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Hello, summer!

This season is a time to try new things, from going cliff jumping to backpacking to just checking out the latest restaurants around town and taking advantage of patio season. The days are long, and the cares are short.

Summer is also a season when people want to eat more fruits and vegetables because they’re fresh, in season, and available for much cheaper prices at the market. A lot of people choose to experiment with fruit and veggie dishes to take advantage of this time of the year.

But we all know the feeling of inviting everyone over for a get-together and having no idea what to make for your guests. Aunt Betty always finds something to complain about with the pasta salad; the kids don’t seem to be fans of anything green. You’ve tried every recipe your grandmother passed down to you, and nothing seems to work with the family.

What do you do next?

No need to worry! You can test run your barbeque dishes before making a large batch of summer goodness. Now is the perfect time to check out a Clean Eating Meal Plan Subscription service.

For every subscription, YOU get to customize your recipe box to fit YOUR lifestyle and dietary restrictions. A Clean Eating Meal Plan Subscription is an awesome way to try new recipes that are focused on healthy, filling meals, rather than trying to restrict the food you eat.

You’re in control and can decide what dishes you want to make through the week with a customizable meal plan, rather than a company choosing what your meals will look like. This means that if you absolutely love one dish, you already have the recipe and the grocery list of what you need to make it at hand, it becomes easy to shop for a large party.

Creating your own food menu is joyful

The absolute beauty of creating your menu is that you can also craft your meals around what you think your family will want to try as well. You can all be introduced to new, exciting, fresh meals without having to spend eons searching Pinterest for some less than mediocre dish. Every meal is tried and true, with a community standing behind each recipe.

You can wow your guests with the food you’ve prepared, and it’s so easy to share the recipe to them! Since it’s already saved to your device, you can simply email it to them, rather than taking the time to write it out on some scrap of paper that they’ll inevitably lose.

And the best part? Every weekly meal plan is designed so you can prep every single one of your meals in one fell swoop and spend only ONE HOUR in the kitchen doing it. That’s right! An entire week of meal prep can be done in just 60 minutes, so you can get back outside and enjoy your summer with the family.

Make your summer meals easier, simpler, and more adventurous this year. Check out our subscription options here!

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