Do you want a way to turn your love for animals into a career? Here are several pet business ideas you may not have considered.

Tired of working with people? You don’t have to!

If you’re an animal lover, there are tons of ideas for a new pet business that you should consider.

Let’s check out our top six ideas for starting up a pet business.

Who knows, maybe soon you’ll be searching for CRM for small business to cater to all your flourishing business needs!

  1. Dog Walking

You can start up a dog walking business for less than $20!

Head over to your local library and make up some simple flyers to post around town. Nothing fancy, just state your name and contact information, that you’re an avid walker, and good with dogs! Don’t lie on this last one, dogs and their owners will know.

It may take a while to get your first customer, but once you do — and prove your doggie walking worth — you’ll start adding to the pack in no time. That’s the beauty of word-of-mouth networking!

  1. Pet Photography

Have you always considered yourself something of a photographer? Let’s put those skills and talents to the test!

Pretty much every pet owner loves to have a keepsake of their pets for when they’re not around — at the office or on a trip, or maybe a wallet-sized picture just because.

Consider setting up a photographer’s studio in your home. This requires a bit more investment, but it’ll allow you the controlled environment you need to photograph any pet.

Or if the open road sounds like the life for you, having a completely mobile photography business is a great option, too. Make money while sightseeing!

  1. Gourmet Treats

Like to cook? Great, animals love to eat! And their owners love to spoil their furry friends.

The best part? No one is going to complain about your cooking, they’ll simply say, “Oh, my dog’s just a little picky…” Just make sure your treats are healthy and look appetizing to the owners, and you shouldn’t have much of a problem!

Now, there’s a bit more planning involved in operating a full-time kitchen. Lots of inventory to maintain and organize. If you have the business skills for it, though, it’s an investment that can yield great profit margins.

Get in the kitchen and start baking some biscuits!

  1. Toy Design

Homemade toys are coming back in trend, so get on the train while she’s running!

You don’t need to innovate the wheel here, just make it better. Or, to put it in a more contextual way, make it hipster.

Pet toys are half for the animal, half for the owner. Owners secretly want something that they’ll enjoy playing with, too. So turn that basic, stuffed toy into a hand-knit, woolen masterpiece!

Then charge handsomely for your time and skills.

  1. Furry Fashion

If there’s one thing people love about their small pets, it’s dressing them up!

More and more, people want to pamper their pets with top-notch treats, toys, and clothing. Take advantage of it!

Animal clothing is pretty simple to create, just a little time and stitching. Just be sure to find the cutest animals to model your wears for marketing!

Get Started with Your Great Pet Business Ideas

Now that you have some ideas for a pet business, it’s time to plan out your steps.

Take a look at our small business guides to find out more!

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