There are lots of sectional couch covers available in the stores, both offline and online as well. However, all of these may not be created equal. They may vary in:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Design
  • Pattern
  • Colors and 
  • Fabric. 

Most importantly, they will vary in functionality and durability. Therefore, you will need to research a bit, read the reviews and ratings and, most importantly, follow this buying guide to get the best sectional cover.

Ideally, the best sectional couch covers will be designed to protect to protect your sofa from:

  • Dust
  • Dirt
  • Stains
  • Pet hairs and even 
  • Harmful microbes.

Whether you use your sofa too often or not, these covers will provide an additional layer of protection to your sofa and help you to keep it clean. These are easy to remove and wash to maintain the look and functionality of it as well as your sofa.

The buying tips

It goes without saying that when you choose a cover for your sectional, it should be durable, just the right size and good to look at. However, with so many to choose from, it is not an easy job. 

  • You can plain fabric, heavy cotton fabric, or choose stretch fabrics like polyester, micro-suede or a spandex blend as well. 
  • If you want elegance, choose linen, silk or wool. There are different designs and colors to choose form that will blend with any type of interior décor. 

Irrespective of the type of sectional covers you choose, make sure that it is casual as well as inviting so that you feel attracted to it and relax on it. You can go for those specialty shapes that are available on the market but make sure that it is of the right size and fit for your sofa.

To find the best sectional covers for your furniture, follow these tips:

  • Choose the right material and color of the covers depending on the traffic on your sofa
  • Make sure that it is of the right size and fit for your sofa and 
  • Make sure that you step into the store with the perfect measurement of your sofa in your hand.

This will make your investment worthy and high yielding. 

Sofa Measuring Tips

You will need to measure your sofa accurately from one end to the other to ensure right fit. To find the correct measurement of it, here are a few tips that you should keep in mind:

  • Always measure your sofa from outside edge of one arm to the other. Ideally, the sofa should measure anywhere between 74 and 96 inches, the loveseatbetween 58 and 73 inches and the chair should measure between 32 and 40 inches.
  • You should care to measure each component including the length, width, and height. Tape off these measurements to ensure a perfect fit. Also make sure that you measure the reclining seats, the chaise and even the ottoman, if your sectional comes with it.

Lastly, when you shop for the sectional covers, make sure that you have enough time in hand so that you do not rush and end up buying one that you will seldom use.

Other imperative components to consider 

The estimation of your furniture is the most basic factor to consider when you pick a cover for it. An exact estimation will guarantee a cozy fit, in this manner dispensing with the odds of water and microorganisms getting free section. Keep in mind, there is only here and there a one-size-fits-all open air furniture cover. 

Next, you should search for the waterproof element of the cover. This is another essential factor in light of the fact that your things will be there in the open subject to water, day off ice that may cause untimely spoiling or rusting, contingent upon the material used to construct the

furnishings. A waterproof cover will keep your furniture dry and forestall parasites development. 

Check for the breathable structure of the cover! This implies the cover ought to have air vents in it. The purposes behind such vents are: 

  • To permit air circle inside the cover and 
  • To forestall the development of shape and mold. 

Despite the fact that organizations publicize breathable plan and materials, the issue of water leaking through it might at present be there trading off the climate verification capacities of it. 

Search for a delicate material sponsorship in the cover with the goal that it doesn’t scratch the paint and finish of your furniture when you put on or expel it. 

Check the material 

Ultimately, check the material of the cover. It ought to keep up its auxiliary trustworthiness and not wear off rapidly. It must not blur or twist because of sun and temperature, hold heat and not split.

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