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Foods play a big role in controlling Eczema. There are certain foods, which if avoided can give eczema relief. Here is a guide to plan your diet if you have eczema.

Eczema is one skin condition which causes the skin’s inflammation and reduces some skin spots to dry patches. It is marked by blisters and even peeling off of the skin. This condition is quite common amongst people in reality.

The exact cause for this is unknown, but it is said to be linked to the genetic constitution and mainly caused due to the mutation of certain genes.

There are many methods for treatment for eczema. They can be from professional help like medicines, phototherapy, essential oil for eczema etc. or self-maintenance like preparing the right bath, cleaning yourself, wearing the right thing, eating the right food.

Even while you are undergoing treatment, you would want to take necessary cautions so that the conditions don’t worsen. The major way to do that is to check your dietary intake. Choose the correct diet for eczema relief.

Better to take an allergy test, so that you don’t end up eating anything that could cause any sorts of skin problems that might act as a catalyst for eczema. Rule out the food items you are allergic to immediately.

Some Common Food Products To Avoid When Suffering From Eczema:

  • Citrus Fruits

Though these are considered really good for the skin, in case of eczema, the citrus fruits are best avoided.

  • Dairy

Dairy causes multiple skin irritations, so for eczema, you should refrain from consuming any dairy products, be it milk, or butter or cheese.

  • Eggs

Eggs are said to cause allergic reactions to many. So, it is best avoided.

  • Gluten or wheat

Gluten could be deadly for the once who are Gluten intolerant. Gluten is also said to have caused many skin irritations like inflammation, reddening, and itching. So, it is better to have a gluten-free diet. This includes giving up wheat as well, as it is the highest source of Gluten.

  • Soy

Soy and soy products like soy milk and all should be dodged when you are suffering from eczema.

  • Spices

The spices like cloves and cinnamons are best avoided.

  • Tomatoes

Another item which was supposedly very beneficial to the skin but should be avoided in case of eczema.

  • Varieties of nuts

Nuts are foods that the majority of the people are allergic to. So, it is better to avoid nuts for eczema, be it peanuts or walnuts.

Doctors also recommend avoiding food items that contain a high quantity of Nickel.

Some food items where Nickel can be found are the canned meats, chocolates, lentils, peas, beans, and shellfish.

What To Include In The Diet?

Probiotic Food Items:

The foods that contain bacteria that is good for our gut like yoghurt. These foods can be really beneficial to relief you from the eczema irritation. Other foods containing probiotics are miso soup, tempeh, kefir etc.

Foods That Contain Quercetin:

Anti-inflammatory properties are contained in quercetin. The foods known to have them are blueberries, broccoli, spinach, kale etc.

Omega Three:

Omega 3 is said to be one of the best fatty acids for skin improvement. It is found abundantly in Fatty fish. Do include them in your diet to improve your skin condition.

Therefore, in maintaining your skin you need a proper and a strict diet to follow. If on excluding any food items, you are not seeing any improvement, you may include that item back in your diet. Eczema is a skin condition that causes a lot of irritation, sometimes too much to handle. Don’t let it get to you. Maintain yourself with the proper lifestyle and proper diet and you will be able to fight it easily.

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