to offer enough variety in food, drinks, and even the setting. The owners would never like to see guests unhappy and ensure that they go back home cherishing happy memories that encourage them to visit the place time and again.

The perfect place for all occasions

The beauty of the restaurant is in the way it keeps all bases covered for the guests which makes it the ideal place for any occasion. Besides having the most exciting menu that revolves around the Mediterranean and Lebanese cuisine together with a wide variety of other food, the environment is just what people look for. Whether you plan to call your business guests over lunch or want to enjoy the company of your friends over food and drinks, there is hardly any better place. Those out on a romantic date would also find the places most inviting, and it is spacious enough to accommodate larger groups who want to have some fun time while hanging out for a few hours.

Fresh ingredients, readily cooked food

Most of the restaurants use fresh ingredients, and that is what separates them from others as the food is always cooked fresh. They serve only freshly cooked food instead of warming pre-cooked food stored and refrigerators. So unlike other places in such restaurants the microwave is something that is not really necessary as they always serve freshly cooked food. Here, the concept of fast food does not have any meaning and the restaurants are ready to walk against the tide as they serve the best to customers for an authentic experience.

Have your wishes fulfilled

Customer satisfaction is paramount for the restaurant owners who have created a benchmark in hospitality standards that others would like to emulate.  The service is so much customer-centric that it would leave guests guessing what more they could ask for. Nothing seems impossible for the staff that is ready to take complete care of guests and fulfill their requests so that they feel most comfortable and derive the pleasure of getting the most from the dining experience.

The warmth of hospitality creates a special attraction that enhances the dining experience as guests enjoy the company of fellow guests and the surroundings in equal measures while having the satisfaction of having made the right choice.  At the restaurants everything that you see around is as much enjoyable as the food and drinks.

Japanese cuisine is one of the most popular forms of culinary art in the world today. In fact, according to Forbes, there are now more than 90,000 Japanese restaurants around the globe. This number is still expected to grow — a clear testimony of the continuous clamor for this particular cuisine.

But even if there are already numerous Japanese restaurants in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, New York, London, Paris, and various places across the globe, there are still a number of people who still haven’t actually eaten at one because of one reason or another.

If you’re one of the few who haven’t tried dining at an authentic Japanese restaurant, here some important tips and etiquette you have to remember:

  1. Be nice to the restaurant greeter and wait staff assisting you

When entering a Japanese restaurant (and for any other types of dining establishments), it is always nice to greet your host. Be polite to all wait staff as well. Keep in mind that being a nice customer always pays off.

  1. Use the oshibori properly

Many Japanese restaurants have the wait staff give guests a hot wet towel called oshibori. Use this towel to clean or wipe your hands.

Once you’re done using it, roll it up the same way it was given to you and place it on the table.

  1. Peruse the menu carefully

The best Japanese restaurants have a variety of authentic Japanese dishes. Some of them even offer fantastic Friday evening brunches for foodies to enjoy a culinary journey of Japanese delights.

Some of the most popular and delectable foods you will see on Japanese restaurant menu are:

  • Sushi
  • Sashimi
  • Tempura
  • Tonkatsu
  • Yakitori
  • Gyoza

Many restaurants offer traditional Japanese noodle dishes as well such as ramen, udon, and yakisoba.

Eating healthily at a Japanese restaurant

Aside from foods mentioned above, Japanese restaurants also have salads, soups, and fresh fruits on their menu. As such, you will have a lot of healthy food options to choose from.

If you want to enjoy healthy and good food when dining at this type of restaurant, when ordering, keep in mind that dishes which have poultry, fish, and shellfish as the main protein are better choices over beef or pork.

Steamed dishes are also healthier options.  Dishes that are braised, broiled, grilled or sautéed are safe choices as well.

  1. Know basic chopstick etiquette

Eating at a Japanese restaurant means using chopsticks. Although you may know how to use this type of utensil, you still have to follow the right etiquette when using them.

Here is a list of important chopstick etiquette you have to follow:

  • Place your chopsticks on a chopstick rest when not using them. Usually, there is a little ornament on the table that allows guests to set their chopsticks down when not using them so that the tips won’t have to touch the table.
  • Avoid rubbing your chopsticks together before and while using them
  • Do not pass food to another person’s chopsticks using your chopsticks
  • Do not stick your chopsticks upright into your rice or bowl of food
  • Avoid using your chopstick to move a plate or bowl closer to you
  • If the chopsticks given to you were wrapped in paper, don’t throw the wrapper. Put back the chopsticks inside the wrapper once you’re done so that the wait staff won’t have to touch them when cleaning your table.
  1. Use the dipping sauces and condiments properly

To fully enjoy your meals, avoid overpowering them with sauces and condiments.

Do not put wasabi in the soy sauce. This is considered rude or bad manners in Japan. The correct way to add wasabi on sushi is to get a small amount and put it directly onto the sushi rice under the fresh fish.

When eating sushi, don’t dip the sushi rice into the soy sauce. Dip the topping or fish on the sauce to get only a hint of soy sauce. By doing so, you get the complete flavor and freshness of the fish.

  1. Do not pour your own drink

Lastly, to keep up with Japanese dining and drinking traditions, if you’re having sake or sharing drinks with your companions, make sure you pour their drinks for them. They should also do the same for you. And when raising a toast, say kanpai which means “to empty one’s glass.”

Following these tips and knowing the basic eating and drinking etiquette will help you have a more enjoyable dining experience at a Japanese restaurant. When you have everything down pat, dining at a Japanese restaurant will be as fun as eating at a French bistro, British pub, or American steakhouse.

No kitchen is complete without a sink. In order to wash dishes and keep the kitchen area clean, a sink is an important addition. For commercial kitchens, the sinks are large pieces that are constantly put to use. Having the right sink in the right place is very important to accomplish various tasks, right from hand washing to glass washing and flatware cleaning, sink is essential for the food safety program and is something the health inspectors will focus on.

Tips on choosing the right sink

Consider the size of your commercial kitchen and choose sinks that fit perfectly well. The sink should not be too large nor too small, it should be of the perfect size for your daily use. There are hand sinks which are only suitable for washing hands and it will keep the dishes out. For more information, read these reviews on kitchen sinks to decide the best kitchen sink suitable for you. Most sinks are suitable for a sole purpose and not for dishes or scrubbing. Then there are kitchen sinks which are available in multiple compartments for rinsing and washing.

These sinks are designed keeping the multiple requirements in mind and will meet your purpose. The health inspectors focus on this sink and require you to have 3 compartment sinks for proper sanitization of the dishes. Further there are bar sinks which are designed for the purpose of glass washing behind the bar. The sinks should prevent buildup of bacteria and grime and should have sealed seams which eliminate spaces.

Three compartment sinks

If you have a commercial kitchen, you should invest in a three compartment sink which can have a single drain board either on the right or left or dual drainboards for a wider workspace. Sinks with a different bowl width and depth is also available and it comes with pre punched holes for faucets. In case of three compartment sink, you can dedicate each compartment to a different task such as soaking, hand washing and pre rinse.

This will help improve workflow and allow you to keep the sink area neat and clean. There will be no piling up of dishes or unnecessary waste of time in hand washing. The sinks are manufactured from corrosion resistant stainless steel and are durable and easy to maintain. The sinks can be kept clean with ease and will last for many years. They have rounded corners and raised rolled top edges which make it easier to work around the same.

They have rolled top edges that prevent overflows as well. Consider the available wall space so that the compartment sink can be appropriately installed inside the space. Many sinks also come with adjustable legs or feet so that you can modify the height of the sink and fit it into your space.

The three compartment sink allows you to enjoy a wider workspace and ease of use. It is highly convenient and preferred by most restaurants and commercial kitchens. There is less clutter and it can be kept clean and well maintained without much effort.

Having a good grasp on Emirati cuisine is a must if you want to visit Dubai. Prepare yourself for a memorable experience because the food you’ll find in the region will be nothing like you have ever had. But since Dubai has no shortage of superb eateries, you have to make sure that you find a dining establishment that suits you.

Must-Try Dubai Food

Dubai offers different styles of food. The main restaurants in the region are inspired by Middle Eastern and Asian cuisines so you can try everything from North Korean to Indian food. But Dubai’s national cuisine is described as a combination of Lebanese and Syrian cuisines.

The so-called mezze category is among the main features of the local dishes. Traditional mezze consists of a wide variety of both cold and hot snacks that are often served on a big platter. These include small slices of meat and vegetables roasted on an open fire, different kinds of cheese, original salads, and savory sauces.

Meat lovers must try Makbus and Haris. Makbus is roast lamb with rice flavoured with different herbs and spices as it cooks while Haris is gentle lamb stewed with sprouted wheat.

Vegetarians can enjoy a wide selection of vegetable dishes prepared in different ways. Vegetables can be roasted on grill and added to rice.

Most Dubai restaurants offer a choice of exotic fruits since these are the common desserts in the region. Consider visiting an exotic restaurant in Dubai to get a taste of all the exotic dishes that you can’t find in other dining establishments around the world.

5 Factors To Consider When Navigating Dubai’s Restaurant Scene

1. An Alluring Décor

The best restaurants won’t underestimate the appeal of a well-designed, elegant, and carefully maintained space. They surely have a unique style with features expressing what the food and philosophy of the restaurant is about.

2. Quality Food

The best restaurants in Dubai set a high standard for their food quality. Also, they make sure that guests receive consistent quality with every meal. Restaurants can earn a good reputation by serving high quality food. Moreover, this can compel guests to return for repeat visits. In fact, foods have inspired lengthy lines recently.

A good cook will understand the needs of diners and works well with the kitchen staff to satiate the customers. Aside from an experienced cook, serving good food consistency will also entail high-quality ingredients.

Look into their menu. A great menu has likeable and concise dish descriptions. It should not just consist of those currently on-trend but is carefully egalitarian and well-balanced. Most importantly, the best restaurants use produce in season, giving a sense of place, and changes frequently to make return visits inviting.

3. Trained And Accommodating Staff

Excellent service can lift average food; however, great food can’t make up for incompetent service. The overall experience of restaurant guests can be enhanced by providing excellent customer service in a tidy environment. The staff interacting with customers must be courteous and optimistic. Servers, on the other hand, must know the menu well, deliver orders on time, and promptly address any concern that unsatisfied guests might have.

4. Comfortable Seating

The best restaurants offer ergonomic chairs, meaning that you don’t need to lean forward just to reach the table. Tables, on the other hand, are correctly sized so servers won’t have to rearrange water glasses with every course. You won’t even notice how comfortable the seats are until you have finished your meal and get up feeling as peaceful as when you are sitting down.

5. Tidy Bathrooms

A neat bathroom is unquestionably non-negotiable. The best restaurants will go beyond just clean by offering good lighting, luxe hand wash, and fresh towels. Some superb dining establishments even offer real hand towels.

When deciding which Dubai restaurant to visit, the most trusted source is a recommendation. You can also look into a list of fast food restaurants in Dubai. Still, the word-of-mouth system is the most reliable form of advertising. It is always advisable that you cross reference it against a newspaper or blog review. With plenty of resources available today, selecting your culinary destination can definitely be a revitalizing experience.

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Italy is best known around the world for their amazing cuisine and their love of soccer. Everyone knows that their food just outright beats the cuisine of most Western countries. Even Italian takeaway is seen as a delicacy and is amazing. With an overwhelming amount of choices these are the dishes that everyone needs to try.

Sicilian green olives

Starting off with a Mediterranean classic is olives. Now Sicilian green olives differ to normal olives and are worth the try. They have a different texture and flavour to other olives and may be the turner for those who aren’t a fan with olives.

Served with olive oil, herbs and garlic, green Sicilian olives are a great appetiser that everyone needs to try.


Arancini are the height of street Italian takeaway food. These little rice balls definitely pack a punch of flavour. Normally stuffed with Bolognese sauce and mozzarella, they are then battered in bread crumbs and deep fried. Accompanied with a pinch of grated parmesan cheese to top it all off.

If bite size isn’t for you either make sure to find yourself a giant Arancino, guaranteed to conquer the mightiest of appetites.

Chili mussels

If you are a fan of seafood and can handle the heat, chili mussels are a must have treat. Best eaten on a cold night, the mussels are sautéed in a tomato sauce that is filled with garlic, chili and a splash of white wine.

When you’ve finished with the mussels usually some artisan bread is provided so that you can finish off all of that delightful sauce.


Handmade gnocchi are a delicacy and a very tasty meal for all tastebuds. Traditionally like pasta, gnocchi is meant to be served as an appetiser. Due to the popularity of both dishes they have made their way as a main course meal for many Western countries.

Gnocchi are pasta/ potato like dumplings that are made from wheat, egg and cheese. They are then cooked in a pot of boiling water like most pastas and served with the desired sauce. Vegetarian sauces to accompany the gnocchi are preferred in the traditional sense normally being a pesto or Napoli variant.

Traditional pizza

No list of great Italian food would be complete without mentioning the Italian takeaway king itself, pizza. This dish has to be the most Westernised Italian dishes out of all the listings here but what people truly need to try is the traditional variant of pizza.

In Italy pizza is meant to have no more than three toppings on it. A handmade base with fresh roma tomato sauce, topping with buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil is sure to change your opinion on what pizza should taste like.


A classic traditional dessert, cannolis are perfect for a restaurant dessert treat. These little heavenly stuffed pastries originated from Sicily and have a staple for Sicilian cuisine. Traditionally stuffed with ricotta, fruits and nuts are sure to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.

Western countries have adapted the recipe as well, filling them with custard rather than the traditional ricotta. If you aren’t a fan of sweet ricotta then the custard filling is a must try.

Whether you’re looking to travel to Italy or you have a keen cooking skill and want to try something amazing, these are the top Italian foods that everyone must try.

If you can’t squeeze in a quick trip to Italy and don’t have any cooking skills like the most of us, you can always look for these dishes at good Italian restaurants Sydney! It’s time to get eating and be sure to try a wide range of the food on offer.