Are you also looking to get the best idea to cook rice in the pressure cooker that runs on electricity? Cooking rice is always a complicated task as a little ignorance may affect the end product. Therefore, everyone always tries to get the best way to cook rice. Now, are you are also looking for the same then go ahead reading the article. 

We hope you will find the best way to cook rice perfectly in the pressure cooker.

Different ways to cook rice in an electric pressure cooker:

Various options are present in a pressure cooker runs on electricity to cook the rice. One can learn all about below to use the pressure cooker effectively:

  • Pot Rice Program of the Cooker:

If you are using the long-grain rice, then the pot rice program is for you. You need to put the desired amount of water as per the quantity of rice in the cooker. The machine will automatically adjust the settings to cook the rice. The perfect option to cook the rice most quickly and straightforwardly is in an electric cooker.

  • Pressure Cook Option with manual Method:

Now, when there is a need to cook some different varieties of rice, then the manual Method is the best option to be chosen. You can also set the time as per the quantity and the quality of rice. For example, Basmati white rice takes 4 to 5 minutes to cook, Jasmine rice takes 3 to 5 minutes, and brown rice takes 22-28 minutes, and so on. The time can vary from the quantity of rice an individual is using. 

  • One ratio one Instant rice method:

In this Method, we are going to cook the rice with the pressure steam method. First, one has to measure the raw rice and then wash them properly. Now, take an equal quantity of water in the pressure cooker and close the lid. Set the time for cooking the rice and wait till the 1 or 2 whistles come. This Method is the perfect Method to cook rice in the electric cooker. One will feel the difference while preparing the same. 

Why 1:1 is the Best Method to cook rice?

It is the best Method to cook the rice as in this one has to use one quantity of rice and the same amount of water. So, here, one will not find any chance of a fault while cooking. In 95% of the cases, this technique is the best as it prepares the rice perfectly. Chefs also favor this Method as it is an accurate and quickest way of cooking the rice.

Why has this electric cooker method changed the way of cooking rice?

Earlier people always try to find the different methods to cook the rice. But, often, it happens that the rice is overcooked or undercooked. But with the help of electric cookers, now one can set the exact time that eliminated this tribulation while cooking the rice.

Even now, there is no need to keep looking again and again while cooking the rice. As, after setting the timer, you can go at last to drain-out the water only.

But as everything has some merits along with that, it has some demerits too. So, scientifically, it is proven that over-using of electric methods can increase the anger in an individual.

Now, there is no need to stop cooking the rice through electric pressure cookers just because of one single adverse effect when we have so many advantages.

The correct way of cooking always enhances the final product:

Yes, it is indeed said that when we are using the best accurate way to cook, one will end up with a better end-product. One can purchase the pressure cooker that runs on electricity from the variety of options available in the market. One can compare several products available to find the best for personal or commercial use. Whenever the use of technology increases in any industry, it always provides ease in working. So, it is still recommendable to use technology correctly to get the best results. One can go through the specifications of the pressure cooker before the final purchase.

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