Relationships change over time and it is only a natural progression. At each stage of our lives, we are different people and we feel differently. All stages have their own set of emotions and experiences. The way we see and connect with people also changes over time. Changing relationships and gathered wisdom are paths in life that we all must tread on. Partnerships between men and women – be it a marriage or a long term committed relationship, also change with time. A young couple will think differently and a mature couple will have completely different thoughts. This may be because experience and understanding play an important role. Plus, physically, the human body also changes. A good example is that women go through menopause and that significantly changes how she feels. This change also affects the sex lives of a couple. A person’s relationship status will also determine what he/she will want in their sex life. The following are things that affect the change in our lives.

Physical intimacy

When a couple is young, they are in love; then they tend to be very physical in their affection. Sex could be more voracious and used as a means to get closer to the other. The brain and body work in a way that requires sex for the couples to get satisfaction and feel connected. The hormones also play a role here as humans are designed to reproduce in their fertile years. But in the long term, physical intimacy may be there, although on a reduced scale. It is more about an emotional connection. By this time the couple would have gotten to know each other well and will not depend on just sex to be close. The hormones would have also changed the drive for sex and it could be lesser. This is not a comment on romance, as there is no age for it. Romantic actions are more than sex and relationships of any age will do well with it.

Using toys

A single person will be more interested in using sex toys, such as a sex doll, because sex is a basic human need. The urge for physical satisfaction will always be there, irrespective of relationship status. When a person is committed, the sexual urge is satisfied by the partner, but it isn’t the case when one is single. You can either plan for a hookup or just use a toy whenever the urge arises. Again, younger couples are more likely to use sex toys when compared to mature couples.


Young ones are more adventurous and they don’t think a lot about the end results. That is why experimentation is much higher in younger couples. Trying risqué sexual adventures is also something that younger couples are seen to have. Open relationships, open-mindedness towards unusual sexual behavior is seen more in younger couples. Mature couples may also have this, but their numbers are lesser. With age, you tend to get closer to your partner on an emotional level. A single person is also open to experimentation in terms of sex because he/she may be looking for physical satisfaction through short term meetups. In hookup culture, most people are willing to try something new and kinky, if they are meeting a stranger purely for sex. But a committed person is less likely to do so.

Changing relationships do have an impact on sex life. When a person breaks up with their partner, they are suddenly left without anyone for sex. Of course, there are other ways to get sex, but it may take some time or even planning. Age may not affect the kinkiness of a person, but usually mature couples are less likely to be outrageously kinky. It is mostly about who is most likely to, as we cannot make definitive statements and generalize everyone.

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