Men have a reputation for not caring about fashion. The stereotype says that men just roll out of bed and throw on the first thing they find in the closet. But evidence indicates that’s not a fair assumption.

While women pay more for things like razors thanks to the pink tax, one study found that men spend 43 percent more on clothes a month than women do. But for a man to truly look his best, he needs a lot more than just a good pair of pants and a high-quality shirt. Accessories can make or break a man’s look, and here are three ways that men can accessorize.

Add a bracelet or two

Bracelets are not just for women, and they haven’t been for a long time. Any man who thinks they are is missing out. In fact, the men’s jewelry industry is doing quite well, as companies like Play Hard Look Dope sell leather wrap and gold bracelets designed specifically for guys.

A good bracelet should draw attention without being the main focus of it. You want it your bracelet to be a part of the puzzle, not the whole shebang. For most men, that means going with something subtle and understated. A few men can get away with the really gaudy bracelets, but that requires a higher degree of difficulty. If you don’t want to try that right away, that’s OK.

And less is usually more when it comes to bracelets. You don’t need to wear more than one or two. Stacking them too high on your wrist just starts to look chaotic rather than stylish.

Wear a hat

When we refer to hats, we aren’t just talking about the baseball cap bearing your favorite team’s logo. Those are great for making a quick run to the grocery store or coffee shop, but they’re not exactly style icons. If you want to stand out, look for hats that aren’t baseball caps.

Fit is critical for finding the right hat. If it doesn’t fit right, then it’s not going to feel good. And if it doesn’t feel good, your hat isn’t going to look good. Your hat should be worn with confidence and a little swagger, but it shouldn’t be obnoxious.

The right hat will also make sense in the larger context of where you are. That’s why cowboy hats are so common in Texas, for instance. If you’re wearing a fedora, proceed with caution — it’s not an impossible look to pull off, but it is harder than most men realize. For one thing, the men who wear it are trying to look dapper, but they often come off as goofy or obnoxious

Add a watch

It’s easy to feel like watches have gone the way of the dinosaur. Why would we wear a watch on our wrist when we can just check our phone and see the time that way?

But pulling a phone out of your pocket has a few drawbacks. For one thing, it’s just not as elegant as the classic “Let me check my watch” motion. And once you look at the time, you might find other things on your phone to distract you.

Secondly, there are some places you just can’t take a phone. If you’re heading out to the beach for advanced surfing lessons, you can’t exactly just drop your smartphone in your wetsuit. You’re going to need a waterproof watch instead. Also, you don’t want your ability to tell time to be completely dependent on your phone’s battery, since those things can lose juice fast.

You may not want to wear a watch all the time, and that’s fine. But there’s a surprising number of instances where a watch just makes more sense.

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